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  1. 1. How to Publish AP Dr. Ernest Cyril de RunFaculty of Economics and Business Universiti Malaysia SarawakErnest Cyril de RunWho am I? Businessman Joined Unimas in 1996 as a Tutor Degree from UKM; Masters fromWaikato, NZ; PhD from Otago, NZ Have taught many undergraduateand postgraduate Promotions, Cross cultural studies Facebook Ernest C de RunErnest Cyril de Run 1
  2. 2. Some of My PublicationsDe Run, Ernest Cyril; Butt, Mohsin & Chung, Yen Nee (2010), Influence of Role Models on Young Adults Purchase, Jurnal Kemanusiaan,. 14. DecemberDe Run, E. C. , Butt, M. M., Fam, K. S., Jong, H. Y. (2010). Attitudes towards offensive advertising: Malaysian Muslims views. Journal of Islamic Marketing. 1. 1. 25 36Butt, M. M., & De Run, E. C. (2010). Ethnic advertising: Adolescents attitudes towards target and non-target advertisements. Young Consumers. 11.3. 189 - 203Butt, M. M., & De Run, E. C. (2011). Do target and non-target ethnic group adolescents process advertisements differently? Australasian Marketing Journal. Doi:10.1016/j.ausmj.2010.12.001De Run, E. C. & Heriyadi, K. (2008). Service Recovery Strategies in Western based Fast Food restaurants: A Structural Equation Model Test. International Journal of Business and Society. 9.2.54-68.De Run, E. C., Elanjothi, M, Jee, T. W. (2010). Testing Real World Advertisement Language Cues Impact on Dominant and Non Dominant Ethnic Groups: Comparing Malay and Indians in Malaysia. International Journal of Business and Society. 11.2.Ernest Cyril de Run Research and Publication Goes hand in hand What to research? What topic? Start simple; look at theissues, the basic, read theliterature on your subject,find recent developments,issues of method,replication, co-author.Ernest Cyril de Run 2
  3. 3. Other issues to consider Research Grant Students Mentor Collaborate withother (Synergy) Ernest Cyril de Run Why Publish Personal reasons get PhD, get funding,get promoted, get recognized. Actual reason should be:to present new, original results ormethods;to rationalize published results,to present a review of the field. Ernest Cyril de Run 3
  4. 4. Type of Journals Review 3 or more Review 2 Review 1 No review International or Local Impact factor Ernest Cyril de Run Journals Require Cited articles In their format Current work Of scientific interest Not plagiarized, duplicated, incorrect Too small dataset Ernest Cyril de Run 4
  5. 5. Preparations Check the originality of your idea What type of manuscript (Full article, Shortarticle (Letters), Reviews) Who is your audience Choose the right journal Read and follow the journals Guide forAuthors Ernest Cyril de RunGuide for Authors NOTES TO CONTRIBUTORSInterested authors are required to submit their paper where the length must not exceed 8,000 words. Bookreviews must not exceed 600 words. Author should declare that she/he has not submitted the paperelsewhere for publication. Any manuscript, which does not conform to the required format, may be returnedfor necessary revision before publication.MANUSCRIPT PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONSGeneral Instructions1.All manuscripts should be submitted electronically to the managing editor (Evan Lau) The soft copy must be at least in Microsoft Office 97 (PC Version).Please make sure it is virusfree.2. Allow top margins of 1.25 (3.2 cm) first page and 0.75 (1.9 cm) the following pages, bottommargin of 1.44 (3.7 cm) left margin of 0.63 (1.6 cm) and right margin of 0.63 (1.6 cm).3. Type single-spaced text and allow for a double spacing between paragraphs.4.The paper should include: title, authors name(s), affiliation and present address,acknowledgement, abstract (200 words maximum), an introduction, content, a conclusion, and areference section.5. Acknowledgement and information on grant received should be given before the references.Important formulae (displayed), figures and tables should be numbered consecutively throughoutthe manuscript. Ernest Cyril de Run5
  6. 6. How to Write Content Structure of Paper (Title, Authors, Abstract, Keywords) (MainText Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results/Findings,Discussion, Conclusion) (Referencing) (Acknowledgements) Paper progression general specific general; significanceis immediateErnest Cyril de RunTitle Short (try for 8 words) Identify the issue Accurate Attract people to readErnest Cyril de Run 6
  7. 7. Author Consistent with normDe Run, Ernest Cyril Indicate your family name and given nameclearly, follow the journals requirements Use accepted Affiliation name, notshortcutsUniversiti Malaysia Sarawak Ernest Cyril de RunAbstract Follow the Journals requirements 3 types: Indicative (overall story) Informative (based on body of the paper) Structured (Headings given by the journal) Ernest Cyril de Run 7
  8. 8. Abstract Purposeof This paper sets out to extend current knowledge on advertising this paper effects on those not targeted by noting unintended consequenceson attitudinal, emotional, and behavioral reactions. Design / This paper test these effects based on relevant theories in the methodology / communication and advertising literature on two distinct ethnic approach groups (Malay and Chinese) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiautilizing questionnaires based on a fictitious advertisement forthe dominant and non dominant ethnic group in Malaysia. Theadvertisement used was for a fictitious can of drink and itsdesign was common in Malaysia. Data collected was analyzedusing Manova, General Linear Model (GLM), and Bonferoni. Findings There was negative attitudinal, emotional, and behavioralreactions by those not targeted who saw these advertisements. Research One limitation is that the study used two different limitations / advertisements, but each respondent only saw one. The implications advertisement was also for a fictitious product. Future research (if applicable) will benefit from further improvements (impact of product typeor advertisement format) and replication of other ethnic groupsor targeted groups. PracticalA practical implication is the importance of predetermining the implications appropriate use of language and dominance of the targeted (if applicable) group. Targeted communications strategy may not be the mosteffective method of communicating with a specific ethnic groupin a plural society. Whatis The major contribution of this paper consists of the original / determination of negative effects of advertising on those not value of paper targeted, and the findings that the level of dominance plays arole in consumers reactions towards targeted advertising. Thepaper is of value to advertisers, researchers in advertising, andsocial science scientist. Keywords Advertising, Unintended Effects, Targeted, Ethnicity, Malay,Chinese, Malaysia Paper Type Research paperErnest Cyril de Run Keywords Follow the Journal Dont use abbreviations Be preciseErnest Cyril de Run8
  9. 9. Introduction Follow the Journal Convince your readers that your work isimportant Provide background Problem investigated Road map Be brief Dont put in results, discussion, conclusions Ernest Cyril de RunLiterature Review Dont list Analyze the literature Critical Show gap May place Hypothesis Ernest Cyril de Run9
  10. 10. Methodology Produce sufficient information so that aknowledgeable reader can reproduce theexperiment Should have population, sample, samplingmethods, data collection, scales used,how analyzedErnest Cyril de Run Results What you found, Main findings inassociation with the methods used The differences between your result andprevious literature, sometimes placed inDiscussion Statistical resultsErnest Cyril de Run 10
  11. 11. Tables and Figures Follow the Journals requirements Should not be redundant Only for essential data Clear and concise appearance Use color only when necessary Avoid long and boring tables Follow statistical rules Ernest Cyril de RunDiscussion Relate findings to your issues in yourliterature review and research question Dont make any statements that is notsupported by your findings Normally discuss only what is statisticallysignificant Ernest Cyril de Run11
  12. 12. Conclusion Present overall and specific conclusions How your work advanced the field Not a summary Sometimes place limitation, future work depending on the JournalErnest Cyril de Run Acknowledgement Thank people who helped you,organizations that funded you, anyaffiliations, reviewers Ask permission to use name State grant numberErnest Cyril de Run12
  13. 13. Referencing Follow the Journals style Check spelling, method I use EndNote 8 (a computer program)Ernest Cyril de RunCover Letter If possible get the Editors name State the originality of the submission Corresponding author Dont summarize your paper Indicate the track of your research ifnecessaryErnest Cyril de Run13
  14. 14. 10 April 2007Assoc Prof Dr. Ernest Cyril de RunDeputy Dean (Research & Postgraduate)CoverFakulti Ekonomi dan PerniagaanUniversiti Malaysia Sarawak94300 Kota SamarahanSarawak, Malaysia.LetterTo:The EditorICFAI PressDear Sir,Submission of ManuscriptPlease find enclosed my submission of a paper entitled HOTEL GUEST SATISFACTION: A GAP5 STUDY IN SIBU for your review and subsequent publication in a relevant journal (ICFAI servicesjournal). This paper has not been submitted to any other journals.I look forward to hearing from you.Kindly acknowledge receipt of this email and address all correspondence with regards to this article to me.Thank you.Yours sincerelyErnest Cyril de Run (PhD, Associate Professor Dr.)Deputy Dean (Research & Postgraduate)Faculty of Economics and BusinessUNIVERSITI MALAYSIA SARAWAK94300 Kota SamarahanSarawak, Malaysia.Tel: 0060 82 670105Fax: 0060 82 671794Ernest Cyril de Run Revision If the paper is reviewed, you will get the reviewers comments to answer Answer them ASAP, within your limitations Revise very seriously