How to make Biscuits Biscuit Ingredients Flour Sugar Butter/oil Raising Agent Flavourings/Decoration

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Transcript of How to make Biscuits Biscuit Ingredients Flour Sugar Butter/oil Raising Agent Flavourings/Decoration

  • How to make Biscuits

  • Biscuit IngredientsFlourSugarButter/oilRaising AgentFlavourings/Decoration

  • FlourWe also need flour that is made from wheatThe flour comes from the grains at the end of the stalks

  • FlourSelf raising flour has a raising agent added to it to make things rise when cookingWholemeal flour is made using the whole grain of wheatYou need to grind the grains up in a mill to make flour.Windmills were used to make flour but most is now made in modern factories.There are three different types: plain flour, self raising flour and wholemeal flour.

  • Sugar comes from two very different types of plantWhere does Sugar come from?Photo Flickr.comSugar comes from sugar cane that is grown in hot countries like India and the CaribbeanSugar also comes from sugar beet that grows in countries like the UK

  • SugarAfter processing both types of sugar look the sameSugar makes things taste sweet but too much can be bad for your teeth!You need sugar in biscuits to make them taste nice and to give them texture

  • Butter and oilsFor home baking most people will use butter or margarine.At United Biscuits we use more oils such as sunflower oil which is healthier

  • Raising agentsBaking powder or bicarbonate of soda are the most common raising agents. You need them to make biscuit doughs expand or rise up during cooking to make the biscuits bigger.They are not need in every recipe and you only need a small amount normally less than a teaspoon full

  • Flavouring and DecorationMake your biscuits different by: Using different flavoursUsing different shapesUsing different decorationWhat will you do with your biscuits?

  • Different Flavour SuggestionsOats will make your biscuits crunchier like a flapjackDried fruit such as raisins, sultanas or cherries will give your biscuits a fruity tasteAdd grated coconut for a tropical tasteAdd a small amount of spices such as cinnamon or mixed spice to spice up your biscuitsA few chocolate chips will give your biscuits a chocolatey flavour

  • Shaping your biscuitsThese are biscuit cutters to make your biscuits different shapesBut dont worry if you do not have one, you can use an upside down cup instead to cut out your biscuits from the doughOr you can use a knife or spatula to cut out biscuits in any shape you like!

  • Decorating your biscuitsYour can decorate the top of your biscuits with:More fruit such as cherries or raisinsA sweetChocolate chipsIcingA Dusting of icing sugar to make them look frosted

  • .. And the results can be whatever you want them to be !!

  • GlossaryProcessing means how we change a raw material such as the sugar beet into sugar that can be used in cookingTexture is how things feel this could mean how a biscuit is to hold in your hand or how it feels in your mouth eg hard and crunchy or soft and chewyDough is the soft lump of mixture that is made by mixing the ingredients before they are cut into shapes and cookedSpatula is a flat knife like tool without sharp edges that is used to shape things like cakes and biscuits and to lift them or turn them over, especially when they are hot