Husqvarna strengthens service

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    Connected futureHow the internet of things is driving the next industrial revolution

    The Microsoft Dynamics team shares its intelligent manufacturing operations vision

    SK Telecom explains how its providing indoor location-based services to customers

    Microsofts Anthony Salcito defines the future of the education landscape

    Former EC Digital Agenda commissioner Neelie Kroes on her latest venture

    GameStop is harnessing cloud and mobile to revolutionise its in-store experience

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    Veeam Availability Suite v8

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    Putting IoT on the political agenda

    R E B E C C A L A M B E R T : E D I TO R , O N W I N D O W S

    The internet of things has arrived. For some, the technologies that have come to define IoT machine-to-machine, remote monitoring, sensors, beacons and so on have been embedded in their business processes for years. But, in most in-stances, IoT is something that is still considered to be relatively new, and its only now that businesses and public sector organisations are beginning to harness its potential.

    The good news is that governments worldwide are starting to explore how they can help businesses get their IoT projects underway something former vice-president of the European Commission and commissioner for the Digital Agenda Neelie Kroes highlights in an exclusive interview this issue as being pivotal for realising the true potential of new technologies and trends.

    In the US, the Federal Trade Commission recently released a report laying out some best practices for businesses to fully realise the benefits of the internet of things while protecting consumers privacy and security.

    South Koreas government has put aside 50 billion won (US$48.87 million) to be used over the next few years to seek out new revenue from the IoT industry of which 37 billion won is going directly towards developing core IoT technologies.

    In his March 2015 Budget address, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Os-borne pledged to invest 40 million into internet of things research, describing it as the next stage of the information revolution, connecting up everything from urban transport to medical devices to household appliances.

    And according to Chinas R&D Center for Internet of Things, the Chinese govern-ment plans to invest more than US$600 billion by 2020 in IoT and machine-to- machine technology.

    So, it seems, the best of IoT is yet to come. It will be interesting to see just how differ-ent our world will look in the next few years as more companies are given the tools they need to embrace this new level of connectivity and tap into a continuous stream of real-time actionable data that will make our lives, homes, workplaces and cities even smarter and more efficient.

    I hope you enjoy the read.

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    E Y E B R O W

  • N E E L I E K R O E S

    She may have recently retired from her position as vice president of the European Commission for the Digital Agenda for Europe, but Neelie Kroes passion for technology and entrepreneurship is stronger than ever. We find out more


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    IronKeyTM Workspace.A secure, Windows 8.1 optimized PC on a Stick.

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