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  • 8/2/2019 How to Draw Chibis


    How to Draw Cute ChibisDrawing TutorialsAnime MangaChibis How to Draw Cute Chibis

    STEP1.We'll start off with the kinds of chibis that you run into. First we'll look over the regular chibis. These ones are almost child like in size, save forthe oversized head. These are very common. See how the head almost makes up 1/3 of the body, that means the body is 3 heads tall. Headlengths are used in are when referring to figure drawing and determining how tall the figure is without actually giving a height. Next we have thesuper deformed, or SD chibi. Their bodies look squashed and their heads make up about half of the body.
  • 8/2/2019 How to Draw Chibis


    STEP2.After that we'll look at the shape of the chibi head. It's round and kinda of plump, almost like that of a child's though the features are much moreexaggerated. I've included examples for you of the head of in four different views. See how in the profile and 1/4 view, how the face just comes

    down from the nose and there is no real definition of the lips

    STEP3.Now we'll start on the different parts of the body. First the hands. You can go as detailed or as simple as you like. I've included some samplesfor you that show different poses for the hands as well as different types. You can show no fingers but have the rough shape of them, mitt likehands where it's just rounded off as if they were wearing mittens. Or you can show all the fingers. You can do them rough and have them justcome to a point, or you can round them off and make them look like the hands of a child.

    STEP4.Now for feet. Like the hands you can go as detailed or as simple as you like. A simple way is to end the leg abruptly with just a square end

    Next is to give a just a tiny bit of definition of a foot, sort of just hinting that it's there. Next would be to flesh it out just a little more, like a bootThen would be to draw out all the little toes and curves for a detailed feel
  • 8/2/2019 How to Draw Chibis


    STEP5.Now we'll look at faces. The features are exaggerated, like the eyes are big and change with the different expressions and the mouth can gofrom tiny to massive with just a change of mood. Chibi faces are very very expressive.

    STEP6.Chibis can have all sorts of ears as well, simple round ones, short or long pointed ears, animal like ears and even realistic like ears

  • 8/2/2019 How to Draw Chibis


    Now we can put what we learned to use and draw us a chibi. First we'll start off with a frame to work off of.


    Then we'll flesh it out and map out the features for the face

    STEP9.Next we'll define the shape of the body more and do a rough sketch for the face and the ears.
  • 8/2/2019 How to Draw Chibis


    STEP10.Next we'll give her some hair. You can really get funky with the hair for Chibis, it can be huge and exaggerated like the other features of the

    body, or you can keep it simple and almost normal looking

    STEP11.Now we can give our chibi a nice little outfit and dress them up so their not so naked.
  • 8/2/2019 How to Draw Chibis


    STEP12.Now it's tiem for the inking and the defining of all the details. Use a dark color or black and a smaller brush than what you did the sketch in and

    trace and draw all the details that you want for a chibi. Then you'll be all set to color. Have fun and Good Luck

    Drawing ChibisDrawing TutorialsAnime MangaChibis Drawing Chibis
  • 8/2/2019 How to Draw Chibis


    STEP1.The basics of chibi art may come easier to some than others. The whole idea is to massively warp your character to turn it in to something cuteSome people have a natural eye for anatomy though and can have a hard time perfecting this concept, like me. But keep practicing your chibianatomy! You will get it if you practice.

    STEP2.The main thing you need to keep in mind when drawing chibis is that they should never be taller than 3 of their heads. Super cute chibis should

    be about 2 heads tall so their huge cute heads are emphasized. Taller chibis can stretch to be 3 heads, but if you make them any larger theycan start to be considered a normal style
  • 8/2/2019 How to Draw Chibis


    STEP3.Here is a drawing I did some time ago of a character I made as compared to the chibi for this tutorial. As you can see, the drawing of mycharacter is only a partial body drawing at it is already 4 heads tall. Keeping the head heavily inflated is so important for chibis.


    Now for the anatomy. Using my character again, you can see the difference between regular style and chibi. First lets start off with thefoundation for the anatomy, the shoulders. Notice how tiny the chibi shoulders are compared to their head, and in the regular style they are

    broader than her head. Keeping the shoulders and your basic foundations small will help you achieve your desired chibi look. From your smashoulders, you can start to draw in the rest of the torso. If you need help, draw in an extra circle about the same size as your head underneath

    the head like in the previous step to give you an idea of how tall your chibi needs to be. Your chibi body should not have complicated detail to iand should resemble that of a child
  • 8/2/2019 How to Draw Chibis


    STEP5.Chibi eyes are massive compared to any form of regular eyes. They are also a lot lower on the face. Notice the large eyes take up most of thelower area of the face? The low set large eyes create a cute factor that can't be as easily achieved by having the eyes smaller and higher onthe face. Try to have the iris of the eye as large as you can get it without it completely taking over the entire face.

    STEP6.Another trick that chibi artists use is done with the hair. Puffing your chibis hair out a bit makes your chibis head seem larger. The red circle is

    how large the circle for the head actually is, and the blue circle shows how large it seems after the hair. This can help you build that large headfeel even if your head isn't as large as you wanted it to be. Just make sure the hair isn't flat and plastered against the chibi head circle because

    this will shrink your chibi head

    STEP7.Now that you have some knowledge under your belt, lets try to draw a chibi.. or both! You can pick which one you wish to draw. Start with thecircle for the head. Keep it fairly large and don't worry if it isn't perfect.
  • 8/2/2019 How to Draw Chibis


    STEP8.Now lets add in some basic stick figure shapes so we can start to build the bodies. Keep the stick figure bodies much smaller than the head

    Do not make them proportional to each other

    STEP9.Now lets draw in some bodies and chins! If you're drawing the boy, try not to add too much curve around his mid section. it needs to be fairlyflat. For the girl, you can draw a big curve to show off her waist. Notice her legs even are a little curvier than the boys.

    STEP10.Now some bangs. Your