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    KukuDocs HTML5 ViewerHTML5 Office

  • Vision

    Global Cloud API & SaaS service based on Document Filter technologies.Anytime Anywhere with only an Internet browser. KukuDocs Office which can be used quickly and easily with any devices, HTML5 based innovative viewer and WYSIWYG editor completed based on the technology competence which realized that Kukudocs Office.And the solution for cloud office in variety.

    Cloud office, e-book, Manual, Collaborate business, Smart DevicesWe are converting the paradigm of global market of viewers and editors. was able to realize a quantum leap that astonished the world by meeting the Document Filter technology of Crocodoc. We are ready to create another mythology with own original technology surpassing Crocodoc.


    Increase your Work Efficiency!

    Its meaning is to enhance the work efficiency, further more, to reflect our private life with relaxation by meansof Kukudocs.

    About Us

    KukuDocs Introduction 02

  • 15%


    About 175 million

    About 700 million

    Market EnvironmentIn the year of 2013, aquisited Crocodocs(word2html5 technology company) and came to the top position in cloud Office market in 2014(used by 90%

    of the Fortune top 500 companies). Next, the company started to stand on own feet and dominated the market through reducing the price of Office365

    that has been mounted on the in 2015.

    Google apps for work started to dominate the market aggressively by commanding a strategy of providing free of charge service till the termination

    of the agreement with other company in the second half of 2015.

    1. Microsoft office 365 (cloud office)2. salesforce (cloud office)3. BOX (cloud office)4. Google Apps(cloud office)5. Concur6. amazon web service7. zendesk(cloud office)8. Dropbox

    Source: okta most popular enterprise app 2015.8.





    2014 2015Cloud Base Productivity & email suiteSource: bitglass cloud adoption report 2015

    2015 2022

    Share of business users using cloud Office products compared to users using the existing Office products Source: gartner research 14 July 2015 G00280257

    KukuDocs Introduction 04

    Enterprises with more than 1000 employees


  • KukuDocs Introduction 05

    Service EnvironmentThe software market has been evolving from the package type to Saas type rapidly and the global market is highly bright and in Korea as well.

    Targeted sales of SaaS by KukuDocs: 1% of domestic market / 0.01% of global market










    2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

    Perspectives of Korean/global SaaS and cloud software market (2014-2019)

    Unit: KRW 100million












    Unit: Trillion

    2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

  • Current unsolved issues of the Cloud Office

    KukuDocs Introduction 06

  • Current unsolved issues of the Cloud Office


    KukuDocs Introduction 07

  • Current unsolved issues of the Cloud OfficeThe Company, MS itself could not solve the issue of optimized web conversion to web due to the native problem of Office which has been

    developed based on the packaging technology not the web based technology. So, the document format is disturbed and web standards are not kept. Google did not

    have the direct conversion technology either. Needless to say, many competent Korean companies do not solve such problem either.

    KukuDocs Introduction

    KukuDocs is a web based technology professional group by the union of expert web developer from Hancom. It was possible to make

    web office within a year shortly as the experts understand the Office and web. The key technology of KukuDocs was realized with 100%

    web technology. It is a filter technology to make any document in HTML and to save it in original document format again.

    KukuDocs will take the supremacy in the web office market by means of own original technology which could not have been accomplished by a

    ny company.







    Document Compatibility High

    Limitation due to creation

    of files with unique format

    Limitation due to creation offiles with unique


    Limitation due to creation offiles with unique


    Limitationdue to creation offiles with unique



    Server NTserver NT, UNIX, LINUX

    NT server andseparate

    conversionserver required

    Separate conversion server required

    NT, UNIX, LINUX All OS usable

    Document HTML5 Available Available Available Available Available Available

    HTML5 Document Not available Not available Not available Not available Not available Available

    Copy & Paste Broken Broken Broken Broken Broken Not broken


  • Unsolved problems in current viewer

    KukuDocs Introduction 07

    The additional conversion server is not necessary for KukuDocs. No license is required as it is converted through KukuDocs

    filter. The document quality is high as it is HTML5 based. The Google translator can be run directly from the viewer because the text structure i

    n the sentence is alive.

    Current viewers on the market have limited usability as they are based on image or PDF files.

    KukuDocs has overcome the limitation which was Available for the current viewers by means of HTML5-based Viewer.

    Existing image-based viewer Company S Viewer KukuDocsOffice

    Conversion server Separate conversion server required Not required Not required

    License MS Office/HWP/ license required Not required Not required

    Google interpretation Not available Not available Available

    Method of viewing Active X-based / image or PDF-based viewing Home-ground engine/HTML5-basedHome-ground engine/


    Quality compared to Speed

    Quality degradation essential forhigh speed High quality High quality

    Scalability Not available E-pub AvailableDRM document viewing

    Active chart with extension functions available

    eBook Partly available E-pub Available Conversion for E-pubto HTML

    Archiving and indexingSeparate system development

    required for indexing and archiving

    Only own indexingis available

    Own indexing andarchiving available

  • Original technology of KukuDocsThe best technology in the market was only to change the document into HTML till today, but the KukuDocs technology can return it to the original from again.

    Even the which had dominated the market realized it by combining the viewer technology and original document saving technology

    of Crocodoc and MS Office365. But we realized it easily by making KukuDocs filter which can solve this problem. (Applied for the patent)

    KukuDocs Introduction 08

    The highly compatible Cloud Office could be born by making Word2HTML, Excel2HTML, Powerpoint2HTML Filter

    owing to this original technology. KukuDocs played a great role to assist the document based industry development as we developed t

    he filter for converting any document into HTML easily as well as the Adobe Indesign2HTML

    for e-book authoring system.

  • The value of the original technology of KukuDocsThe privately installed Office could be used by using own file format for a particular company through making package of the Cloud Office made

    through Office filter of KukuDocs. KukuDocs has implemented the world's first Customized office.

    KukuDocs Introduction 09

    It can be used only in the installing type Office using company name and Office of corresponding

    company. A new paradigm is suggested for the security of the document file with the new extension which cannot

    be checked in any Office or viewer in the market.

  • The value of the original technology of KukuDocsA new paradigm is suggested for the security of the document file with the new extension which cannot be checked in any Office or viewer in the market.

    In addition, the extension function of Chrome browser can be adapted directly and even the corresponding function can be mounted

    KukuDocs Office easily.

    KukuDocs Introduction 10

  • The value of the original technology of KukuDocsDocument source technology of KukuDocs is a key technology for applying the EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) and

    document centralizing system more simply. More effective archiving system can be established because the current document is

    converted and kept in HTML, and indexing is speedy and a searching can be processed at a time.

    Present EDMS KukuDocs EDMS


    Virtual machine

    Edit, save






    Search engine

    Search engine

    Edit, saveview

    Various documentIn the company(Word,excel,text,etc)


    Various documentIn the company(Word,excel,text,etc)




    Context DB

    KukuDocs Introduction 12

  • - Kukudocs Office- Kuku Viewer- Real time messaging office

    Our Services [ ]

  • Document which corresponding to MS Office Word can edit and view doc,docx files

    - Document editor


  • - Cell editor


    Cell which corresponding to MS Office Excel can edit and view xls,xlsx, csv files

  • - Slide editor


    Slide which co