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Transcript of HUNTON BITUMEN SOFTBOARDS · PDF file Hunton Bitumen Softboards consists of compressed wood...

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    Hunton Protection Boards and Hunton Expansion Joint Filler

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    Sales Our products are world-wide known for excellent racking, weather resistance and insulation properties. From our sales offi ce in Asker, Norway, Hunton operates a highly skilled technical sales organisation. Our fl exible and effi cient organisational structure ensures optimal service and customer satisfaction.

    Markets Our most important markets are The Middle East and Far East, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Export accounts for about 50% of sales. The company has over 100 employees divided into several locations; Gjøvik, Asker (Oslo), Sweden and Finland. The head offi ce is based at Gjøvik, Norway.

    Environmental friendly As an example of our commitment to developing energy-saving products, Hunton received in 2008 a reward from the Norwegian Energy council. This stands as an example of Huntons leadership and environmentally friendly innovation.

    ISO 9001 certifi ed Hunton is ISO 9001 certifi ed. For Hunton Fiber AS this entails procedures that cover all business activity, monitoring to ensure excellent supply, record keeping, quality control and regular process review for improved performance.

    Hunton Fiber AS

    Hunton manufacturers a wide range of wood fi bre boards for the construction market including:

    • Expansion Joint Fillers (EJF) and Protection Board for construction. • Bitroc® for sheathing timber and steel frame buildings. • Sarket™ for warm roof constructions. • Silencio® for underfl oor sound insulation. • Silencio Thermo® for sound insulation and underfl oor piped heating.

    • Silencio El® for sound insulation and electrical heating.

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    Product safety data sheet

    Health hazards There are no particular hazards to health caused by contact other than to take care when lifting to avoid injury. Gloves can be worn to protect hands from small splinter or sharp edges.

    Fire and explosion hazards There is no risk of explosion associated with the products in its solid form although processors should ensure that fi ne dusts or chips are not allowed to build up around machinery or buildings and so avoid the risk of dust explosion in the event of fi re.

    Transport precautions No special precautions need to be taken other than to ensure adequate security of packs on vehicles.

    Bulk handling and storage Weight restrictions on handling equipment such as forklift truck or hand trucks, etc. should be observed carefully. Bulk packs should be stored fl at and level on bearers of uniform height. Bulk storage facilities should be dry and well ventilated.

    Processing considerations End users performing sanding, cutting, profi ling or hot pressing in confi ned environment should provide suffi cient ventilation and extraction to maintain an environment which ensures compliance with the limits set for wood dust given by local authorities.

    Special considerations Considerations must be made to ensure compliance with local environmental regulations.

    First aid Dust or fi ber in the eyes should be rinsed thoroughly with a suitable eye washing liquid. With remaining irritation, please contact a doctor.

    Integrated compounds Softboard Bitumen


    Wood* 62-87%

    Aluminium sulphate* 1%

    Water* 4-9%

    Bitumen 10-35%


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    Products Hunton Protection Board and Hunton EJF (Expansion Joint Fillers) are softboards with a density of of 220 - 250 kg/m3. The boards are manufactured from pulp of Norwegian spruce, where the fi bers are impregnated with bitumen to enhance water resistance, and sealed under high pressure during the process of manufacture.

    Hunton Protection Board is primarily used to protect waterproofi ng materials from damage during normal construction activities or backfi lling. Hunton EJF can be used in all Expansion Joints including roofs.

    Excellent quality Hunton EJF and Hunton Protection Board are produced to industry specifi cations, in quality controlled manufacturing facilities in

    Bitumen Softboards

    Norway. They can be used to meet even the most demanding of specifi cations and will fully protect the waterproofi ng membrane from the most aggressive and backfi ll materials.

    Product development Hunton uses state-of-the-art-machinery and facility to produce high quality products. Technological advancements combined with sound know-how and staff expertise make it possible to offer products and building materials that are innovative, environmentally friendly and economical. Hunton Fiber constantly strives to develop new products, and meet new standards world wide.

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    Hunton Bitumen Softboards consists of compressed wood fi bres from Norwegian spruce, impregnated with Bitumen Emulsion. Hunton Bitumen Softboards comply in general with the requirements of the American and European Standard Specifi cation for Fibre building boards (ASTM D-1751-08, EN 13986 / EN 622-4).

    The boards are automatically packed.

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    Expansion joints in concrete Insulation joints between concrete slabs, walls and around column bases

    Expansion joint in vertikal walls • Internal walls

    • Boundary walls

    • Sea defence walls

    • Between new and existing building

    Expanison joint in concrete slabs • Warehouses

    • Factories

    • Retail parks

    • Hardstandings

    • Airport Aprons and Taxiways

    • Roads

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    Example of usage:

    Expansion joint in concrete roof and slabs

    Membrane debonded to deck where hatched

    Closed Cell Polyethylene Backer Membrane

    Polystyrene Insulation


    50mm Sand Cement screed



    Dowel bar debonding sleeve

    Hunton EJF

    20 0

    20 0

    Two Part Polysulphide Sealant

    Bond Breaker Tape

    Hunton EJF

    Pipe application

    Hunton EJF

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    Protection to waterproofi ng membranes • Basements • Retaining walls • Lift pits

    Example of usage:

    Hunton 12mm Protection Board

    Extaseal Construction Waterstop in kicker

    Hunton 12mm Protection Board

    4254 Two part polysulphide sealant

    Hunton Protection Board

    Extaseal Construction Waterstop

    Waterproofi ng membrane

    Sheet Pile


    Hunton Protection Board

    Dual Seal Waterproofi ng Membrane

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    Technical data sheet

    Sizes / packing: Thickness: 10 mm, 12 mm, 18 mm, 25 mm (max)

    – other thicknesses can be offered on demand.

    Sheet size: 1220 x 2200 mm – for container shipments

    Min. order: 1x40 HC container = 18 pallets

    Packing – sheets/pallet:

    10 mm: 110 12 mm: 92 18 mm: 62 25 mm: 45

    Technical data: Complies with ASTM D-1751-08 – regards with compression & recovery test (ASTM D545-08) EN 622-4 – fi berboards specifi cation EN 13986 Compression & recovery (ASTM D-545-08) – recovery after compression: 80/82%. For more test results, please see latest quality reports & test report from independent laboratory.

    Typical test results (EN 622) Thickness tolerance (%): +/-7%*

    Recovery (%): 80-83

    Density kg/m3 220-250

    Asphalt content (20% bit): 17-23%

    Water absorption (2 hrs): 16%-22%*

    Swelling (2 hrs): 3,2-4,8%

    Bending strength (N/MM2): 1,8

    *depending on thickness

    Hunton also produces bitumen boards with more than 35% bitumen – according to ASTM D-1751-08. Test results on request.


    Hunton Bitumen Softboard is used as a general purpose expansion joint fi ller in concrete slab and wall construction, and as a protection board for waterproofi ng membranes.

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    • M25 London Orbital Motorway

    • Chek Lap Kok International Airport, Hong Kong

    • AL-AWEIR Power Station Dubai

    • International Airport—Extension Bahrain

    • Transportation Roads Improvement Program (TRIP) Abu Dhabi

    • Dubai Festival City

    • Down Town near Burj Dubai (tallest building)

    • Al Naboodah Engineering: Dubai Terminal 3 project

    • East Coast Cont & Trading (DIBBA): Damos Hotel

    • Bin Beliala Cont: Al Nahda Building Construction

    • McCarran Airport, Las Vegas, Nevada

    • Philadelphia International Airport

    • University of Arizona


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    Down town near Burj, Dubai University of Arizona Chek Lap Kok Airport, Hong Kong

    Part of the production line – Gjøvik.

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    Local distributors:

    Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Qatar:

    Please contact our agent in UAE:

    BELANI TRADING (LLC) Offi ce address: 101, BUAMEEM BLDG. 2, UMM HURAIR ROAD Mailing address: P.O. BOX 26963, DUBAI - U.A.E. Tel.: (9714) 337 25 00 Fax: (9714) 337 29 39 / 334 68 78 E-mail: Website: