How’s ya Bubble going? How’s ya Bubble going?Bubble going? How’s ya Bubble...

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Transcript of How’s ya Bubble going? How’s ya Bubble going?Bubble going? How’s ya Bubble...

  • 16th May 2020

    How’s ya How’s ya How’s ya How’s ya Bubble going?Bubble going?Bubble going?Bubble going?

    I can see that we are going to come out of this with new habits, wants and needs as we come out of lockdown. This is the second edition of our NewsChat and a lot of water has gone under the bridge since the 25th March. We as a country have done so well in our endeavours to ‘flatten the curve’. Our Prime Minister is very pleased with the sacrifices we have made, however, businesses have been suffering. As from the 22nd April we dropped down to Level 3 which gave some businesses the chance to restart again. What freedom. We have forgotten what it is like….. By the time you get this NewsChat we would have been in Level 2 for about 3 days. How’s it looking???? We can go and get a hair cut now, hip hip hooray. I bet I am not the only one looking forward to this. The queues at the hairdresser will probably be the same as those at the Supermarkets!! HaHa.. The shops have still got queues but slightly shorter and it is actually quite nice shopping with fewer people getting under your feet.

    Thoughts I had before getting to Level 2…..I need a hair

    cut I say to myself - “It shouldn’t be so hard,” I told myself standing in front of the mirror, holding the pair of kitchen scissors. Due to the quarantine, your corner hair salon is dubbed a non-essential business (who would do that?!) Which means your hair isn’t getting professional treatment any time soon. I have heard some horrific tales of hair dye jobs and seen some wicked hair cuts. People have had enough. After all it is probably 10 weeks since the hair dresser welded her sharp scissors on my locks and now luck will have, I got an appointment for the works next week. I have grown used to the longer hair so who knows I might leave it to grow a little longer but have a few highlights to brighten me up. Have a few days to decide what I will do… Do you think your hairdresser knows that you have been cutting and snipping your hair. Of course she does……….it makes you feel so guilty, so don’t tell her you didn’t touch your ‘locks’. She will know….. Perhaps a new look you might think, or a new colour – who knows what we will come out looking like!!!!!!!

    So, what have we been So, what have we been So, what have we been So, what have we been

    doing doing doing doing –––– Well I for one, am still trotting around the streets and the beach. I have this ap on my phone that

  • tells me how many k’s I have walked and how many calories I have cast off. A couple of weeks ago the king tide was upon us, no walkies along the beach – it had sort of disappeared. Also, like the local children I have been checking out the teddies in people’s windows. Came across the photos of the teddies sitting in the car. Cute eh! Now as I walk I spy coffee shops and eateries offering coffee and luscious muffins or scones – I am salivating at the thought. My list of things to do in the lockdown has not got smaller – I keep on adding to it. Have had bags of Feijoas given to me so have been up to my eyes and ears making Feijoa and Apple Chutney, Apple and Feijoa cakes and tarts. You name it…… I am starting to look like a Feijoa!!!! Feijoas have all gone now, so am off to dream up other things to do. I know the son-in-law and grandson are coming to cut a few branches of some of my trees and a general tidy up of “le Garden”. The sun will be able to shine through to welcome the spring flowers which I see are start to emerge through the soil.

    Wanderings from a Lockdown baseWanderings from a Lockdown baseWanderings from a Lockdown baseWanderings from a Lockdown base Well here we are in week six or seven of our lockdown and we are slowly getting used to it…well sort of. At least we have been getting some lovely weather and we can get out for a little bit of exercise, so I thought I would share with you one of the walks Bev and I often do around our local area. It starts for us right at our doorstep in Kotuku Drive and we walk to Petrel Place where a “walk-through” takes you into Makora Rd, Otaihanga. From here it’s a short walk to Otaihanga Domain where there is plenty of parking if you prefer to drive to this as a starting point for the walk. So this is a short walk of around one hour

    along the Waikanae River from the Otaihanga Domain and return. From here you can stroll along the river bank joined frequently by fan tails for some of the way until you come across the expressway. Crossing the river bridge we are now on the opposite bank of the river.

    There is usually a white faced heron lurking around here catching fish for his dinner.

    Walking along the track passing El Rancho and then back to the Otaihanga Domain. The only drawback to this very pleasant river stroll is the frequency of cyclists passing you, but as it is a shared pathway it can only be expected. They are usually well behaved and ping their bells before they get too close. So if

    the weather keeps fine I hope you can take the time, which we seem to have plenty of at the moment, to stroll along the river on a fine afternoon…or morning, enjoy. Allan Taylor