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Karahan N.M. I Uyghur. -Bishkek.: Continent 2013.-S. 340. The collection of reports, interviews and articles of the author, examines the problem of 25 million Uyghur people in the world. The book provides a brief analysis of the historical path of one of the oldest and most original people of the world, who lives today in the absence of their national statehood, facing the challenge of maintaining its identity and rich cultural heritage. And most importantly, we give a new vision of how to solve the current problems of the Uyghur people, in the context of globalization and the new challenges of XXI century.Карахан Н.М. Я-уйгур. –Бишкек.:Континент, 2013.-С. 340. Сборник докладов, интервью и статей автора, исследуется проблемы развития 25 миллионного уйгурского народа в мире. В книге дается краткий анализ исторического пути одного из древнейших и самобытных народов мира, живущий сегодня в условиях отсутствия своей национальной государственности, стоящий перед проблемой сохранения своей идентичности и богатого культурного наследия. А главное, предлагается новое видение путей решения сегодняшних проблем уйгурского народа, в контексте процессов глобализации и новых вызовов XXI столетия.

Transcript of I am Uyghur/Men Uyghur/ Я-Уйгур

  • 94(47) 63.3(2) 21

    21 . , 2013 348 .

    ISBN 978-9967-27-158-6

    , , - 25 . , , -. , - , XXI .

    Continent 500 .

    0503020000-13 94(47) 63.3(2) ISBN 978-9967-27-158-6 ., 2013

  • DevoteD to my mother, tursunay-aDzhim Kenzhieva

    When my mother was 25 years old, without a husband, with the three-year firstborn and one and a half months baby in her arms, with her mother and a brother- teenager, in a cold morning on April 9th, 1963, she was forced to leave her beloved homeland, saving us...Her stories about the relatives and the close ones, about the home town of Kuldzha, where we were born, became the starting point of my thoughts about my people, about their tragic fate, making me not only reflect upon this, but also to take up the pen.Will I be able to justify her dreams?Will I be able to thank her for love, patience and faith in me?Will I be able to become a worthy son of my people, whom she wanted to see me?My answer is, I will try my best, Mother!This is my first book, my manifesto of life, and I dedicate it to you, Mother!

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  • the uyGhur PeoPLe nationaL DeveLoPment Priorities

    the youth anD Future oF the uyGhur nation

    the uyGhurs soCiety oF KyrGyzstan ittiPaK to hoLD its iii KuruLtai

    ittiPaK on the eve oF a new staGe

    eConomy oF oPeninG uP LanD eXPansion anD eCoLoGy oF ethniCities

    three PersPeCtives on uyGhur ProBLems

    aBout the Present situation

    the uyGhurs neeD to BuiLD soCiety

    the Great way oF the uyGhurs


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  • uyGhur XeLQi miLLiy tereQQiyatninG enG muhim mesiLiLiri

    yashLar we uyGhur XeLQininG KLeChiGi

    ittiPaQ yenGi Dewr BasQuCh aLDiDa

    uyGhur mu'emmaLiriGha Ch Kz-Qarash

    BGnKi weziyet heQQiDe

    iQtisaDiy zLeshtrsh we miLLiy KoLoGiye

    uyGhurLarninG ByK yoLi

    PreFaCe to the seConD eDition

    Dear reader!

    It has been almost five years, since a small Edition, just 500 copies, of my first book in the form of reports, interviews and articles un-der the title I am Uighur was published. The decision to publish the book in that memorable year of 2009 was connected to the fact that the next World Congress of the Uyghurs was scheduled to be held in Washington, in the United States of America. As a man, whose whole life was connected with the Uyghur national move-ment, I was among the invited people to this conference. Despite a long way, with multiple landings and flights across continents and oceans, I have decided to bring a large number of copies of the book, to Washington. I hope that my dear reader will understand how important it was to me. At that time I was happy, just thinking that I could give my book to each participant of the Uyghur Con-gress, so they could personally get acquainted with my views on the problems of Uyghur people.

    I think that my feelings and hopes to be heard by rational people are clear to all. I believed very much that I would be able to find adherents on such solid meetings of the Uighur elite. With many of them I was personally acquainted for many years, with whom we were not only adherents, but also have organized Uyghur events, both local and international, which are still taking place today. I was certain that we would meet, talk openly about all our problems, and immediately begin to work on the conservation and restoration of the cultural heritage of one of the most ancient and indigenous peoples of the world, which I am proud to call myself part of it.










  • To my deep regret, the book, delivered with such difficulties to Washington for the Uyghur congress, was withdrawn as seditious and harmful for the Uyghur national movement by the head of the World Uyghur Congress, Mrs. Rabiya Kadyr. In addition, the books author was not allowed to participate in the Congress, de-spite the appeals of some delegates from among the scientific intel-lectuals, with a proposal to organize a discussion and listen to the author at the meetings of the Congress. Hence, people, who were fighting for the rights of a whole nation, trampled the right of one of the representatives of that nation, considering it as expenses of the Uyghur National Revolutionary Movement, the right to express publicly his views and protect them. They said No and have not let me make a speech. And, imagine where!? In America, the Cita-del of freedom and democracy! Near the White House, a stone's throw from the Capitol Hill!

    There have been many rumors and speculation about my views, ex-pressed in various international forums, where I had the courage to express my opinion, alternative to the existing majority of Uyghur politicians. Especially to those politicians, who talk about the need to fight for Uyghur independence, national sovereignty, with little work, or even doing nothing for their people today and now.

    Reviews of my views differ from the most enthusiastic to insecti-cidal offensive. I can only say: you judge, dear reader.

    Over these years, meeting and exchanging opinions with hundreds of people, with my fellow compatriots, I only believed stronger in my own views, found thousands of supporters, adherents. In fact, my first collection of work, entitled I Am Uyghur, just starting to appear widely. I hope, that now every Uyghur and not Uyghurs will personally, and not being distorted by various authors of angry letters, read and draw conclusions about my views on the future

    of the Uyghur people. Unfortunately, for a long time I could not publish them for financial reasons, our public press refused to pro-vide their pages, and at the same time, many Uyghur media struck me with caustic criticism, descending to the insults. Without under-standing and without accepting, most often without understanding, or without having examined at all my point of view, they accused me of apostasy; the betrayal of national idea, calling me the Chi-nese spy, they even boycott, with the requirement to expel me from society. It came to the point that even some of my yesterday's supporters, fearing the condemnation of acting leaders of public organizations, did not offer to shake hands on my greeting. I felt the icy breath of 1937 Stalins repressions and the suffocating atmo-sphere of times of Maoist cleanings and cultural revolutions for thinking differently than them. Thanks to Allah, this is over. I do not hold against them, God forgive them. I only ask the family to forgive me for not being able to protect them from unfair words, which hurt them to hearts: my old mother, wife, children, brothers and close friends for whom it was deeply offensive. Knowing that you are pure before Allah and people, understanding that they do it because of ignorance, gives you strength to forgive and love. I just want to repeat once again, to our homegrown politicians: stop, do not please your political ambitions and adventurism, in a bid to get miserable pittance, push the brightest people of the nation - ac-tive youth imprisoned in terrorist camps in Afghanistan.

    It is better not to think about your titles and positions, not about your prosperous life in Washington or Berlin, but about Uyghur people, take care of their prosperity, of modern education for youth, of entry into the global intellectual, financial and cultural elite.

    With respect,

    Nur Muhammad KARAHAN

    2 3

  • nur muhammaD Karahan /KenDzhiev/

    PuBLiC man

    Bonify, while you have power (Hass Hadzhibey Balasaguni)

    Nur Muhammad is Uyghur, born on September 17, 1960. In 1979, he has completed Frunze's Technical School of Soviet Trade with a major in merchandising and organization of trade with honours.

    From 1979 to 1983, he studied at the Kyrgyz State University,obtaining a major in merchandising and organization of trade. After the com-pletion of university, he worked at the republican trade organiza-tion for two years, and then from 1985 to 1987 was engaged in sci-entific research in the field of applied economics and also worked as a marketing specialist.

    In 1987-1990 years, Nur Muhammad gained organizational work experience in local governmental authority bodies, then was en-gaged in social activities. He was also elected as a deputy of the national parliament, which was responsible for the Kyrgyzstan's independence declaration, as well as realization of reforms in the country's political system. By serving as a deputy of Zhogorku Kenesh, he actively participated in the organization of democratic movement For democracy, civil peace and national concordance. Activities of this movement initiators became the fundamental fac-tor for presidential power institute creation.

    Nur Muhammad Karahan is one of the founders and the first chair-man of Kyrgyzstan's Uyghurs Society Central Council Ittipak national public organization aimed at development of the 55 000 Uyghur diaspora in the country. Ittipak represents interests of

    Uyghurs in the Kyrgyzstan's Nation Assembly and before the re-publican authorities. In 1996-1997, Mr. Karahan worked as the Vice-Chairman in interethnic relations in the Kyrgyzstan's Nations Assembly Council. Since 1993, Mr. Karahan is the vice-president of the Kyrgyz antinuclear movement Lop-Nor.

    Nur Muhammad Karahan actively participates in the international Uyghur movement for the nation revival he was elected as the vice-president of the Uy