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How to encrypt emails

How to encrypt emailsBeginning Steps1. Go to and click the link to install the plugin2. Approve the installation of the plugin3. After the plugin is installed, close all windows and restart your browser. If you dont do this the next steps wont work.4. We will now create a set of keys for you.Click the Mailvelope button on the toolbar.

Select options.

Select the Generate key.

Fill in the information, make sure to create a very strong password

(this is a good way:

then Click Submit.

Wait for the password to be generated. It may take some time depending on your machine.

Click on Display Keys. The first one should be your new keys.

Click export and then send public key by email.

This is your new public key. This can be distributed to anyone you want to send you encrypted emails. This cannot be used to decrypt, so you can put it out on the internet publically with no concerns. You can send it as plain text (make sure to include all the text in the box, including the dashes) or as a file.

How to import someone elses key(So you can mail encrypted mail to others)When someone emails you his or her key it will most likely appear like this.

Go to mailvelope options and click import keys.

Copy and paste the text fully from the email (be sure to include all the dashes) into the text box and click submit.

If Mailvelope detects a key in an email you can automatically import the key without copying and pasting. Just click the key button if it appears over the email.

When writing a new email this button will appear.

When done, click Encrypt.

In the box that pops up type your message that youd like to encrypt.

In this box you will choose which other persons public key to encrypt the message with. You can choose multiple people who can decrypt the message. You may wish to put your own name in there as well; otherwise you will not be able to read your own email later on. Then click OK.

This will then show the encrypted text. Click Transfer which will copy and paste the text automatically into the email youre creating.

Make sure youve addressed the email correctly, added a subject and then send as normal.

How To read an encrypted email sent to youWhen an encrypted email is detected, Mailvelope will add a letter icon over the text. Click it to start the decryption.

Type in the password for your private key that you set during the key generation and press OK.

You will then be able to read the message.