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HSPICE Quick Reference GuideU-2003.09, September 2003

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Document Order Number: 37919-000 RA HSPICE Quick Reference Guide, U-2003.09

HSPICE Quick Reference GuideTable of ContentsIntroduction Input and Output Files Behavior Macromodeling Controlling Input Analyzing Data Optimizing Data Output Format 1 2 6 18 41 56 59

IntroductionThis Quick Reference Guide is a condensed version of the HSPICE Simulation and Analysis User Guide, HSPICE Applications Manual, and HSPICE Command Reference. For more specific details and examples refer to the relevant manual.

Syntax Notationxxx, yyy, zzz < ... > Arbitrary alphanumeric strings Optional data fields are enclosed in angle brackets < >. All other symbols and punctuation are required. Keywords, parameter names, etc. are represented in uppercase. Variables; should be replaced with a numeric or symbolic value. Any number of parameters of the form shown can be entered. Continuation of the preceding line.

UPPERCASE lowercase ... +

The meaning of a parameter may depend on its location in the statement. Be sure that a complete set of parameters is entered in the correct sequence before running the simulation.

Common Abbreviations amp cm deg ev F H m s V Angstrom ampere centimeter degree Centigrade (unless specified as Kelvin) electron volt farad Henry meter second volt



Input and Output FilesGeneral Form/usr/george/ mydesign mydesign tr0

/usr/george/mydesign.spThe design path. The design name. The design root. The suffix.

File Name SuffixX increments for each .TEMP or .ALTER. If X 36, use .OPTION ALT999 or ALT9999, as described in the HSPICE User Guide.Input: input netlist design configuration Output graph data .sp .cfg (X is alter number, usually 0) (N is the statement number in one netlist, starting at 0). .trX (transient analysis) .swX (dc sweep) .acX (ac analysis) .mtX (tran Measure) .msX (dc Measure) .maX (ac Measure) .pwlN_trX (from .STIM PWL) .datN_trX (from .STIM TRAN DATA) .datN_acX (from .STIM AC DATA) .datN_swX (from .STIM DC DATA) .vecN_trX (from .STIM VEC) hardcopy data .grX (from .GRAPH)


Input and Output Files

Input Netlist FileFor a complete description of HSPICE installation, system configuration, setup and basic operation, please refer to the HSPICE Simulation and Analysis User Guide. HSPICE now accepts input line lengths of 1024 characters.

Sample Input Netlist File Structure.TITLE * or $ .OPTION .TEMPERATURE PRINT/PLOT/ GRAPH/PROBE .IC or .NODESET SOURCES NETLIST .MACRO libraries .ALTER .PARAMETER .END Implicit first line; becomes input netlist file title. Comments to describe the circuit. Set conditions for simulation analysis.

Sets the circuit temperatures for the entire circuit simulation. Sets print, plot, graph, and probe variables. Sets input state; can also be put in initial conditions. Sets input stimulus. Circuit description. .LIBRARY and .INC. Suppresses the printout of the text from the list file. Restores output printback. Sequence for inline case analysis. Defines a parameter. Terminates any ALTERs and the simulation.

Numeric Scale FactorsA number may be an integer, a floating point number, an integer or floating point number followed by an integer exponent, or an integer or floating point number followed by one of the scale factors listed below.A F P N =1e-18 =1e-15 =1e-12 =1e-9

Input and Output Files


U M K MEG (or X) MI G

=1e-6 =1e-3 =1e3 =1e6 =25.4e6 =1e9

Algebraic ExpressionsIn addition to simple arithmetic operations (+, -, *, /), the following quoted string functions may be used:sin(x) min(x,y) sqrt(x) pwr(x,y) sinh(x) tan(x) exp(x) abs(x) tanh(x) db(x) cos(x) max(x,y) log(x) cosh(x) atan(x) log10(x)

pow(x,y)= (instead of x**y x**y)

Algebraic Expressions as InputGeneral Form algebraic expression

Either single ( ) or double ( ) quotes may be used.

Algebraic Expressions as OutputGeneral Form PAR (algebraic expression)

The left and right parentheses are mandatory.

Equation Constantso ox si f k q t t Vacuum permittivity=8.854e-12 F/m 3.453143e-11 F/m 1.0359e-10 F/m dielectric constant of silicon Frequency 1.38062e-23 - Boltzmanns constant 1.60212e-19 - Electron charge Temperature in degrees Kelvin t - tnom


Input and Output Files

tnom vt(t) vt(tnom)

Nominal temperature in degrees Kelvin (user-input in