How to Give the Perfect Live Video Talk

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  • How to Give the Perfect LIVE Video-Talk

    Video Conferencing Tips from the Experts at Jolt

  • Normal Talk:Choose a nice outfit, floss and show up a

    couple of minutes early.

    Video Conference:You are responsible for crafting the scenery

    and taking care of the technology.

  • Its Not Rocket Science

    Its rock-it science.

  • Choose a clean, quiet, well lit place(conference rooms are often a good idea)

    Location Location Location

  • All distractions.Visual and audio.

    Minimize Distractions

  • Choose a location with a fast, reliable Internet connection.(If possible, use a desktop computer or a cable internet connection)

    And Have a Backup Plan.

    Get the Technology Right

  • The Set Up

  • Modern Laptop with HD Camera(An apple Macbook is especially good)

    The Set Up

  • You want your computer to be at its fastest(without apps running in the background)

    Reboot Your Computer

    The Set Up

  • The audience should see your head and most of your torsoLook at the camera and not at the screen to make eye contact(Tip: place the live image of your audience as close as possible to the camera)

    Place Camera at Eye Level

    The Set Up

  • Tape important notes on your screenA table for optimal lighting

    A clocketc.

    Prepare Everything You Need Ahead of Time

    The Set Up

  • Tweak the set up Test the connection Check the camera and the lighting On the big day, set everything up at least half an hour earlier

    Take a Trial Run (Or Two)

  • Dress NiceBe a Professional

  • Its a live talk

    Engage with Your Audience

  • Engage with your audience

    Introduce yourself Ask everyone to present themselves (in case there isnt too many

    people) Present the topic and set expectations Its a conversation, not a lecture Plan (set time for questions, conclusions and other engagements)

  • And Make Sure You Turn Off the Camera When You are Done

  • Well Done. You Can Now Give the Perfect

    Live Video-Talk. Its Time to Start Giving Them.

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