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Slide 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFK1G- 2f5sI Slide 3 Introduction Politics and history Geography Economy Demographics Culture Tourism Slide 4 The Russian Realm includes the dominant country of Russia and the three transcaucasian countries of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Slide 5 Slide 6 Slide 7 Stretches over 11 time zones Four major regions: The Russian Core,The Eastern Frontier,Siberia,The Far East Physiography: Caucasus, central asian ranges,Eastern Highlands,Kamchatka Peninsula,Ural Mountains, Russian Plain,West Siberian Plain, Central Siberian Plateau,Yakutsk Basin,Arctic Lowland. Slide 8 Slide 9 Climatic extremes: extremely cold or extremely dry. Seven Climate types: 1. Tundra Climate: far north 2. Sub-Arctic climate: largest climatic region. 3. Humid Continental Climate: south of sub-arctic climate. 4. Steppe: transition from Humid Continental to deserts. 5. Desert Climate: Over 48 degrees Celsius possible. 6. Small areas of Mediterranean and Subtropical climates. (crimea,georgia) Slide 10 Slide 11 Slide 12 Exports: 80% Timber,Oil,Gas,metals Government to invest $1 trillion into infrastructure by 2020. Russia ranks second most corrupt country in europe Slide 13 Slide 14 Slide 15 Railways: 85500km regular used tracks Major sea ports: Rostov on Don, Novorossiysk, Astrakhan, Kaliningrad, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk Russian Pipelines: 1. Only USA has more. 2. Connecting Russian far east, china and europe Major Airports: Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo (Moscow), Pulkovo (St Petersburg) Public Transport: 1. Well developed in cities 2. Buses, trams, underground metros Slide 16 Vast majority of all Russians live to the west of the Urals and southwest Siberia. Ethnic Russians comprise 81% of the country's population Russia's population is large, its density is low because of the country's enormous size 73% of the population lives in urban areas while 27% in rural ones Slide 17 Population Slide 18 Population distribution Slide 19 Population Cartogram Slide 20 Slide 21 Russia's 160 ethnic groups speak some 100 languages 142.6 million people speak Russian Russian is the only official state language Russian is one of the six official languages of the UN (Arabic, Mandarin, English, French, Russian, Spanish) Slide 22 Language Slide 23 Realm Slide 24 3.8 millions2% Russians Armenian In conflict with neighboring Azerbaijan over the exclave of Nagorno-Karabakh Armenia Slide 25 8.3 millions6% Russians Azerbaijani Seeking settlement with Armenia because of the armed conflict and trying to reduce dependence on Russia for oil-export routes. Azerbaijan Slide 26 4.4 millions6% Russians Georgian Unfriendly relations with Russia and accuses Russia of encouraging separatist elements in Abkhazia. Russian military bases on Georgian soil, and Russian border closures are seen as a threat Georgia Slide 27 Russias traditional religions: Orthodox Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism The Russian Constitution guarantees free, universal health care for all citizens Russia has a free education system guaranteed to all citizens by the Constitution Slide 28 There are over 160 different ethnic groups and indigenous peoples in Russia Slide 29 Central Church of the Ascension in Kolomenskoye, Moscow Kremlin and Red Square, Novodevichy Convent, Trinity Sergius Lavra, White Monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal, Historic Centre of Yaroslavl Southern Western Caucasus Northwestern Curonian Spit, Ferapontov Monastery, Kizhi Pogost, Virgin Komi Forests, Historic Monuments of Novgorod and Surroundings, Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg and Surroundings, Solovetsky Islands, Struve Geodetic Arc Far Eastern Lena Pillars, Volcanoes of Kamchatka, Central Sikhote-Alin, Wrangel Island Siberian Golden Mountains of Altai, Lake Baikal, Putorana Plateau, Uvs Nuur Basin Volga Kazan Kremlin North Caucasian Citadel, Ancient City and Fortress Buildings of Derbent Slide 30 Cultural diversity Ethnic Russians with Slavic Orthodox traditions Tatars and Bashkirs with Turkic Muslim culture Shamanistic peoples of the Extreme North and Siberia Buddhist nomadic Buryats Slide 31 Official public holidays recognized by the Government of Russia 1. New Year holiday (1 January, 25 January) 2. Christmas (7 January, not 25 december) 3. Defender of the Fatherland Day (23 February) 4. International Women's Day (8 March) 5. National Flag Day (22 August) 6. Spring and Labour Day (1 May) 7. Victory Day (9 May) 8. Russia Day (June 12) 9. Unity Day (November 4) Slide 32 Most popular tourist destinations in Russia: Moscow and Saint Petersburg 1. Museums: Tretyakov Gallery and Hermitage, 2. Theaters: Bolshoi and Mariinsky 3. Churches: Saint Basil's Cathedral, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Saint Isaac's Cathedral and Church of the Savior on Blood 4. Fortifications: Moscow Kremlin and Peter and Paul Fortress, 5. Squares: Red Square and Palace Square 6. Streets: Tverskaya and Nevsky Prospect Slide 33 2013 World Athletics Championship 2014 Winter Olympics Russian inbound tourism will increase 28.3 millions till 2016 Outbound has increased by 43% the first 6months of 2010 (1.6m Russians) Largest increase since 2004 Total leisure tourist:5.4millions Total (including business travelers): 15.8millions Slide 34 Travel and Tourism indicators Tourist arrivals to selected countries: Russian tourists travelling abroad: Slide 35 Geography : Realms, Regions, and Concepts by H. J. de Blij, Harm J. De Blij and Peter O. Muller (1999, Hardcover) Hudman L, Jackson R, Geography of Travel and Tourism, Third Edition,Delmar Publishers 1998, Albany New york http://www.google.de/imgres?q=geographic+realms+regions+and+concepts+re gions+of+the+realm+russia&um=1&hl=de&tbo=d&tbm=isch&tbnid=Lb0GemWD RycIYM:&imgrefurl=http://www.harpercollege.edu/mhealy/geg101i/renata/russial ecture.htm&docid=GibQSmebllM6pM&imgurl=http://www.harpercollege.edu/mhe aly/geg101i/renata/russialecture_files/deblij5e_fig_02B_05sm.jpg&w=700&h=49 4&ei=diK6UPDVBcGdtQbj- oCIBw&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=193&vpy=4&dur=9734&hovh=189&hovw=267&tx =188&ty=131&sig=107846288370118203720&page=2&tbnh=139&tbnw=196&s tart=16&ndsp=24&ved=1t:429,r:35,s:0,i:194&biw=1105&bih=453 http://beautifulplacestovisit.com/cities/st-petersburg-russia/ http://www.harpercollege.edu/mhealy/g101ilec/russia/rud/rurealm/rurealfr.htm http://www.kidport.com/reflib/worldgeography/russia/russia.htm http://pub.unwto.org/WebRoot/Store/Shops/Infoshop/4990/4AF7/3D2D/BD50/ DE89/C0A8/0164/BB2E/090209_russian_outbound_travel_market_excerpt.pdf http://www.capemosaic.com/english/archives/531 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFK1G-2f5sI Slide 36 , !