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How to Draw Anime Bella Swan, Anime Bella SwanLocation Drawing Tutorials Anime Manga People How to Draw Anime Bella Swan, Anime Bella Swan

STEP 1. First, we are going to draw the basic guidelines for our anime bella drawing. It's best to draw these guides accurately or proportionally so you will have a better chance at drawing a duplicate of the tutorial.

STEP 2. Next, we will sketch the face shape as well as the hairline for the face. Take your time and make sure everything is aligned as close as possible to the guidelines. Don't tempt yourself to rush or it'll result with undesirable results.

STEP 3. Then, we will work on the facials for Bella, and as you can tell, I made the eyes slanted to give her a similar characteristic to the realistic version of her. The eyes took me forever during Livestream, mainly the left eye. Make sure you thicken the brows a bit so it is similar to the realistic Bella.

STEP 4. Let's work on the hair next, by starting with the two parting areas that form in the middle, then moving onto the long pieces that curl and flare at the sides. Take your time with this, and try to make each strange have an equal width.

STEP 5. Ok, this is probably an easy part because of the hair and the neck. Draw the chunk of hair to the right, and work you way to the neck,collar and shirt.

STEP 6. Lastly, add her bust, then the wrinkles at the front and the remaining arms. This is definitely an easy step!

STEP 7. With further clean up, proportion proofing, you should have something similar to this. Make sure you ink it to a desirable medium so you can color it afterwards. I had so much fun with this lesson and stay tuned for my other anime Twilight tutorials!

How to Draw a Chibi GhostLocation Drawing Tutorials Anime Manga Chibis How to Draw a Chibi Ghost

STEP 1. The first thing to drawing a chibi ghost is making a large circle. This is going to be for the body, and the head.

STEP 2. Using a squiggle stroke, begin drawing out the actual shape of the ghost's head. There is a wispy trail behind the head like you see here. It almost looks like the top of a witches hat.

STEP 3. Now you can draw out the big oval shaped eyes, and then make the chibi style signature mouth. When that is done you can draw in the small fin shaped arms, and sketch in the blush marks on the cheeks.

STEP 4. Well folks, I'm sorry to say but this lesson is officially over once you have drawn out the rest of the body. I like ghost styles that have cone shaped tunnels for the end of the misty body. Once you have drawn in that part of the body you can erase the lines and shapes that you drew in one.

STEP 5. This is how your chibi ghost looks when you are all done. You can choose to color it in, or leave this drawing the way it is. I hope you had fun with drawing a chibi ghost.

Drawing Anime EyesLocation Drawing Tutorials Anime Manga Eyes Drawing Anime Eyes

STEP 1. A member said that they would appreciate if I would include a snapshot of what I use to draw with. For this lesson I used four tools, a high polyester eraser, and three different pencils used for drawing and shading as well as creating darkened lines in certain areas.

STEP 2. This sketched diagram or tip shows you how the angle of a common anime eye should look from top to bottom. As you can see the eye slants a bit inward for added expression.

STEP 3. For this type of anime eye, the character is most likely feeling strain, confusion, sadness, or pain. The ends of the eyes squeeze in a pinched fashion to give off this type of expression.

STEP 4. When drawing or coloring in the eyes, you will almost always have to leave a spot or two uncolored. This is to add the shine or glare factor for the anime eye as I point out to you here in this example.

STEP 5. For a less intense glare effect, shade in the area to be whitened out but keep some of the color inside of the eye. This will end up looking like a faded part of the eye glare or shine.

STEP 6. Let's begin drawing anime eyes shall we? Since there is more than six eyes, you will need to make ten different top lid lines. Each one is different in shape, size, and thickness.

STEP 7. You will now sketch out or draw the shape of each anime eye like you see here. Some of the eyes have eyebrows and lids exposed as you see here depending on the expression that are giving off.

STEP 8. Lastly, draw in the pupils, glare shape, and color or shade in the eyes the way you see them here. You can choose to draw one or two eyes, or the whole set it all depends on the type of anime or manga eye you are looking for.

STEP 9. And this is the finished hand sketched sheet of sketching paper that I drew my anime eyes on. Did you enjoy this lesson or what? I hope so because I know I had a blast teaching you all the secrets to drawing anime eyes.

How to Draw a Scary Eye, Scary EyeLocation Drawing Tutorials People Eyes How to Draw a Scary Eye, Scary Eye

STEP 1. First, let's start with the guidelines that will proportion the eye perfectly. You'll want to have the middle guideline in the center where the pupil aligns with it. Sketch your guidelines quickly and lightly.

STEP 2. Then, let's sketch the upper lid nice and thick. You'll want thick lines for this since the eye is suppose to seem dark and eerie. The lashes should be curled upwards at the crease since we're drawing this eye from the front.

STEP 3. Swiftly sketch the lashes with a thick back-end so they look like roots, resulting in a more realistic appearance.

STEP 4. Proceeding onwards, let's lightly add in the pupil and iris. The pupil is going to be rather small and iris empty to create an empty and penetrating stare of this scary eye.

STEP 5. To close up the eye, we'll sketch in the tear duct and the lower lids. The second lid line is where the lower lashes will be placed.

STEP 6. Sketch the lower lashes in scarce areas leaving them a bit scattered and bare in some areas. We want this eye to look beautiful but painful at the same time. Shade beneath the eye for the similar effect of the preview pic.

STEP 7. With excess shading and further detailing, you should have something similar to this (just black and white). Go ahead and scan in your picture and use Photoshop to overlay a desired color. I hope you've enjoyed this lesson as much as I had creating it. Thanks for viewing and have fun!

How to Make Asian EyesLocation Drawing Tutorials People Eyes How to Make Asian Eyes

STEP 1. This is more of a helpful tip that will enable you to understand the way that these types of eyes should be drawn. All you have to do here is enlarge the step, and read along. Once you are done you can proceed onto step two which is where you will begin your drawing process.

STEP 2. To start, begin drawing the top lid lines of each style asian eye you see here. As with all my eye drawings, the lids are a bot bolder then normal. These are both male, and female Asian eyes that you can make with ease.

STEP 3. Now you will begin drawing the shapes of the eyes in more detail. Once you have finished with this step, you will have nicely drawn eyes that is fit for a male and female character of your choice.

STEP 4. For your last drawing step, all you have to do is draw, and color in the eyebrows, and then draw the eyeballs themselves leaving behind a solid white piece for the eyes glare. Erase the lines and shapes if there is any, and then move to see how your Asian style eyes should look.

STEP 5. When you are done, your newly drawn eyes should look like the ones you see here. Now you just learned how to make Asian eyes with ease, and the best part is, they where easy to draw.

How to Draw Realistic ClothesLocation Drawing Tutorials Drawing Technique Realistic How to Draw Realistic Clothes

STEP 1. Alright, let's draw a shiny satin dress. I chose to make this a full body drawing so starting out with the basic forms of the body helped.

STEP 2. I sketched in the basic form of the dress during this step.

STEP 3. Erase the guidelines until your dress looks like just another regular white dress.

STEP 4. Sketch in the folds. Notice the aren't just random lines in random places. Each fold is influenced by the form or the body/dress.

STEP 5. Lightly hint at the shading during this step. Remember to keep it light.

STEP 6. You can now start adding the shading from darkest to lightest. It is easier to tackle this in sections. Folds in different sections move in different directions. So after finishing the torso section I moved on to the waist section.

STEP 7. After finishing the waist section I moved on to the last section.

STEP 8. And finally we have our finished dress. If your dress isn't looking shiny enough try making your darks darker and your lights lighter. Creating contrast is key here.

STEP 9. Finally, I will show you how to build a Victorian-style dress. So, start out with the basic forms of the body sketched out.

STEP 10. Next, sketch in the basic form of the dress. It helps to add in some guidelines to help you get the perspective right.

STEP 11. Gradually develop the dress. Keep the shapes basic and the lines light.

STEP 12. Keep developing the dress...

STEP 13. Once you have added all that you want to add outline the main parts of the dress.

STEP 14. Now it's is time to start shading in piece by piece. It is up to you light/dark you make each part of your dress.

STEP 15. Here is the result of my shading. You can add as many details as you want and keep on shading until your dress looks perfectly realistic.

STEP 16. I hope this two part tutorial has been helpful. for those of you