HUTCHINS Junior School I Early Learning Centre Newsletter written reports and acrostic poems. The...

HUTCHINS Junior School I Early Learning Centre Newsletter written reports and acrostic poems. The Giant
HUTCHINS Junior School I Early Learning Centre Newsletter written reports and acrostic poems. The Giant
HUTCHINS Junior School I Early Learning Centre Newsletter written reports and acrostic poems. The Giant
HUTCHINS Junior School I Early Learning Centre Newsletter written reports and acrostic poems. The Giant
download HUTCHINS Junior School I Early Learning Centre Newsletter written reports and acrostic poems. The Giant

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Transcript of HUTCHINS Junior School I Early Learning Centre Newsletter written reports and acrostic poems. The...

  • Egwittk (am( 7"saftwodite.

    Established 1846 HUTCHINS

    Junior School I Early Learning Centre Newsletter

    Friday 13 July 2007

    Dear Parents and Carers We warmly welcome our new principal Mr Warwick Dean to Hutchins. Warwick has already made time in his very busy schedule to meet all the boys and staff in the Early Learning Centre and the Junior School. Two of our Year Six boys, Roshan Karri and Hugh Jones, prepared their own interview questions and interviewed Warwick in his office. Hugh and Roshan thoroughly enjoyed the interview and the Tim Tams and hot chocolate!

    What school did you go to and what were your favourite subjects? I went to Haileybury College in Melbourne. My favourite subjects at school were History, Geography, Chemistry and Business subjects, such as Accounting and Economics.

    What university did you go to, what subjects did you study and what did you enjoy about university life? I went to The Australian National University in Canberra first, Latrobe University and then I went to Melbourne University where I received my Diploma of Education and my Master of Education. I enjoyed studying Law and Politics and I enjoyed meeting people from different places and different countries and being exposed to a wide variety of ideas.

    Do you have any pets? What are their names? What is your favourite animal? We have a 4 year old German Shepherd dog called "Rex" and a cat called "Tatty". My favourite animal is a dog.

    What are your hobbies? My hobbies are yacht racing, snow-skiing, reading and bushwalking.

    What are your views of Education in boys' schools? I think every boys' school should have a strong mentor system. I have lots of other views on education in boys' schools but probably haven't got time to go through them all in this interview. However, what is most important is that a good school should provide boys with a wide range of experiences, opportunities and chances so that they are able to make informed decisions about their lives and develop into persons of good character.

    Will you be doing any teaching at Hutchins? I won't be teaching this year but I may be teaching a business subject next year.

    What aspects of Hutchins do you plan to change? I think Mr Toppin has done a terrific job and I am to pick up where he left off. One of the things we will be doing is looking at Curriculum mapping throughout the school.

    Do you think Technology and Science are vital ingredients for learning? I think that Science is a fabulous subject; thinking scientifically is a very important skill. Technology may be a subject discipline in its own right, or it may be a tool to complement and promote teaching and learning. Either way, technology is one of the vital parts of the teaching and learning process in all areas of the curriculum.

    Do you like French or any other languages? I like French, Italian, German and Japanese. I wish I had studied Chinese language.

    What are your views on teaching other languages? I think languages are very important particularly for Australians because although we are geographically cut off from the rest of the world, there is in a global community increasingly more dependence than ever on clear and accurate communication skills. Also early exposure to languages other than English is a great way to stimulate the language centre of the young brain.

    Do you think languages should be optional throughout the school? I think that Languages should be taught throughout the school but that at a senior level there should be a choice, as there is for other subjects as students begin to make decisions about subject selections.

    What are your views on the environment in general and on such things as global warming? Since the industrial revolution we have been polluting our atmosphere, waterways and soils. It wasn't until the 1960s that people started to realize that we needed to look after our environment. The world's major forests - which are the lungs of our environment - have been over-harvested . Our environment is very important and it needs protection for future generations.

    Thank you for your time Mr Dean.

    Note from the reporters. "Mr Dean is relaxed, kind and has a strong, clear vision for our school. We are looking forward to having him as our principal at Hutchins." Hugh Jones and Roshan Karri

    Commissioning of Mr Warwick Dean as Principal

    This will take place at St David's Cathedral on Sunday 15 July commencing at 6:00 pm.

    All school families are warmly invited to attend the service. Please note that there is no designated seating area and that boys are to sit with their families unless they are directly involved in the service. Treble singers will need to be at the Cathedral by 4.00 pm.

    All boys attending must wear full school uniform including jumper.

    All families/staff will need to be seated by 5.50 pm.

  • Early Learning Centre

    Kindergarten Both Kindergarten classes have been making a garden in the ELC playground. We are growing beans, lettuce, strawberries, onions, leeks and an olive tree. We have discovered that plants need water, soil, air and sun to grow.

    Year One On Thursday 21 June Year 1G were lucky to meet author Alison Lester. The boys and parent helpers had an informative and exciting time listening to Alison's life stories and art tips. We also were able to get all our Alison Lester books signed, except for Mr Groves because we ran out of time!

    Alison signs Henry Mitchell's books.

    Alison Lester shows 1G her painting techniques

    Prep Prep boys and their Year 5 Buddies dancing at Mr. Toppin's farewell concert.


    Year Two 2 L is studying "The Animal Kingdom". We have researched and written reports and acrostic poems.

    The Giant Panda The panda is a member of the bear family. Bears are mammals. Pandas live in rainforests. Pandas cannot survive without bamboo. Native bamboo saves the panda from extinction. The panda works together with its clan. The panda is a slow breeder and feeds its young on milk. Pandas need carbon and nitrogen to keep them alive. Pandas are highly endangered because of hunters and a loss of habitat.

    Peter Mercado

    Spooky Spiders

    poolcy spiders rey wrapped in a web invertebrate sucks its blood eadly spiderlings born very day spiderlings loved eady to die piderlings leave

    Albert Wyatt

    2 Juder / Foriy Lactiro, efrke Nevdettaz

  • 3 Ada' khoi / Fp* lerit4, Ceitze Nevdeuta

    Junior School

    Year Three On Tuesday 10 July Year 3 participated in a bike education program. As you can see the boys were very interested and loved riding their bikes. Hopefully they should all be very safe on our roads.

    Year Four Patrick Lickiss mercilessly pushes his mother's hand into the snow at 4E's recent excursion to the 'Islands to Ice' exhibition at the museum.

    Ayrton Rose 4K recently performed at the Southern Tasmanian Dance Eisteddfod. Congratulations on the following results: 2 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze, 2 Highly Commended medals and a Trophy for Junior Song and Dance.

    Penguins - Emperor The Emperor penguin can be as tall as one hundred and fifteen cm tall and can weigh as much as forty kgs. Emperor penguins are the biggest penguins and they can survive the winter in Antarctica which gets very, very cold.

    Female emperor penguins go out hunting for food while male emperor penguins look after the egg. If the female penguin doesn't come back the male leaves the baby and goes looking for food for himself so the baby dies of starvation because he can't look after himself

    Penguins have oil on their feathers which act like a we: suit and they have blubber to keep them warm in the freezing cold weather.

    James Drummond 4K

    Year Five Year 5 have been doing research about Antarctica so we had 'The Great Meltdown.'

    We had two challenges. In the first challenge we had to keep an ice cube from melting and in the second one we had to melt it as quickly as possible.

    Challenge 1:

    We tried all sorts of different materials to keep the ice from melting. Some things that were used were shade, water, oats, milo, tissue paper and

    fabric. Some did not melt for more than two hours.

    Challenge 2:

    Boys used many different things to make the ice melt quickly like salt water, paper, a heat pack, their body temperature, bicarbonate of soda and

    vinegar. We discovered that movement made the ice melt faster.

    The fabric absorbed the moisture in Challenge 1 and that helped stop the ice from melting too fast.

    Maybe we should wrap Antarctica in some fabric!

    by Louis Buza and Hugh Bell

  • Hobart Eisteddfod Congratulations to the following boys and choir groups who performed in the Hobart Eisteddfod.

    Jack Wallace Merit Certificate Jack Wallace Award Certificate

    Ayrton Rose Merit Certificate Ayrton Rose Merit Certificate

    Ayrton Rose Award Certificate

    Vocal solo (8 Yrs & Under) Song from a Musical (8 Yrs & Under) Vocal Solo (9 & 10 Yrs) Song from a Musical (9 & 10 Yrs) Popular Song (9 & 10 Yrs)

    Although not all received a major award the Junior Trebles (Year 6 & Under) sang beautifully and received a commendation.

    We wish the Junior String Group the best of luck for their performance in the Federation Concert Hall next Tuesday.

    ELC Choir Merit Certificate School Choir (Year 2 & Under)

    Merit Certificate School Choir (Year 8 &amp