HR Big Data: Fact or Fiction? | Talent Connect San Francisco 2014

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Transcript of HR Big Data: Fact or Fiction? | Talent Connect San Francisco 2014

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    Brad Cook VP of Global Talent Acquisition Informatica

    HR big data: fact or fiction?

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    In the blink of an eye

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    IT is Changing




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    Data is Changing

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    Source: An IDC White Paper - sponsored by EMC. As the Economy Contracts, the Digital Universe Expands.

    Relational Data Transactional

    Social Data Interactional

    The Growing Challenge: BIG DATA

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    Risk & Portfolio Analysis, Investment


    Connected Vehicle, Predictive Maintenance

    Health Insurance Exchanges,

    Public Safety, Tax Optimization Fraud Detection

    Predicting Patient Outcomes,

    Total Cost of Care Drug Discovery

    Proactive Customer Engagement,

    Location Based Services

    Financial Services Retail & Telco

    Public Sector Manufacturing Healthcare & Pharma

    Media & Entertainment

    Online & In-Game Behavior

    Customer X/Up-Sell

    Business is connecting innovation to Big Data

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    What about HR Data Sources

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    What we all strive for.

    The Holy Grail

    The Digital Profile

    The Social Footprint

    The Career Aspirations

    The Interests

    The Resume

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    Our typical TA Landscape

    CRM ATS Sourcing Tools

    Social Footprint Dashboard SEO

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    It takes a TEAM

    Marketing IT TA Ops HR Ops Recruiters

  • How thinking data-first can accelerate your talent transformation

    Changed Mindset

  • The number of customer touch-points has exploded

    You are going to win based on your ability to understand your candidate better. This requires a 360 degree view of accurate data from many different touch-points.

    But the lack of access to

    the right data at the right time can kill your hiring productivity.

    Source: Tata Consulting


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    New Talent Applications are appearing daily

    The one sustainable competitive differentiator your organization has is

    your data and how you use it.


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    Why would my data go bad?

    Things to consider: Is the team good at capturing data? Has a candidate changed jobs? What new skills/experiences? What would entice them to engage? Do you want your teams to spend

    their time managing this data?

    Data quality erodes at 1% to 1.5% per month if

    it is not actively managed.

    - Bloor Research

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    63% of CRM initiatives fail

    - Merkel Group

    High growth companies are 50% more likely to consider CRM strategic rather than


    - Merkel Group

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    Why Doesnt My CRM Investment Deliver? We invested in CRM thinking that it would give us a 360 degree view of our candidates and significantly boost hiring productivity.

    Things to consider: Your CRM is only as good as the data in it Do you have the right data? Do you have good data? Do you have complete data?

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    Call to Action Starts with you.. We are all busy, but data is critical to your success Maintain searchable records Think about how you can leverage tomorrow what you collect today Data integrity is EVERYONES issue to solve. Automate as much as possible Augment as much as possible System captured vs. human captured

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    To accelerate your recruiting transformation and

    competitiveness, think outside the application. Think data-first.

    What data do my teams need to be competitive?

    What bad data is causing loss of efficiency?

    What new data are we missing that could improve quality of hire?

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    Understand it Integrate it Cleanse it Relate it Secure it Act on it

    Across infrastructure, applications & devices

    Fast, flexible, free of lock-in and future-proof

    Maximize & Unleash Information Potential

    Deliver agility Attract top talent Unleash potential

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