How to Research. Research Paper Assignment Identify what the assignment requires:  topic...

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download How to Research. Research Paper Assignment Identify what the assignment requires:  topic possibilities  number of sources  type of sources (journal,

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Transcript of How to Research. Research Paper Assignment Identify what the assignment requires:  topic...

  • How to Research

  • Research Paper AssignmentIdentify what the assignment requires:topic possibilitiesnumber of sourcestype of sources (journal, book, Internet, databases)citation requirements (MLA, APA, Chicago)presentation requirements (oral or written)length of paperdue date

  • Getting StartedChoose a topic based on requirements.Ask yourself questions:What do I know about the topic?What would I like to learn?What will others learn from reading my paper?

  • Formulate a Research QuestionStart by finding background information on your topic:World Book EncyclopediaSpecialized EncyclopediaLibrary CatalogsWikipedia (only for an overview NOT an accepted source)

  • Personal Exploration of TopicOnce you have familiarized yourself with the topic:List Key Words list words that describe your topicClustering/Webbing - create a web that links terms together (an example of webbing is on the next slide)

  • Webbing - red is the topic

    Relax. Play some creative music. Spelling or style doesn't count.Don't worry about organization. Free-associate ideas. Keep them simple. Write or sketch as quickly as you can. Write or sketch in any order. Develop all ideas. Keep working.

    Content and materials published in site may be duplicated for educational, non-profit, single school use only.

  • Formulate a QuestionDecide what question you want to answer with your research. Formulate a Question the answer to the question becomes your thesis question.For example: How does exercise improve someones mental health?What are the effects of violent video games on elementary school children?What was the impact of Cubism on early twentieth century culture?Should elementary schools provide more programming in the arts?

  • Starting Your ResearchDecide what kind of information you need based on your research assignment. The information will be determined by your topic and assignment requirements:Current or historical or bothBiographical informationCriticism and analysisStatisticsAnd More

  • Finding Information in Books

    Find Books Check the Oak Grove School library on-line catalog or the Cook Library Catalog www.Cooklib.orgStop by and see a librarian at school or at Cook Library.Do they have the book at Cook Library? Reserve it!If the book is not available at Cook, ask the librarian to request the book from another library for you.

  • Decide on the Usefulness of a BookHow to Evaluate a Book for the Assignment:Read title as clue to contentScan table of contentsSearch for key terms in book indexLook at books located on the shelf near this book.

  • Finding Information in JournalsFind Journal Articles in electronic databases:Electronic Databases (they do not count as internet sources).2. Ask the Librarian about the best databases to search on your topic:i.e., InfoTrac Expanded Academic Journal Articles - full text or citation (find actual journal through the library)

  • Decide on the Usefulness of Journal ArticlesEvaluate usefulness of journal articles for assignment:Read title and subtitle as clue to content.Read abstract if available.Check key terms at end of article for related links to further explore topic.

  • Finding Information Using Internet ResourcesSelect a search engine.Use Boolean terms (and, or, not) to narrow or broaden your search.Exact Phrase search ( ) Terms you want to exclude (NOT or -)Describe what you need with as few terms as possible.Choose descriptive words.Can the info be verified? SITE

  • Examples of AND, OR, NOT

  • Decide on the Usefulness of Internet Site InformationEvaluate Internet site:find source of the site and informationWho is responsible for the website?Who provided the information?a person who is known in the field of organization that is reputable, i.e. American Cancer Society.note currency of site when was it last updated?assess relevance of information to the assignment.

  • Can the URL help you determine reliability?.edu Institution for higher learning, generally Government Military government International organizations such as World Health, .net, .org be careful anyone can make a website

  • Ask a Librarian for SupportA librarian can assist you with the process of finding information sources for your assignment.

    Stop by Cook Library. Mon-Thurs 9-9, Fri 9-6, Sat 9-5, Sun 1-5

    Contact the librarian via e-mail, online chat or in person.

  • Taking NotesOrganizing Your Research Using Note Cards

    Read source actively by highlighting important information.Record quotes that you may want to use later and include source and page number on card.Create paraphrases and summaries on note cards directly from your research.Record on each note card the source card number and page number for later reference.

  • Avoid PlagiarismYou must give credit whenever you useanother persons idea;any facts, statistics, graphs, drawings that are not common knowledge;quotations of another persons actual spoken or written words; orParaphrase of another persons spoken or written words.

  • Works Cited HelpPurdue Online Writing Lab-For this project you will be using MLA Formatting. Use this guide and example to help you cite sources correctly.

  • AcknowledgementsThe original module was supported by the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners through a LSTA Grant.Marge Lippincott, Dean of Information Technology and Learning Resources, coordinated the effort and created the PowerPoint with Judy Harding and Christine McLaughlin.Putting it all Together: Teaching the Research Process by Diana Barnett