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How to get results in NCALNE (AND 9 OTHER THINGS NOBODY TOLD ME). ① Take it personally…. ② Generate a 21 st century business model. ③ Develop niche content. ④ Work with a great team. ⑤ Commit to remarkable design. Business model + Niche content + Great team + Killer design. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of How to get results in NCALNE (AND 9 OTHER THINGS NOBODY TOLD ME)

2009 NCALE (Voc)

How to get results in NCALNE(AND 9 OTHER THINGS NOBODY TOLD ME)Getting results in NCALNE (Voc) DeliveryGraeme Smith from ALEC in Taup The other National Centre for Literacy and Numeracy The shape of what Im going to say has changed a little from when I wrote the abstractIm still going to share my list of results focused factors things that I think have helped ALEC get resultsThe message here is wider in terms of their application than just NCALNE or even literacy numeracy professional development

1 Take it personallyTake it personallyA year ago the National Centre asked me to speak at the last Symposium. Unfortunately I was in the middle of having a babyEverything was going wrong Prem baby complications All the while stuck in my mind was last years theme: Sustainability So this talk is also an answer to that since its been stuck in my head ever since Back then I didnt have an answer.The point is that during this time I really had to put my family first. The hard part is that I take this work very personally as well.Its not a job Not sure about work life balance but whether its family or work, Im not detatched.


Here we are a year onIts taken me a year to recover from the email backlog actually I still havent recovered.But weve shipped new premises in Taup a four year EER cycle the week after the little guy was born a bunch of interesting projects and some new productsIve tried to divorce myself from some aspects of the work but I cant. Its personal3 Generate a 21st century business modelGenerate a 21st century business modelWhen we set up ALEC we also intentionally generated a particular business model. This was to:Take into account my contracting background Design the way I want to work Do something that project based and future focused Stay mobile and keep overheads low, e.g. buildings Have no admin staff Sometimes this means ignoring the conventional wisdom and the EstablishmentAnd to take into account the number 1 customer in educationIf a customer is someone that you create value for then in education, who is the most important customer?Turns out its a bit more complex than just shipping widgets to buyers.Where does the money come from? Generally, not from the end user (the student).Does that make the funding agency, the TEC in our case, the number one customer?


I think about this a lot Everyone I work with has access to a smart phone Always on: We can access the internet, take photos or HD video, check emails, use social mediaI think this impacts on how we train and the way we plan and design the training that we doIts part of being mobile and working projects in a way that allows us to remain geographically dispersedI can run ALEC from this device5 Develop niche contentDevelop niche contentIts about developing deep knowledge in a small nicheIn our case its largely about US21204A lot of this we share it: either through our training or in consulting or other workshopsIm going to share with our process for writing embedded LN learning outcomes which is at the heart of our NCALNE (Voc) experience.6

Some of our niche content comes packaged like thisBut some comes through the interactive experience of doing ALECs NCALNE (Voc) training with our team of experts7 Work with a great teamWork with a great teamPersonally, I have always been blessed to work with a great team a really great teamThis means working with people that are better than I am more knowledgable better lookingGinny Denny, Niki McCartney, Janet Hogan, Rodney Young, Damon Whitten, Aroha Puketapu, and othersThis also means recognising that its always an ako process for me personally

8 Commit toremarkable design Commit to remarkable designOne of our goals is to be one of NZs best dressed small businessesBad design is a turn off in a visually oriented, screen-centred societyA small amount of really great design goes a long wayIn the new economy, all of us need to be designers, content creators, programmers9

ALEC This is the brand we use for our LN professional development which includes the NCALNE (Voc) at the present time Well continue to use this brand if we expand in this niche10

SMART Taup work11

Literacy Numeracy Teaser This is our latest project and brand High quality resources Social objects for LN but more on that later12

And this includes paying for professional photography13Business model+ Niche content+ Great team+Killer designInternet Savvy Two great websites working on a third Push factors (negatives) Pushed towards the web by the increasingly constrained and non-sustainable funding environment Rising costs in other areas: rents, fuel, travel, power, people Pull factors (positives) Technological pull factors the tools available through social media or something as simple as an online shopping cart Intrinsically interesting Falling costs in most areas: hardware, software, online, storage, access, eLearning, mLearning, anywhere, anytime NCALNE (Voc) Theres an app for that What if I told you I could distil all of my consulting and training experience and knowledge and put it in your pocket where it was always on if I could effectively clone myself for you.Great Team Ive always been fortunate to work with people much better than myself Niki McCartney, Ginnie Denny, Aroha Puketapu, Rodney Young, Damon Whitten, Janet Hogan Others from the TEC Expertise of others: Alison Sutton, John Benseman, Margaret Franken14 Start with the big pictureStart with the big picture And then break it down And keep coming back to the big picture And end with the big picture15

Latest version of this NCALNE infographic

16 Help people get better at something5. Help people get better at something Give people an experience that helps them get better at something they already want (or need) to do17

AutomaticIntuitiveAd hocExplicitPlannedDeliberateSystematicTransferableShift happensHeres what this course does to you18Embedded LN learning outcomesIdentify and explaintechnical vocabulary in the context ofhealth and safety byDeveloping a word bank of new and unfamiliar wordsBreaking new words down into syllablesIdentifying key acronyms and abbreviations used19Embedded LN learning outcomesAction Verb(s) + Identified LN skill + Voc content area +LN Activity

LN Activity

LN ActivityIdentify and explaintechnical vocabulary in the context ofhealth and safety byDeveloping a word bank of new and unfamiliar wordsBreaking new words down into syllablesIdentifying key acronyms and abbreviations used20Embedded LN learning outcomesAction Verb(s) + Identified LN skill + Voc content area +LN Activity

LN Activity

LN ActivityRead, understand, & record12 & 24 hr time in the context ofVehicle logbook entries byDiscussing the importance of correctly recording appropriate timesUsing time dominos to practice different time formatsIdentifying and entering key information accuratelyIts a writing frame for writing embedded LN outcomes21Embedded LNlearning outcomesAction Verb(s) + Identified N skill + Voc content area +LN Activity

LN Activity

LN Activity

LN Activity

That describe the learningFrom mapping + in the context ofSpecific trades content + byLearning why

Learning how


Using in context by22 Create social objects8. Create social objects Create things that people cant stop talking about E.g. iPhone23

Giant Place Value Chart24

Mori LN conversation cards

25 Iterate10. Iterate

26iterate[tret] vbrepeat a process with the aim of approaching a desired goal. The results of one iteration are used as the starting point for the next iteration.27

Heres the next iteration of our giant place value chart28 DeliverexperiencesDeliver Experiences


Heres another iteration of our big picture process one that works with any of the unit standards in our field30LN Design Canvas UnderstandIssues & ContextWhats the context?What are the issues?What are the demands?

AssessLN NeedsWhat diagnostic tools?Evaluate EffectivenessHow?How do we know if we were effective?

Design LN Skills DevelopmentWhat embedded LN outcomes?What resources?Deliver LN OutcomesHow to facilitate?AssessLN GainsHow to measure? LN Design CanvasBrainstorm some scenariosProbably use the Prison CIE scenario for improving reading comprehensionBrainstorm answers to the design questions and use post it notes to feedbackTalk to someone next to you and post it the resultsCould divide the group into small groups and do againAsk someone to facilitate a summary of the31Thank YouLimited number of pre-release resourcesavailable soonPlease leave your detailsLiteracy Numeracy Teaser Collect names, email, phone numbers of people who might be interested in trialling the pre-release32