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Google hummingbird for seo and PR Duane DJ Sprague

Why do people go online and conduct searches?Think Like Google

They have a question, problem or need, and they want solutions and answersThink Like Google

Google is transforming from a keyword search engine to an answer engineThink Like Google

Google wants to dominate Provide people exactly what they are looking forFASTThe newest, freshest contentContent that is popular Content that comes from a credible source Content, pages and websites that load FASTContent that is written in a more natural, conversational tone, with language that resolves problems, provides solutions, and answers to questions

Think Like Google

Newest content: Blogs, social media, press releases, reports, slide presentations.Popular Content: Liked, linked to from credible sources, lots of traffic to it. 5

Trustworthy contentConversational contentUser centric content We are a world-class provider of scalable resources that offer enterprise logistics integration. Link your content to your FAQ page, case studies, user testimonials, user reviews, competitive product comparison chartClaim it if you own it: tag all your original content in Google+ and use Googles authentication code What Does Hummingbird Want?

Trustworthy: on a website that has been around for at least 3 years. On a clean server. Has links to it from other credible sources. 6

Long-tail keywordsItalian restaurantGluten free organic Italian seafood in Park City UtahAnswer the users question, provide a solution, fill the needExplain the benefits of using your product, how, when and why Conversational Speech, for Speech Activated Searches

PR is not a separate communications silo, it is part of the larger communications strategy, and department. Think IntegrationIMC

Having separate departments for PR, advertising, marketing, direct response and promotions is less effective than having an integrated, cohesive strategy that creates a unified message across all touch points: Social media, websites, micro-sites, emails, press releases, promotions, POP, packaging, training, support, etc. Think IntegrationIMC

An integrated and cohesive message and customer experience reduces brand schizophrenia. Think IntegrationIMC

Integration creates more SEO power by creating more similar content across more touch points, more often Think IntegrationIMC

Search Engine Land: Moz: Cutts Blog: to Learn More