How to upload your 23andMe genome data to to upload your 23andMe genome data to

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Transcript of How to upload your 23andMe genome data to to upload your 23andMe genome data to

  • How to upload your 23andMe genome data to

    These instructions are intended to help you to export your genome data from 23andMe, and into

    1. First, use your internet browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

    (IE), or Safari to go to

    2. When you arrive, youll need to sign into your 23andMe account. Do this

    by clicking on the Sign In link in the

    upper right portion of the page.

    3. When you see the Sign In dialog, enter your email address and

    password in the appropriate fields,

    and click Sign In to proceed.

  • 4. Once you have signed into 23andMe, you will need to click on the drop-

    down menu in the upper-right

    portion of the page. From the drop-

    down menu, select Browse Raw


    5. Once the Browse Raw Data page loads, click on the Download link in

    the upper-right portion of the page.

  • 6. You will then be presented with a form. In this form, you must enter

    your 23andMe password, and give

    the answer to the Secret Question

    that you set up when you created

    your 23andMe account.

    In the Profile field, choose the set

    of data that you wish to download.

    In the Data Set field, choose All


    Once you have completed these

    steps, click the Download Data

    button in the lower-right portion of

    the page.

    7. If the previous steps were performed correctly, you will be taken to a page

    where you can download your

    genome data. The download should

    start automatically. If it does not, use

    the Click Here link to start the


    Make sure you remember the place

    where you save the downloaded


  • 8. Use your internet browser to go to

    9. Log into Know Your Genetics. Then, either click on the Enter Your Test

    Results button on the main page, or

    the Add a Test button in the Test

    Information page.

  • 10. On the Add an MPA Test screen, fill in all of the required fields, such as

    Test Name, and the First Name,

    Last Name, and Birth Date fields,

    if you are entering test data on

    behalf of another.

    11. Once you have filled in all of the necessary fields click on the

    Browse button to select your

    23andMe genome data file.

  • 12. Once the 23andMe data file has been selected, and all other required fields

    have been filled, click the Upload

    My 23andMe Genome Data button.

    Once the Upload My 23andMe

    Genome Data button has been

    clicked, file must be uploaded for

    processing. Do not interrupt this

    process before it is finished. The

    speed of this operation will depend

    on the upload speed of your Internet

    Service Provider. On a broadband

    connection with a 1 megabit per

    second (1Mbps) upload speed, the

    process will take 2-3 minutes.

    13. When the process completes, there are two possible outcomes. If the

    uploaded data was processed

    successfully, and there were no

    errors, the data will be saved

    automatically, and a success message

    will be shown.

  • 14. If any errors occurred during the process, an error message will be

    shown. Any data fields that the

    process could fill in will be pre-

    populated, but they should all be

    reviewed for accuracy prior to saving.

    If any errors occur, review the results

    prior to saving the data.