How to Forge Strategic Partnerships | #StartupTips

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FEATURED COMPANIES/FOUNDERS: Her Campus Media: Windsor Hanger: ZipDial, Valerie Wagoner SpoonRocket: Anson Tsui and Steven Hsiao,

Transcript of How to Forge Strategic Partnerships | #StartupTips

  • Powered by INSIGHTS FROM SUCCESSFUL FOUNDERS HowtoForgeStrategic Partnerships
  • This presentation consists of insights from 33voices interviews hosted by @JennaAbdou & @ChaseJennings.
  • featured founders: Anson Tsui & Steven Hsiao SpoonRocket Valerie Wagoner ZipDial Windsor Hanger Her Campus Media
  • WATCH THE INTERVIEW | Her Campus Media Identify the value you can gain from the partnership. How will it enable you to better fulfill your mission?
  • WATCH THE INTERVIEW | Her Campus Media Address specific goals in each meeting to see if your partner can help you achieve them.
  • WATCH THE INTERVIEW | Her Campus Media Determine whether your partners needs are suitable to the current state of your company. To maintain a purposeful relationship, both parties need to be satisfied.
  • WATCH THE INTERVIEW | SpoonRocket Curate a favorites list of products users love. Deliver them often.
  • WATCH THE INTERVIEW | SpoonRocket Think local first when running a service business. This creates deeper meaning for your partner, your customer, and you.
  • WATCH THE INTERVIEW | ZipDial Rely on successful case studies to minimize risk for potential partners.
  • WATCH THE INTERVIEW | ZipDial Nurture each partnership by empowering the team member working directly with the brand; Position them as the good cop in meetings.
  • WATCH THE INTERVIEW | ZipDial When targeting large portfolios like P&G and Pepsi, focus on organic growth. Start with individual brands and immediately deliver results.
  • WATCH THE INTERVIEW | ZipDial Approach each meeting as a lesson on negotiation; Implement your partners most successful tactics.
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