How to use the written communications library

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  1. 1. How to use the written communications library Introduction The new written communications library will eventually hold a copy of every single operational letter and email which is sent to customers from BGR. These could be systems generated (SAP, SIEBEL, Debt Manager, Debt Minder), 3rd party managed (meter operators etc), manual (sent from back office) or customer service related (Lighthouse macro paragraphs or offshore email templates). All letters and emails on the library (and those sent out to customers) will include a specific reference code. This means that when a customer phones us to enquire about a particular letter or email, the agent will be able to search for the standard template of the letter or email within the library, using the code, and instantly be able to see the content. The reference number on letters can be found in the contact box in the top right hand corner under Our Reference Number and will look something like this - CAM/ACQ/LIVE/01. For emails, this will be at the bottom of the email. The library will also act as a central storage facility for business owners/letter owners to maintain control over their letters, with any changes being centrally managed by the Customer Communications team. How to find the written communications library From your intranet home page, click on the British Gas Energy page. Under Our tools, click on More 2. The Written communications library can be found on the left hand side. Alternatively click here. Click here Click here
  2. 2. Lets get started 3. From the Written communications library page, take your curser to the bottom where it says Click here to view the folders that the letters are stored in. 4. Now that you have entered into the Document Library, You will see that a number of folders appear including Communications from other companies, Letter Writing Training, Non Operational Documents Letters and Email Suites, and Operational Letters and Email Suites. Select the required folder. 5. As an example, if you click on Operational Letters and Email Suites, you will find the different types of suites including Acquire, Debt and Customer Payments and Payment Schemes (CPS). The letters/emails are batched by process. Click on the required process to locate the desired communication. Select folder Click here
  3. 3. 6. In this example, if you click on Customer Payments and Payment Schemes a list of the letters sent as part of CPS appears. For example, click on Systems Driven (SAP), then Amend to see the full list of letters/emails sent to customers who are amending their CPS. 7. After you have found the letter or email you were looking for, click on the item to enter into the document. You will now be able to view the document. The reference number on letters can be found in the contact box in the top right hand corner under Our Reference Number. For emails, this will be at the bottom of the email. Using the search facility 8. You can now search for a specific letter or email using the unique code which will appear on letters and emails. Simply put the reference number in the search box as shown below, and click on the green arrow. You will see in this example, that CAM/ACQ/LIVE/01 was typed into the search box. Search facility
  4. 4. 9. You will now be diverted to this page, where your letter or email will be listed. Click on the letter/email to go straight to the document. Any Questions? Please contact a member of the Customer Communications Team: Rebecca Dibb-Simkin 07789 574 726 (Staines) Jenine Sanchez - 07789 574 727(Staines) Coming up We are conducting a systematic review and rewrite, process by process (debt, customer payment schemes etc,) of all our operational communications. So, dont forget to keep checking the library for all your customer communication needs. CAM/ACQ/LIVE/01