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<ul><li>Building Blocks of a Community SOOKE BRITISH COLUMBIA </li><li>Strengths &amp; Capacity Map Bordering the PACIFIC OCEAN HEALTH CARE Medical Clinics Dental Practices Religious Organizations Individual Businesses Library &amp; Local Museum Police &amp; Fire Departments Social Services &amp; Programs The Arts The Parks &amp; The Music Volunteering &amp; Charity Groups Extensive Community Groups &amp; Organizations Public Beaches The Parks Charity Clubs Food Bank Its People Schools T O U R I S M </li><li>Population 12,000 Strong </li><li>Sooke Strip Mall </li><li>Colourful Small Businesses </li><li>For the Antique Hunters </li><li>Playing on the Pacific </li><li>Fishing Charter Businesses </li><li>Whale Watching </li><li>From the Shore too! </li><li>From Camping to B&amp;Bs </li><li>And a Luxury Hotel by the Sea </li><li>Vacation @ Whiffin Spit Built in the 1940s &amp; it really is a name! </li><li>The Forests &amp; Trails </li><li>From biking to hiking </li><li>PARKS TO EXPLORE </li><li>A true Rain Forest </li><li>The Arts in Sooke All Sooke Arts &amp; Crafts Society Sooke Community Arts Council Stage West Players Ekoos Vocal Ensemble </li><li>Big city music packed into a small town feel. </li><li>EKOOS VOCAL CHOIR </li><li>Community Food Centre Sooke Crisis &amp; Referral Centre Elderly Citizens Housing Society Meals on Wheels Social &amp; Human Service Organizations </li><li>The Salvation Army Camp </li><li>Loan Cupboard Community Assistance Society </li><li>Sooke Westshore Child Care Resource and Referral </li><li>Sooke Child Youth &amp; Family Centre Sooke Family Resource Society Sooke transition house society Frances Gardens Co-Op Housing Society Alcoholics Anonymous PEOPLE CARING IN SOOKE </li><li>Clubs to Join </li><li>LOCAL BUSINESS </li><li> Baha'i Community of Sooke Masonic Lodge New Horizons Activity Club Churches </li><li>Old Age Pensioners Organization Branch Red Hat Sooke Sirens Rotary Club of Sooke Senior Activity Society (mini bus) Sooke Hospice Sooke Seniors Drop in Centre Seniors </li><li>Seniors getting around town </li><li>Sooke Town Flag </li><li>Sooke Options for Community Living Association provides services to people with disabilities in our community. We run an adult day program and childrens summer camps and a support group for families and caregivers </li><li>Government Services </li><li>Collecting Water for Victoria too! Sooke Water Reservoir </li><li>Police and Fire Services </li><li>School Days </li><li>Needs &amp; Problems Map UnemploymentCrime &amp; Vandalism Lack of Homeless Shelter Drug &amp; Alcohol Abuse Mental Illness Poor Transit Routes Lack of Skills Lack of Funding Lack of Industry L a c k of J o b s </li><li>Sooke Woman Hounded by Group of Young Men who Blocked her Car July 19, 2014 Four stranded boaters rescued June 1, 2014 A fire at Park Isle Marine in Sooke, west of Victoria, has destroyed three boats and damaged a building in the boat yard. February 14, 2014 Arson destroys Sooke Strip Mall, July 31, 2013 Combatting Homelessness Hope Centre Apartment Complex is on Schedule Jun 16, 2014 Break-ins, theft prompt security around Sooke reservoir , April 18, 2013 A 64-year-old woman is dead in Sooke and police suspect someone killed her. July 21, 2014 </li></ul>