HxRefactored - MyFitnessPal - Vijay Raghunathan

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Transcript of HxRefactored - MyFitnessPal - Vijay Raghunathan

  • 1. MyFitnessPal Scaling health applications to 50 million users

2. What do we do? 3. Fun and exciting facts 50+ million registered users Over 150 million pounds lost #1 App in Health & Fitness categories 4. Whats more challenging about a health app? Timescale of user feedback Privacy implications Difculty of the task at hand New terrain for behavioral change 5. React quickly to users Accept what you dont know Place lots of small bets Hypothesis -> Experiment -> Conclusion 6. Release Often Establish a release cadence Track internal deadlines Beta test changes 7. A/B Testing Track each feature independently Integrate A/B testing from day 1 Gradual rollout of features 8. Simplify your releases Timebox development/product decisions Automate releases Stub out features to minimize costs 9. Invest in infrastructure Move fast and break stuff => Move fast with stable infrastructure Services accelerate product development 10. Understand your users Focus Groups User Studies Analytics 11. Scale has one big advantage Value of health data in quantity Untapped areas of data More data > complex algorithms 12. MyFitnessPal Data 11 Billion Food entries 4 million public food items 70K recipes added/day 13. MyFitnessPal Data Projects Food categorization Recipe Parsing Effects of food on weight loss 14. Focus on your goals Helping users get healthy WAU/DAU/MAU are secondary metrics