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  • 8/3/2019 HPC Fall Newsletter 2011

    1/11Fall 2011

    The communion of the saints

    I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy cathochurch, the communion of saints Wpassionately confess this every time that we recthe Apostles Creed. In other words, we believethe Holy Spirit who enables people to believe, wforms and equips the church and unites believeto Christ and to each other.

    The lectionary readings of September also focusour attention on the communion of saints. Matthe18 has been dubbed Jesus sermon on tcongregation wherein he speaks aborelationships within the church. The questioasked are: How do we care for one another in tcongregation? And what is it that we particulacare about? What is it that distinguishes ofellowship in the church from relationships that w

    have outside the church? And what does this sabout the purpose of the communion of the saint

    We noticed how Jesus emphasized spiritual careconcern for one anothers spiritual well-being,concern for holiness, repentance, and trestoration of sinners.

    Fellowship is a vital aspect of church; it is one the most important considerations when peopfirst come to church. We treasure the warmth athe friendliness of the congregation, the people w

    know, the life-long friendships we form, and tthings we do together.

    But this in itself doesnt distinguish us from othgroups or organizations. You can find friendshand support in any number of places. We doneed a church to make friends, to do fun thintogether, or even to serve the material needs of tcommunity. But we do need a church for spiritucare, for nurturing our faith, for guiding us in ttruth, for equipping us for discipleship, for prayi

    with us and for us, for encouraging, rebuking acorrecting us, for holding us accountable to tScriptures.

    Spiritual care, a mutual concern for faith, holinediscipleship, and Christ-likeness distinguishes t

    communion of saints from other relationships.

    This also ties in with a topic that is on the table Session. Over the next few months, well be

    Two are better than


    because they have a

    good return for their


    If one falls down,

    his friend can help him


    But pity the man who


    and has no one to help

    him up!"Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

  • 8/3/2019 HPC Fall Newsletter 2011


    studying and talking about small group ministry (or cell group ministry) as a form ministry to enhance the communion of the saints in our congregation.

    Typically, a cell group meets at the home of one of the members. They may choose to meweekly, or bi-weekly as it works best for the group. A group meeting starts with worsh(singing and praying), followed by a time of caring and sharing (listening to each othestories), a short, simple Bible study/discussion, and a time of simple hospitality. Themeetings should not be longer than an hour and a half so that it doesnt become a burdeThere are some things that the session needs to sort out first, such as leaders trainin

    and how this will fit in with the existing ways of providing pastoral care and the roleelders. We have therefore decided on the following process:

    Session studies and refines the concept.

    Identification and training of leaders.

    Communication of ideas and information to the congregation throughout.

    An open house for information where you can sign up for a group of your choice.

    Launching of this ministry at a service of worship in 2012.

    Ongoing leaders training and support through a regular Leaders Group by minister.

    We believe that this could become a significant ministry in the congregation. So plea

    pray with us for discernment and wisdom as we explore this further.

    Yours in Christs service, Gerard

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  • 8/3/2019 HPC Fall Newsletter 2011


    To bless God for mercies isthe way to increase them; to

    bless Him for miseries is the

    way to remove them.

    William Dyer

    Page 3 VOL # ISSUE #

    Delete text and place photo here.


    It was amusing. On a recent Sunday the service bulletin clearly stated that the congregation wato remain seated during the opening hymn. As the music started up several people immediatestood up. A few others hesitantly followed suit, some with confused looks, while others quickchecked their bulletins. Soon most of the congregation was on its feet but some stubbornremained seated as the bulletin directed them to do.

    It got me to wondering. How many things do we do, as a matter of rote (we always do it thaway) giving little, if any thought to what we are doing? It is so easy to follow a comfortabroutine that is predictable and so requires little effort.

    When something becomes so familiar it requires little thought and loses both its meaning animpact on our lives. This is true of our worship service as a whole. When we enter the sanctuawe are entering a holy place, a special place set aside and consecrated for a high and hopurpose. How we enter should reflect something of the awe and wonder at Gods gracious gof grace, the sacrifice of Jesus who freely gave his life that we might have life in all its fullnesWe might ask ourselves how often we casually enter the sanctuary with little thought as to whwe are there, other than to meet and greet our friends and enjoy one anothers company. It pretty hard to be casual about it when we take the time to prepare ourselves to worship himspirit and truthas Jesus said true worshippers must. (John 4:24)

    For instance, when we say or sing the prayer our Lord taught His disciples to use, do we realponder and wonder at the meaning of what we are saying or do we just toss it off as being sfamiliar we dont even have to think about it? The prayer is but an outline guiding us as wbring our prayers to God. In a quiet moment try praying our Lords prayer line by linexpanding each line with your own words and thoughts to give it both substance and a deepemeaning.

    And when we present our offerings, do we do so because the budget has to be maintained, thstaff paid and the building maintained? Or is it from a profound sense of how blessed we arthat all we have ultimately comes from and belongs to God? The presentation of our offerings a high, holy moment of committing not only our wealth but ourselves to the calling of God to ba holy people consecrated to His service as disciples of Jesus.

    Pretty heavy stuff when we think about it.

    Submitted by R. Dorne Cornish

  • 8/3/2019 HPC Fall Newsletter 2011


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    My granddaughters, Mackenna, 6 yrs. Kylianne, 3yrs., and Grandma had a wonderful experience atPandamania in August. My granddaughters live inDeroche so are not regular attendees to ourchurch.

    On the first mornig Mackenna was very hesitantto come but I told her she had to come for one

    day to decide if she wanted toattend the rest ofthe week. I was helping Lorraine Cornish with theregistrations and my two shadows were clinging tome as the other children started to arrive. After afew minutes, Mackenna was helping with theregistrations and welcoming everyone as theycame through the door. She still was not sureabout going into the church. LIse arrived, saidhello to Mackenna, they discovered they were inthe same class, took each others hand and wentoff into the sanctuary.

    The music started and the children werewelcomed by Paddy Pandamania had begun andI never saw Mackenna again.

    When it was time to go home, I quietly asked ifshe was coming the next day. Her reply, Oh yes,this is so much fun. By the end of the week sheknew all the songs, all the actions and feltcomfortable and very much at home n our church.She always wanted to sit on the aisle so when themusic and singing started she could move into the

    aisle and sing and dance to her hearts content.She was especially taken with the Bible session onJonah in the Whale and asked is she could haveher very own Bible. She is still struggling withJesus on the cross and cant understand why Hehad to die. Grandma will have some work to doon that subject! Her experience was fantastic andshe is already waiting for next year.

    Kylianne also had a wonderful time and she wespecially impressed with Beans, one of hleaders. At the final Pandamania performance the children in church on Sunday, Kylianne was the front of the church singing and doing all t

    actions and holding her new Panda stuffy afriend. She was right at home with the wind-BBQ luncheon.

    After church we had to do some shopping last minute items for Grandpas birthday partKylianne was very excited and could hardly wait get home to get ready. She donned a very ofashioned pink knitted dress from the dress-trunk and went off to the bathroom by herseOne should never leave a 3 yr old alone for a

    length of time, especially in a bathroom. Semerged some time later and we all took collective gasp andasked, What have you done(She had applied dark eye shadow very carefuand evenly around both eyes.) She wcompletely unfazed and without missing a bestated, I am a Panda because I have been Pandamania and I love God and pandas. Shappily remained a Panda for the entire party.

    Fast forward 18 days after VBS: Kylianne wasGrandma and Grandpas, we were out in t

    sandbox playing when, out of the blue and vespontaneously, she started to sing, Hes wiHes wild, God is wild about us. She turned me and said, You know, Grandma, God loves mand He loves you. He loves my family and loves everyone in the whole wide world. Sthen returned happily to digging in the sandbox.

    VBS was an amazing opportunity to plant seeof Gods love, His grace and His mercy into olittle people. My two granddaughters we

    impressed and influenced more deeply thanrealized. How many other lives were t