How to Use Slideshare for Business

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If you have ever wondered how to use slideshare for business, this is your guide.

Transcript of How to Use Slideshare for Business

  • 1. Fun with

2. Connect with us Online
3. Wait a second
What is
4. Slideshare is a site where you can host your presentations and share them with others.
Presentations can be linked to the site itself or else embedded in a web page.
5. Professionals come to SlideShare to seek and share business information
6. Valuable business education and brand promotions can be passed along
through various
social networks
7. Uploading is Easy!
8. Hit the Upload button on the Home page
Choose to upload it Publicly or Privately
9. Open your project
Input all of your information
10. Why is
so totally awesome?
11. SlideShare is the Worlds Largest Site for Sharing Presentations!
12. 12 million unique visitors a month
Over 100 million users
13. You can track the success (or failure ) of your presentation!
14. Awesome!
15. How Can SlideShare Be Used For Business???
16. 17. Learn New Business Methods
Click any of these.
18. Create a Creative, Visual Resume
Click any of these.
19. Find Presentations to Inspire Creativity
Click any of these.
20. The TOP
21. Meet Dave Meet Slideshare
30 slides
Description: A simple presentation on how Dave got involved with SlideShare and the benefits hes experienced.
22. Death by PowerPoint
30 slides
Description: A walk-through of creating enticing presentations and the negative effects of bad presentations.
23. Shift Happens
67 slides
Description: An educational piece on how much technology, business, and the world has shifted in the past few years
24. AsYou
25. SlideShare Can Help You With:

  • Sharing your business methods

26. Generating brand awareness 27. Making your resumecreative and viral 28. Finding new pieces of information and better business techniques 29. Putting your presentations through Social Media