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  • 1. How to Search the Library Catalog

2. YOU WILL LEARN: How to access the library catalog Basic skills in reading catalog information How to place a hold Other ways to search the catalog Quick search tips How to search for materials in otherLOGIN libraries 3. Accessing the Catalog The librarys catalog can be accessed in multipleways and from multiple avenues: At the Market Place at the front of the library Along the stacks in the adult fiction andreference sections In the Childrens library Remotely from your home computer Mobley from your smart phone or mobile device 4. Accessing the Catalog To access the catalog remotely from yourhome computer use the following URL: Type Free Public Library of MonroeTownship into a Google or Bing Search 5. Our link is atthe top of theresults list. 6. Enter desired booktitle, author, or subject matter insearch field 7. Click Search Catalog to view results!The Hunger Games 8. Click the bookof your choice to obtaindetails about the book. 9. Or click thedetailsbutton 10. Note one copy isavailable.And one copy of the book has been checked out! 11. Write it down and take it with you tothe shelves to betterfind your book! 12. Place a hold on a bookand pick it up later or when it is available!! 13. How to Place a Hold Enter your librarycard number (including the letter )Click the PlaceHold button. 14. Smith, John 15. Other Ways to Search Our Catalog! 16. TYPES OF SEARCHESThere are three major ways to searchour catalog:Keyword searchBrowse searchExact search 17. TYPES OF SEARCHESWithin these searches you can choose howyou are going to search:Words or phrasesAuthorTitleSubjectPeriodicalsSeries 18. TYPES OF SEARCHES 19. QUICK SEARCH TIPSSearching by words or phrases and subject:Searches are more efficient if the word or phrase is contained within quotation marksi.e. dogsSearches are more precise if you use Boolean connectors to narrow search:dogs AND competition OR shows AND = includeOR = substituteNOT = exclude 20. How your results are displayed depends on the main search type you havechosen (keyword search, browser search, or exact search). 21. QUICK SEARCH TIPSSearching by Author:i.e. Collins, Suzanne, Meyer, Stephanie, or Rice, AnnePutting the first name first and last name second could generateobscure results. Using the above method, will better ensure asuccessful search. 22. This is what your search should resemble. 23. QUCK SEARCH TIPSSearching by Title, Series, and Periodical: i.e. The Night Circus; The Hunger Games; or The New York Times Try to type the title exactly as it appears on the publication 24. TITLE SEARCH 25. SERIES SEARCH Results displayed as a list. 26. SERIES SEARCH 27. PERIODICAL SEARCH 28. PERIODICAL SEARCH 29. What if what I want is not available at theFree Public Library of Monroe Township? 30. CHOOSE ANOTHER LIBRARY 31. CHOOSE ANOTHER LIBRARY 32. Need Help?Dont forget that you can aska librarian for help with thecatalog by visiting the reference desk!OrCall us at 856-629-1212 ext 206 33. Thank you forwatching!