Humanities (Arts, Reading and Writing)ces. Humanities (Arts, Reading and Writing) Bal-A-Vis-X...

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Transcript of Humanities (Arts, Reading and Writing)ces. Humanities (Arts, Reading and Writing) Bal-A-Vis-X...

  • Welcome to Cedaredge University, our fantastic summer school program! The point of our “University” is to educate students in areas that are fun, fast-paced and interesting – and to use reading to get there. We’d like this program to help our students – who will be 2nd through 5th graders next year – to be exposed to new topics and

    plenty of reading…while we continue to cultivate a love of learning! Here are the courses we’ll be offering in June. If you are interested in enrolling your child, please have them select their five favorite classes (Listing in order of

    most interest), and we will select three of them for your scholar to enjoy!

    Humanities (Arts, Reading and Writing)

    Bal-A-Vis-X – Professor Kallsen

    In Bal-A-Vis-X there will be sand-filled beanbags and racquet balls to help with visual tracking, auditory

    rhythm, focus, crossing mid-lines, balance, hand-eye- coordination, and so much more. The beanbags and

    racquetballs are used to teach patterns that can be done alone or with a partner. There will be an opportunity to

    advance in skills as the week goes on. Greek Mythology Readers’ Theater – Professor Whitney Don’t just read Greek mythology…perform it through Readers’ Theater! Greek mythology will be the focus as we read scripts adapted from various myths. Students will work in small groups, practicing their lines and correctly pronouncing names. Each group will get to read/perform their play for the class. Famous Artists: I Just LOVE Art – Professor Lampton In this unit, students will learn about famous artists and their legendary, transformative artwork. Each young, budding artist will also complete an art piece to take home to enjoy.

    Poetry Appreciation and Writing – Professor Whitney Poetry…the art of saying a lot with very few words. We will explore a variety of strategies for reading and appreciating

    poetry. We will also be writing poems using ideas from Georgia Heard’s book, Awakening the Heart. Students will

    produce one original poem by the end of this course. Orff – Professor Kallsen

    Kids will be experimenting with all different types of percussion instruments including keyboards. Each child will have an opportunity to learn rhythms, timing, key signature and then how to put it all together to create a mini-band.

    Blackout Poetry – Professor Whitney Learn how to create poems using old books, magazine articles

    or old newspapers. Poems live within words and lines on a page; it is up to the poet to release the poem that is already

    there. Come and explore this exciting form of writing!

    Hello, Universe Novel Group – Professor Rienks (3rd – 5th grade readers – homework reading assignments included) This class will read the 2018 Newbery Award winning novel, Hello, Universe. In one day, four lives weave together in unexpected ways. Come meet four unforgettable characters: Virgil, Valencia, Kaori and Chet. Through luck, smarts, bravery and a little help from the universe, a rescue is performed, a bully is put in his place and a friendship blooms. In class, students will read and discuss the novel using cooperative grouping. There will be some nightly assignments so that we can get a major portion of the book finished during the week. There will also be a short culminating activity that students can do as they finish the book on their own! This class will be limited to the first 15 students who register. _____ Yes, I would like my child to attend Cedaredge University. Child’s Name: _______________________

    His/Her Top 5 Choices Are (Please just list course name): 1. _____________________________ 2. ___________________________________ 3. _____________________________ 4. ___________________________________ 5. _____________________________

  • Mathematics

    Geometry – Reasoning and Art (3rd – 5th graders) – Professor Rienks This class will be great for middle grade (3-5) students

    who are interested in geometry. We will be using several activities to describe, model, draw and classify

    shapes; investigate the results of combining, subdividing, and changing shapes; develop spatial sense;

    relate geometric ideas to numbers and measurement, and recognize and appreciate geometry in the world

    around us.

    Math Games – Print, Play, Learn (2nd – 3rd graders) – Professor Rienks

    Students will learn math games that they can use throughout the summer to reinforce basic math skills

    (number sense, place value, computation, measurement, etc.) Each day participants will take home a math game to

    keep! Games may require simple materials from home, such as dice, counters, game pieces, etc.

    Science & Social Studies Rocket Science – Professor Anderson (3rd – 5th grade) Science detectives! Come learn about physics, combustion

    and cause and effect with crazy creations. You’ll be keeping a science journal with predictions, observations

    and results. We’ll make a bag bomb, a film canister rocket and ice cream in a bag. Noisy, fun and messy! For

    incoming 3rd through 5th grade students. Take a Walk in An Animal’s Shoes – Professor Lampton This course is all about studying animals and their habitats around the world. Each animal introduced – and there will be some super cool animals – will have also have a fun and

    interesting art project that goes along with it.

    Astronomy 101 – Professor Morrow This class will be examining different constellations in the

    Northern Hemisphere, culminating with a star map, as well as lunar and solar characteristics, for the students to take home. Plus, students will create a “sun clock” to tell time

    with the sun! Playing with Polymers 2 – Professor Anderson

    More fun concoctions to make while learning about polymers and bonding. We’ll keep a book of vocabulary,

    observations, and results in a journal as well as the recipes so you can recreate the projects at home. Come ready to create, experiment, play with and write about


    Arctic, Penguins and the Inuits: A Look at the Arctic Climate – Professor Lampton Students will learn about arctic homes, the native people who live there and the absolutely, positively adorable

    penguins who make that habitat their home.