How to make Orgonite Tower Busters (TB’s)

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Orgonite Towerbuster "Dirty Harry" is the most versatile of all orgonites. We use it to convert cellphone masts into positive orgone generators, to gift water courses and place it wherever we feel the energy needs an upgrade. Think: power stations, large manufacturing plants, police stations, prisons, abbatoirs, cemetaries, your place of work, corporate headquarters, places of political power, religious indoctrination, satanic ritual...(use your imagination)

Transcript of How to make Orgonite Tower Busters (TB’s)

  • 1. How to make Orgonite Tower Busters (TBs) By

2. Shopping List for Ingredients Standard Muffin Mould 100-150 ml (3-5 oz.) Polyester Resin clear Aluminium shavings / filings Clear quartz crystals, that is. But they can also be milky or otherwise of inferior quality. any small crumbs of crystal breakage will suffice The catalyst that will bring about the chemical reaction that makes the resin cure. Pigment (if you would like colour) Silicone release wax / baking fat A protective mask (against organic fumes as with spray painters) Gloves Apron Containers to hold the shavings and crystal chips separately. Sponge Mixing Jug Pouring container Mixing Bucket Dowel rod to stir bucket with if you add pigment 3. 1. Wax the form We make our TBs in standard muffin moulds, but you can use anything that will hold approximately 100-150 ml (3-5 oz.) of resin and shavings. Plastic or paper cups are also popular. If you want to re-use the mould, we strongly recommend that you wax it before pouring. We use silicone release wax which we get from the place that sells the resin and catalyst. Baking fat will work as well. 4. 2. We start with a thin layer of filings and place the crystals on top of this little nest. That way they will end up being approximately at the centre of the finished TB 5. 3. We fill the form up to just under the rim. If you want to add some crushed pyrite or tourmaline, you can sprinkle it over the top layer in the end. 6. 4. Pouring Procedure We need the resin, and a suitable quantity of catalyst. The resin suppliers normally sell special measuring bottles for the catalyst and we recommend that you get one if it is not supplied for free We also recommend that you use industrial strength rubber gloves for the larger works while surgical latex gloves are good for finer work. If you plan to do this often you should get yourself a mask with a filter against organic solvent vapours. You do not really need that if you can work outside. 7. 5. Wear a mask if you frequently do this inside. Make sure rooms are well ventilated. 8. 6. Use bucket with measurements 7. Pour a sufficient quantity of resin into a bucket with measurements. For one standard muffin tray, we use approx 1.1-1.2 litres. 9. 8. Measure & Add Catalyst With most makes of resin the standard mix is 2% catalyst at 20 C. But beware: temperature and size of the piece you want to pour influence the need for catalyst. The hotter it gets or the bigger the piece, the least catalyst you need. Refer to resin manufacturers manual for exact quantities. 10. 9. Pour the Catalyst into the Resin 11. 10. Add pigment if required and stir thoroughly. 12. 11. Pour into small jug with spout for easier pouring 13. 12. Start pouring and continue until the muffin pan is filled to the rim Since the resin takes a while to sink in you will have to pour in several passes. It is always good to have a few more objects prepared on the side that can take any surplus resin in case you have miscalculated the quantity. You have (depending on the make of the resin and room temperature etc.) 15-25 minutes to do this. That is normally not a problem. If you feel that the resin is becoming jelly-like before you are finished, quickly mix the remaining resin with metal filings to make at least some kind of usable orgonite . Keeping your bucket and jugs clean helps to avoid premature gelling. 14. 13. Last step When the process is finished, you have to wait a while. The resin will now start its chemical reaction during which it will get quite hot. If you have used the right amount of catalyst, the TBs should be easily removed after curing by just turning the pan upside down. A few gentle taps with a rubber hammer are sometimes needed. If the mix has not cured properly (too cold or not enough catalyst) it can be put in direct sunlight to give it some after-curing. 15. THANK YOU We hope you will enjoy making your own orgonite Tower Busters. If you have any queries, please feel free to email us on and we will respond to your query within 24-48 hours (allowing for time-zone differences). If you enjoyed this presentation, you can download it here and we would be grateful if you would Like us on Facebook