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Transcript of How To Grab A Hiring Manager¢â‚¬â„¢s ... How To Grab A Hiring...

  • How To Grab A Hiring Manager’s

    Attention In 10 Seconds…And Get

    Called For The Job Interviews

    In today’s hyper-busy world, a hiring manager has just about 10

    seconds to decide whether to preselect your resume or trash it.

    So what’s the best way to grab a hiring manager’s attention in 10

    seconds or less?

    After more than 4 years of studying human psychology and

    advertising, here’s the most powerful way I’ve discovered:

    Provide a compelling answer (in a few words) to the biggest

    question that’s on the top of their minds.

    But most importantly, make sure those few words can be read

    within the first 10 seconds they set their eyes on your resume/CV.

    For hiring managers and recruiters, the top question in their minds

    for you the candidate applying for any job, is this:

    Why Should I Hire You Over The Other

    10999 Competing Candidates?

    Simple but tough question, right?

    If your resume or CV is not providing a compelling answer to this

    question at a glance (in less than 10 seconds), then chances are

    it won’t stand out from the crowd.

    Period! End of story!

    And therefore, it won’t be able to get you job interviews.

  • Here’s What I’ve Found…

    After reviewing hundreds of traditional resumes, I’ve found that

    99% of them are not answering this critical question at a glance.

    And if you’re reading this, then probably yours too is missing the

    mark on the answer to this obvious but crucial question.

    And how do I know that?

    Well, most job seekers want to be “traditionally-correct.”

    Most job seekers simply follow the same old way resumes have

    been written for decades…without ever giving a thought to

    answering the #1 most important question that’s in every hiring

    manager’s mind.

    As is often the case, the simplest solutions are the best solutions.

    Don’t try to follow any traditional resume-writing foolishness or


    After helping many professionals get job interviews with my

    revolutionary VIP-Reserved Resumes™, I’ve found that the

    simplest and most compelling answer to the above question

    should be something in the lines of:

    “Here’s Why I’m Different From The Other 10999 Candidates

    And Here Are X Reasons Why You Should Hire Me…”

    Below Are 5 Examples Of Interview-

    Getting VIP-Resumes That Answer That

    Crucial Question MOST Effectively…

  • Example #1: For a Client in USA

    Example #2: For a Client in Australia

  • Example #3: For a Client in Nigeria

    Example #4: For a Client in Dubai, UAE

  • Example #5: For another Client in Nigeria

    Hope you enjoyed going through the samples.

    Now here’s the Big Question:

    What guarantees that the hiring manager will read those powerful

    words within the first 10 seconds of setting their eyes on your


    Answer: The VIP-Resume is designed such that they MUST read


  • Here’s why (actually there are 2 big reasons):

    Reason #1: Those phrases have the BIGGEST font size (or

    character size) on the page. So that’s where the eyes are

    automatically and naturally pulled to.

    This amazing VIP-Resume design was inspired from the way

    magazine and newspaper headlines are written.

    The headlines are always BIG and bold so that it’s the first thing

    that grabs your attention. You can’t miss it!!

    Reason #2: We humans mostly and naturally read documents

    from left to right and from top to bottom.

    And because the VIP-Resume is designed such that those

    powerful phrases are the first thing you see from left to right and

    from top to bottom, there’s no way you can miss reading them.

    This concept is so crucial to point that we make sure the headline

    comes even before the candidate’s name and personal

    information…as opposed to the traditional resume.

    Most importantly, the headline summarizes why the reader

    should invest their time to read the document.

    We’re living in a hyper-busy and distraction-full world. And so

    everybody always ask themselves “is this worth my time?”, before

    reading any document, whatsoever.

    Your resume should be able to tell the hiring manager instantly in

    a few compelling words why you’re the ideal candidate and why

    they should pay serious attention on reading your resume.

    But most critically, those words should be able to separate you

    from the huge crowd of thousands of other job-hungry candidates.

    And all that should be done within 6 to 10 seconds!!

  • Let me answer an obvious question you may be having in your mind

    right now:

    Who Am I?…And Why Should You Trust Me

    To Help You Get More Job Interviews So You

    Can Finally Land A Big-Time Job?

    My name is Sylvester Nkongho. I’m a Cameroonian by

    Nationality and presently residing in Dallas, Texas,


    You’ve probably seen me on “Meet The Experts” TV

    Show, hosted by Areille Ford, that aired on CBS, FOX,

    ABC and NBC affiliates in the United States…

    …or read my career-growth advice columns in the

    prestigious FORBES Afrique Magazine.

    Six years ago, I was working with Diageo-Guinness

    Cameroon – West Africa Hub of Diageo Plc – the world’s largest

    producer of spirits…

    …(including Johnnie Walker,

    J&B, Smirnoff, Cîroc, Crown

    Royal, Baileys, Buchanan’s,

    Windsor, Ketel One vodka,

    Tanqueray, Captain Morgan,

    Bushmills), …

    …major producer of beer

    (Guinness) and wine, and

    distributor of a range of cognacs

    on behalf of Moët Hennessy:

    the world leader in cognac.

    Sylvester Nkongho, Author of

    The Job-Getting Formula Book

    Arielle Ford Interviews Job-getting Expert Sylvester

    Nkongho on « Meet the Experts » TV Show

    “If you’re not where you want to be with your career, you better hook up with

    Sylvester really FAST” —Arielle Ford, Host of Meet The Experts TV Show, TV Producer,

  • I joined the company back in 2004 as a young graduate, fresh

    from school, with no experience, and a Masters Degree in

    Industrial Engineering.

    I was hired into a Graduate Trainee program that got me trained

    into the activities of almost all the departments: from

    manufacturing, engineering, logistics, sales and marketing, human

    resources, and finally procurement.

    But after settling down in procurement and working for another

    couple of years, I got fed up with my job as Supplier Performance


    I found myself doing work that was practically reserved for a

    Senior Manager position, but getting paid “peanuts” in return.

    Even worse, I wasn’t recognized for all my brilliant efforts.

    My selfish boss was rather playing company politics with my

    desire for promotion.

    She made me endless promises of a possible promotion so as to get

    me work my ass off while she took all the credits.

    When things went right with the work I did, she took all the glory.

    When things went wrong I was blamed for screwing up.

    I was constantly afraid of being fired someday, because I was

    working with someone who didn’t have my best interest at heart!

    I felt like my career was stagnating.

    Being a fast learner and doer, I had rapidly outgrown my


    And so my job quickly became almost routine and less

    challenging. And anytime I suggested a new way of doing

    things…it was either turned down by my boss or being considered

    a challenge to her competency.

  • I wanted a job where I could shine…that offered me the level of

    responsibility, influence, autonomy, control, job satisfaction, but

    most importantly, the kind of lifestyle I wanted for me and my


    I wanted to free myself from the hypocrisy, discrimination, nasty

    company politics, and jealousy-induced conspiracies aimed against

    me at my job.

    I wanted to put a stop to me doing ALL the grunt work and “heavy

    lifting” while some “bubble head” takes ALL the credit in the

    name of being my boss.

    I couldn’t stop hating my job as the days went by.

    I couldn’t stop imagining the look on my jealous boss’s face the day I’d

    finally announce to her that “I’m quitting and moving to a new and better


    But Here’s Where It Got Even More


    After I activated my “Plan B” and started looking for another job…I

    didn’t land a single interview…even after sending out tons of resumes!

    I Suspected There Was A Problem With My

    Résumé And Cover Letter

    So I bought all the books and courses I could lay my hands on that

    carried advice on how to write attention-grabbing résumés and cover

    letters and on how to ace job interviews.

  • Heck, I even enrolled into