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Hunts Point Resiliency Project

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Hunts Point Resiliency Project

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Hunts Point Resiliency June 3, 2016

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Sandy exposed and highlighted vulnerabilities and risks

Threats • Sea level rise • Storm surge • Extreme

precipitation events • Extreme heat events • System-wide

infrastructure outages

• Building-level infrastructure outages

Hunts Point Peninsula

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Hunts Point Lifelines

Lifelines Team: • PennDesign/Olin • Barretto Bay Strategies • HR&A Advisors • eDesign Dynamics • Level Infrastructure • McLaren Engineering Group • Philip Habib & Associates • Buro Happold


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Hunts Point Lifelines

� Physical vulnerability in the 100 year flood

plain including: � 12,000 jobs � The New Fulton Fish Market and three of

the largest distribution businesses � The Hunts Point Wastewater Treatment

Plant serving 650,000 residents

� Economic vulnerability with over $5B in annual revenues at the FDC

� Social vulnerability with high rates of poverty and linguistically isolated households

� Strong social capital with a number of highly effective community based organizations

� Integrated Flood Protection

� A series of designed ecologies, research stations and critical utilities

� Livelihoods � Community asset / labor force building

� Cleanways

� Resilient Energy � Community Food Access and Security � Connectivity/Transportation � Stormwater Management � Air Quality Intervention

� Maritime Supply Chain

� New pier / public plaza to serve as an emergency distribution point and staging area for natural disasters

Key Findings Recommendations

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From Lifelines to Hunts Point Resiliency

Federal Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Funding: � Rebuild by Design $20M award

� HP-PREPP will focus on continued study, analysis, planning, preliminary design, and stakeholder engagement building off of project components in the Hunts Point Lifelines proposal.

� NYC allocated additional $25M of CDBG-DR � Total of $45M CDBG-DR

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Advisory Working Group

Invited Participants • Congressman Jose Serrano • Bronx Borough President

Ruben Diaz • Senator Ruben Diaz • Senator Jeff Klein • Assemblyman Marcos Crespo

Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo

• CM Maria del Carmen Arroyo • Community Board 2 • The Point CDC • Sustainable South Bronx • Youth Ministries for Peace &

Justice • Mothers on the Move

• Hunts Point Alliance for

Children • Rocking the Boat • Hyde Leadership • Hometown Security Labs • Urban Health Plan • The BLK ProjeK • Hunts Point Economic

Development Corporation • Bronx Overall Economic

Development Corporation • Hunts Point Cooperative

(Meat) Market • New Fulton Fish Market • Hunts Point Terminal Produce


• Baldor • Jetro • Oak Point Properties • Teamsters Local 202 • Penn Design/OLIN • New York City Environmental

Justice Alliance • Mayor’s Office of Recovery

and Resiliency • New York City Agencies


• Convened by EDC and ORR Summer 2015 • To advise on resiliency priorities for Hunts Point • Facilitated by Interaction Institute for Social Change

Advisory Working Group

Public meetings

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Advisory Working Group Recommendations

Priority Resiliency Categories:

Flood Risk Reduction Resilient Energy

Key Selection Criteria

Protects infrastructure that

has city-wide implications

Protects businesses and jobs in the food supply and/or

maritime sectors

Addresses critical vulnerabilities for both community

and industry

Supports asset building within the


Ecologically sustainable

• Submitted to the Mayor’s Office in September 2015

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Advisory Working Group Implementation Principles

¾ Suggested for the City to incorporate in the planning, implementation and ongoing operation of a pilot project � Leadership Development � Emergency Preparedness � Sustainability � Leverageable � Scalability � Multiple benefits � Local procurement � Local Hiring and Training � Ongoing stakeholder participation � Ongoing mechanism for translation

of terms

� Transparency and Coordination with government agencies and utilities

� High road economic development project

� Consider critical vulnerabilities of the community for people who live in the neighborhoods

� Integrate these principles/criteria into other City projects and capital investments

• Submitted to the Mayor’s Office in September 2015

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� Building on the Advisory Working Group Recommendations, HUD Requirements, OneNYC Goals and other City resiliency priorities, the City announced plan to: � Advance Feasibility Studies in both AWG priority categories (Energy

Resiliency and Flood Risk Reduction) � Conceptual design and environmental review (as needed) for a pilot project

in Energy Resiliency � Additional fundraising for Flood Risk Reduction projects developed during

the feasibility study phase

� Competitive procurement process in Winter 2016 for feasibility studies, conceptual design and environmental review: � Selected Consultant: HDR, Inc.

� Subconsultants: Interaction Institute for Social Change, Mathews Neilsen, Arcadis, Smarter Grid Solutions, Bright Power, Integral Consulting, HR&A, NYC Labor Market Information Service, Matrix New World Engineering, Toscano Clements Talyor

Hunts Point Resiliency: Feasibility Studies and Pilot Project

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Hunts Point Resiliency: HDR Scope of Work Task Subtasks Flood Risk Reduction Resilient Energy Task 0: Ongoing Stakeholder Engagement Stakeholder Engagement X X

Task 1: Existing Conditions Analysis

1.1 Study Area Conditions 1.2 Mapping X X

Task 2: Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Risk and Vulnerability Assessment X X

Task 3: Identification and Preliminary Evaluation of Project Options

3.1 Initial Identification of Project Options 3.2 Development of Feasibility Screening Methodology 3.3 Feasibility Screening


Task 4: Feasibility Assessment and Analysis Feasibility Assessment and Analysis X X

Task 5: Preferred Resilient Energy Pilot Project(s)

Preferred Resilient Energy Pilot Project(s) X

Task 6: Conceptual Design and Environmental Review Preparation for the Pilot Project(s)

6.1 Conceptual Design 6.2 Implementation Plan 6.3 Cost/Benefit Analysis 6.4 Identify Required Environmental Review


Task 7: Environmental Review Environmental Review X

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Hunts Point Resiliency: Stakeholder Engagement

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Hunts Point Resiliency Timeline

Consultant Onboarding

Begin Q2 2016

Advisory Working Group Kick Off

May 23, 2016

Feasibility Studies Complete Q4 2016

Conceptual Design and Environmental Review for Pilot Project

Complete Q4 2017