How to Weed Out Busyness from Your Business

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Simple ways to get your company to think clearly and spot opportunities.

Transcript of How to Weed Out Busyness from Your Business

  • The world is filled with opportunities that most people are too busy to notice.
  • Most people are busy doing unimportant things.
  • Busyness is a weed. Ignore it, and it takes over.
  • Busyness spreads through email.
  • Busyness runs rampant in meetings.
  • Heres how to weed out busyness
  • Give people time to think before they talk.
  • Reward brevity and accuracy.
  • Dig deeper, and find actual facts.
  • Give people time to exercise, sleep and travel.
  • Experiment, but do it in a disciplined way.
  • Say I dont know when you dont know.
  • Value gut feelings, but figure out how to quantify them.
  • Most importantly, pay attention.
  • Companies that pay attention spot opportunities.
  • Pay close attention. We have not yet begun to understand how things really work.
  • Busyness is not good business.
  • Weed out busyness from your business.
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