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WHAT IS HRIS?It is a systematic way of storing data & information for each individual employee to aid planning, decision making & submitting of returns and reports to the external agencies.A method by which an organization collects, analyses & reports the information about people and job.Need of hris HRIS provide human resource professionals with opportunities to enhance their contribution to the strategic direction of the firm, First by automating and devolving many routine human resource task to the line management, HRIS provides human resource professionals with the time needed to direct their attention towards more business critical and strategic level tasks, such as leadership development and talent management.Objectives of HRISTo offer sufficient, comprehensive & ongoing information about people & jobs.To supply up to date information at a reasonable cost.To offer data security & personal privacy.

Attributes of HRISA part of the organization's larger management information systemAn integration of HRM and Information SystemsHelps HR managers to perform the functions in an effective and systematic wayThe system used to acquire, store, manipulate, analyze, retrieve, and distribute pertinent information regarding human resourcesTo make decisions H.R. and line managers require accurate human resource information


1. Operational HRIS2. Tactical HRIS3. Strategic HRISOperational HRISOperational HRIS provides data to support routine and repetitive human resource decisions.Information is detailed, structured, accurate and internal.

Strategic HRISStrategic HRIS helps top level managers to set goals and directions for organisation. Gather and manage information from within and outside organisation.

TACTICAL HRISSupports management decisions emphasizing allocation of human resources.The decisions include recruitment decisions, job analysis and design decisions, training and development decisions, and employee compensation plan decisions.



Implementation of hrisSeven step process:-IntroductionKick-off callRequirement gatheringTrainingDatabase access and configurationTesting Go- liveAPPLICATION AREAS OF HRIS

IMPORTANCE OF HRISHRIS primary role of integrating human resource management and information technology has lead to competitive advantage and hence attracted many human resource managers and professionals. Other vital facts of HRIS reported in literature are effective human resource decision making and also strengthening an organizations character, reducing process and administration cost, speeding up transaction processing, reduce information errors and improve the tracking and control of human resource actions, crucial in terms of operating, controlling and planning activities in human resource.

Benefits of hrisHigher speed of retrieval and processing of dataReduction in duplication of efforts leading to reduced costEase in classifying and reclassifying dataBetter analysis leading to more effective decision makingHigher accuracy of information/report generated

Functions of HRIS

Create and maintain employee recordEnsure legal complianceHuman resource planning and forecastingTalent management/Knowledge managementStrategic alignmentEnhanced decision makingconclusion The combination of Human resources and information technology known as HRIS are being implemented by many firms as strategic weapons towards the uprising business competitiveness. From the above-mentioned discussion, it can be deduced that HRIS has the potential to be an enterprise wide decision support system that helps to achieve both strategic and operational objectives