How to create brand loyalty in a digital age

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1. @Pure360 How to create brand loyalty in a digital age Ashley Joyce Account Manager 2. @Pure360 What is Loyalty? 3. @Pure360 The Challenge? Our marketing efforts are great for getting initial engagement, but we need to retain these customers to increase their lifetime value. 4. @Pure360 The number of consumers participating in loyalty programs has grown by more than 40% across industries over the past 6 years. Despite this, 64% of customers switched a provider last year in at least one industry. And of that group, 50% said they would consider future offers from companies they may never have previously considered. 5. @Pure360 Loyalty is neither permanent, nor under your control. You cant own loyalty you simply have it on loan for short periods of time, from one interaction to the next. 6. @Pure360 Customers are loyal to experiences, not to companies. Historically loyalty was secured at point of purchase Typically where discounts, rebates and points for purchase were made Non targeted offers do little to encourage long term engagement They chew away profitability 7. @Pure360 Experience vs Discounts 8. @Pure360 Take them on a journey 9. @Pure360 Review your Customer Lifecycle Lifecycle marketing is the discipline of marketing to your existing customers, based on the status of the relationship. Start building trust Engage and retain Right message, right customer, right time. Provide value over time 10. @Pure360 How to use demographic data 11. @Pure360 Capture Demographic Data Capture essential demographic data via web forms Run regular surveys, polls or fun quizzes Use social media to enhance data further with location, hobbies and interests Gather insight from your opt outs Offline at events, trade shows, in store, direct mailing lists 12. @Pure360 What campaigns can I implement? 13. @Pure360 The Welcome Email Acknowledge their sign up and thank them / welcome them to the community Set expectations - what kind of emails will they receive & how often Value statement of what these emails will contain Remind them of the benefits of signing up, perhaps with trust-earning testimonials, reviews, etc. Promote social networks how else can they keep up to date and contact you? CTA to add domain to safe sender list 14. @Pure360 15. @Pure360 16. @Pure360 The Birthday / Anniversary Email Set your goals - be on time Provide value Keep it simple and sincere Make them relevant Single or multi stage? Test and optimise 17. @Pure360 18. @Pure360 The Check-In and Feedback Request Email Thank them again for signing up for your information Ask them if theyre enjoying the information theyre getting from you Let them know youd love to hear from them. You can ask them to click reply and send along any questions or suggestions they may have. Send them to an online survey. You can automate a response based on the feedback they give to 19. @Pure360 20. @Pure360 The Re-Engagement Email Define what success looks like Identify your in-actives Decide on content / call to action Reduce future instances of un- engagement 21. @Pure360 22. @Pure360 The Exclusive Benefit (or VIP) Email A special discount or coupon code thats only for people on your email list An exclusive invitation to a members-only event, whether its in person or online Early access to a new product, service, or other offering 23. @Pure360 24. @Pure360 How to use behavioural and transactional data 25. @Pure360 Capture Transactional and Behavioural Data Analyse frequent browsing habits Purchasing data what have customers previously bought from you? Email engagement data 26. @Pure360 What campaigns can I implement? 27. @Pure360 The Abandon Cart Email Timing is essential Get the subject line right Remind people what they have left behind Get the language spot on ask if they need any help? Have a prominent call to action Include customer reviews 28. @Pure360 29. @Pure360 The Product Recommendation Email Based on purchase history Frequently browsed Trending products Dynamically personalise elements of your bulk campaigns 30. @Pure360 31. @Pure360 32. @Pure360 The Post Purchase Email Leverage recent sale Offer support and tracking Set expectations Suggest recommendations or related products Ask for feedback 33. @Pure360 34. @Pure360 Expand your offering 35. @Pure360 Expand the eco-system of loyalty partners 36. @Pure360 Key Takeaways Loyalty isnt permanent Discounts wont win you loyalty theyll just eat into profit Collecting relevant data on your customers will enable you to personalise the online experience to create meaningful experiences Experiences delivered over time builds long- term relationships with customers resulting in profitable growth