How To Really Do SEO For Bloggers

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Presentation from SNAP Conference 2014. Everything about how to do SEO, focused specifically on bloggers.

Transcript of How To Really Do SEO For Bloggers

  • 1. HOW TOreallydo SEOreallydo SEOFOR BLOGGERS

2. INTRODUCTION 3. 2009 4. 2013 5. Buying Junk Cars 6. All traffic sources are not created equal.-SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE 7. BASICS OF SEO 8. How Search Engines Work 9. TITLE TAGS 10. IMAGES 11. INTERLINKING 12. EXTERNAL LINKS 13. Case Study 14. Overall Organic TrafficBeforeAfter 15. Yellow Armpit StainsBeforeAfter 16. Finding The Keywordsvia Google Webmaster Tools 17. Google Keyword Toolhow to remove armpit stains1,000 MONTHLY SEARCHEShow to remove underarm stains480 monthly searchesOther keywords: remove underarm stains, remove armpit stains, armpit stain remover, etc 18. Find 19. Fixing The On-Page SEOAdjust the title tags to contain the keywordsMake sure variations of the keyword show up in the contentRename any images and change the alt textLink to from relevant articles on your blog 20. Get External Linksvia 21. Results100-150 visits a dayIncrease in organic versus other traffic sources 22. Overall Organic TrafficBeforeAfter 23. The Importance of the Long Tail 24. TO BOOSTING YOUR SEOSTEPS5 25. FIND YOUR TOP POSTS1 26. Landing Pages 27. Source: Google 28. IDENTIFY YOUR KEYWORDS2 29. Google Webmaster Tools 30. Google Analytics 31. Google Analytics 32. FIX YOUR ON-PAGE SEO3 33. Post TitlesChange titleChange URLMake sure to 301 redirect if you change the URL 34. ContentVariations of your keywordsKeep it natural 35. ImagesFile nameAlt text 36. Internal LinksRelevant postsAlternate anchor text 37. BUILD EXTERNAL LINKS4 38. Guest Bloggingvia Clarks Condensed 39. Roundupsvia Humbled Homemaker 40. Image Links 41. Image 42. MONITOR YOUR RESULTS5 43. Google Analytics 44. Rank Trackervia 45. QUESTIONS?