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  • As a trusted partner, Husky takes responsibility for the complete workcell, overseeing configuration, supply and start-up, as well as providing global support, service and parts. Husky also offers a diverse range of services, including preform prototyping, preform lightweighting, mold conversions and refurbishing.

    Husky HyPET systems are available in various tonnages for molds between two and 144 cavities. All components of our HyPET system are specifically designed to work together as a fully integrated and optimized workcell. This makes it possible to achieve the most stable process and reliable operation, which results in the fastest cycles and leading preform quality.

    Husky has been the leader in the preform manufacturing equipment industry for over 35 years having more than 4,000 systems running in the field. Our preform injection molding systems deliver the industrys lowest total production costs for the widest range of preforms and production volumes.

    Complete PET preform workcells for every application and volume

    Benefits Highest capacity system with faster

    return on investment reduces total part cost

    Cavity-to-cavity and shot-to-shot repeatability ensures the most consistent, highest quality parts

    Preform lightweighting by enabling thinner-wall sections.

    Easy to operate fully integrated workcells reduce variability in the injection molding process

    Integrated systems get up and running faster and keep running more efficiently

    Newer generation Husky systems maintain backwards compatibility

    A complete manufacturing solution from Husky minimizes overall investment risk and reduces total cost of ownership

    Husky Preform Manufacturing Solutions

    Huskys High Performance Package (HPP) allows you to take the productivity and efficiency of your HyPET system to the next level. HyPET HPP provides preform lightweighting capabilities by enabling thinner-wall sections saving resin on every shot consistently for the life of the system. HyPET HPP also features a unique sustainable option for Recycled Flake (RF).

    Huskys H-PET All-Electric (AE) system is an efficient, affordable solution for lower volume markets, offering exceptional value. When compared to other systems in its category, H-PET AE delivers the lowest part cost and best energy efficiency.


    H-PET AE180 H-PET AE230 HyPET 120 HyPET 225 HyPET 300 HyPET 400 HyPET 500

    Cavitation output (mm/yr)

    Cavitation output (mm/yr)

    Cavitation output (mm/yr)

    Cavitation output (mm/yr)

    Cavitation output (mm/yr)

    Cavitation output (mm/yr)

    Cavitation output (mm/yr)

    500 mL (17 oz.) Carbonated Soft Drink Neck finish: 28 mm PCO Weight: 2125 g

    32 59

    48 85.9

    32 85

    48 163.0

    72 236.6

    96 312.1

    144 485.3

    500 mL (17 oz.) Bottled Water Neck finish: 26 mm PCF Weight: 1014 g

    32 112.5

    48 163.1

    32 147.7

    48 296.2

    72 418.7

    96 547.7

    144 791.7

    500 ml (17 oz.) RTD tea / hotfill Neck finish: 28 mm Weight: 2027 g

    32 70.1

    48 76.4

    32 67.4

    48 127.3

    72 186.0

    96 246.0

    144 362.8

    473 mL (16 oz.) Dairy Neck finish: 3038 mm Weight: 2226 g

    32 70.1

    48 76.4

    32 67.4

    48 127.3

    72 186.0

    96 246.0

    144 362.8

    500 mL (17 oz.) Aseptic juice Neck finish: 38 mm Bericap Weight: 1824 g

    32 70.6

    48 102.9

    24 64

    32 108.7

    72 236.6

    96 312.1

    128 407.4

    591 mL (20 oz.) Hotfill juice Neck finish: 38 mm VHS Weight: 2932 grams

    24 49.6

    48 71.5

    24 34.8

    32 55.6

    72 123.0

    96 163.0

    128 215.0

    1.5 l (51 oz.) Sparkling Water Neck finish: 2530 mm Weight: 2536 g

    24 50.4

    32 57.9

    32 75.5

    48 154.4

    72 224.4

    96 296.2

    144 435.4

    330 mL (11 oz.) Beer Neck finish: 28 mm PCO Weight: 2230 g

    32 76.5

    48 83.3

    32 73.9

    48 139.5

    72 203.4

    96 268.8

    144 395.8

    946 mL (32 oz.) Food Jar Neck finish: 63 mm SP400 Weight: 3740 g

    12 25.2

    16 33.6

    8 13.1

    16 33.6

    24 49.3

    32 65.3

    48 96.7

    35 gal (384640 oz.) Water Neck finish: HOD Standard Weight: 300380 g

    8 4.8

    16 9.6

    16 9.6

    24 14.5

  • 2Preform systems features

    Leading preform qualityHyPET uses an integrated part cooling handling system called CoolPik, which features up to four cycles of balanced cool-ing on the preforms inner and outer surface. When compared to alternate post-mold cooling systems, which only cool the outer surface, CoolPik results in faster cycles, bet-ter part quality, improved effectiveness in downstream equipment and superior bottle quality.

    Optimized technologyA wide range of extruders and clamp com-binations are available to optimize systems for customer needs. HyFLO plasticizing screws minimize acetaldehyde (AA) genera-tion and increase mixing and plasticizing performance.

    Polaris ControlsHusky has become the global leader in PET preform manufacturing solutions. This is a result of significant investment in the system controls. Huskys Polaris Controls simplify and integrate all functions of our PET mold-ing systems. Optional packages to integrate auxiliaries and downstream part handling equipment make investing in highly skilled labour less of a requirement. Advantages include:FastercycletimesHighlyrepeatableshot-to-shotperfor-


    from a single interface

    PET auxiliaries and equipmentResin dryers, chillers, dehumidifiers and material handling are designed specifically for the needs of PET and optimized as an in-tegral part of the system. For PET auxiliaries, Husky will oversee configuration, supply and installation, as well as provide complete sup-port, service and parts complemented by a comprehensive warranty.

    A complete solution from Husky with auxiliaries has multiple benefits, includ-ing improved energy consumption, an enhanced controls interface and advanced feature capability. Auxiliaries are all centrally controlled through Huskys Polaris Control operator interface. Advantages of this inte-gration include: Controlofentiremoldingsystemfroma

    single interface RemoteconnectivitythroughServiceLinkIntegratedalarmhandlingandnotification

    for easy troubleshooting AssuredtotalprocesscontrolthroughSPC

    Choosing Husky PET auxiliaries provides improved energy consumption and enhanced controls

    together with advanced feature capability.

    Preform Manufacturing Solutions

  • 3HyPET systems

    Huskys HyPET preform injection molding system offers industry-leading technol-ogy that is proven and reliable. The system is backed by Huskys more than 35 years of preform equipment experience and unmatched global knowledge of the PET market.HyPET systems provide:Industry-leadingpreformqualityImprovedenergyefficiencyFastercycletimesforincreased


    HyPET flexibilityHyPET is a flexible preform injection mold-ing system available in five sizes for molds between two and 144 cavities.

    System-level integrationAll components of the HyPET system, including the hot runner, mold, machine, robot and post-mold cooling, are specifi-cally designed to work together as a fully integrated workcell. This level of integra-tion enables the industrys highest levels of efficiency,lowestenergyconsumptionandlowest part cost, also reducing investment risk and total cost of ownership.

    Preform moldsAvailable from two up to 144 cavities, Hus-ky's preform molds are designed and built to produce the highest quality preforms at the industrys best cycle times. To improve our ability to serve our global customer base and offer the best lead times, we continue to invest in our dedicated preform mold manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada and Luxembourg.

    Benefits of HyPETHyPET is the next step in system-level elimination of waste and variability, result-ing in the delivery of greater overall value and bottom line improvements. Enhanced productivity with performance options allow customers to optimize the system for their specific needs. HyPETstreamlinesmanufacturing

    processes reducing variability and increasing part quality



    Easytooperatefullyintegratedworkcellsreduce variability in the injection molding process.Integratedsystemsgetupandrunning faster and keep running more efficiently

    NewergenerationHuskysystemsmaintainbackwards compatibility with your exist-ing Husky molds, allowing you to save floor space while maintaining your ability

    to manufacture your complete product range

    Productivityimprovementscomefromsystem enhancements developed for and field proven in HyPET HPP

    Highcapacitysystemwithfastreturnoninvestment helps to reduce total part cost

    Mold and machine integrationHuskysintelligentMoldIDintegratesthemachine, cold half, hot runner and post-mold cooling for optimized system param-etersliketonnageandcycle.TheMoldIDsets operating parameters for each tool and allows for porting of that optimized process from machine to machine. This results in correct start-up and operating procedures, eliminating potential human error.

    Next generation HyPET system reinvented for superior part quality

    Preform Manufacturing Solutions

  • 4An extension of Huskys proven HyPET platform, Huskys HyPET HPP is specifically