HTML5 & WebRTC: New Horizons for P2P streaming

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Transcript of HTML5 & WebRTC: New Horizons for P2P streaming

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2. Video streaming limits8 Millions simultaneous viewers Huge traffic peak managed by Google and AkamaiQoS issues2 3. It is time to re-decentralize the Web 4K is comingThe global traffic is growing quicklyMore Mobile users75% 50% 201320142015P2P advantages Relieve the networks bottlenecks Manage traffic peaks with millions of users Improve the user experience 3 4. WebRTC New IETF protocol that facilitates web real time communications : Peer-To-Peer Connections Very low Latencies Video, Audio and Data !Open-Source C++ lib : iOS, Android Smart TVs Set Top BoxesIn-Browser JS API standard =60% Of browsers60NO PLUGIN !1 000 000 000 Compatible clients4 5. WebRTC Datachannel APIWebRTC DataChannel Enables raw data transmissions directly between peers Simple JavaScript API (similar to WebSockets) Low latencies Communications encrypted by default (DTLS) Can work in TCP or UDP modeBUT : doesnt manage the peers signaling (you need a signaling server) 5 6. WebRTC Datachannel API : ApplicationsAn infinite number of applications ! Chat / private Messaging service Multi-player video game with low latencies (FPS) P2P file sharing Distributed Computing CDN for static data BitTorrent in the browserBananaBread PeerServer PeerCDN WebTorrent LIVE & VOD Peer Assisted Streaming (Video et Audio) 6 7. 7 8. StreamRoot SolutionP2P video delivery solution for VOD & Live StreamingEasy Integration : JavaScript SnippetReal time analytics 8 9. StreamRoot advantagesBandwidth costs reduction by up to 90%Efficient handle of traffic peaksA better user experience 9 10. How does it work : 1) Initialization Server / CDN CDN initiates the streamingThe user initiates the streaming from the CDN 10 11. How does it work : 2) Connection to the tracker Server / CDNTrackerConnection to the trackerHe automatically connects to the StreamRoot tracker 11 12. How does it work : 3) Signalization & Connection Server / CDNTrackerPeer poolPeer matchingThe tracker establishes the connection with the most useful peers12 13. How does it work : 4) Peer-to-Peer streaming Server / CDNTrackerPeer poolP2P download The user downloads most of the stream from the other peers13 14. StreamRoot Player JavaScript lib Adaptive Streaming : MPEG-DASH Bitrate auto-switchPlayback intelligence : Smart Buffering (P2P First, CDN if P2P is too weak) HTML5 Fallbacks and Flash non compatible browsersTransparent user experience Optimized for high definition: HD and 4K 14 15. StreamRoot Tracker Primary function : Signaling server lists and manages Peers Smart signaling : (GeoIP, ISP, available bandwidth) Dynamically analyses each peer performancesMore features: Analytics and Push Server Centralized service : peers and content integrity validation Not blocking : if the server is down, the user can still watch the video Scalable15 16. VOD StreamRoot demodemo.streamroot.io16 17. Feedbacks : VOD deployment 1 video 1h30 1000 Kbps bitrate400 simultaneous viewers Very scattered population45% Of bandwidth reductionTotal P2POther results : Some super-seeders ( Ratio Up/Down > 3 ) The peer connection is not optimized for long videos Very low transfer latencies between peers (