How to choose premium sublimation ink

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Transcript of How to choose premium sublimation ink

How To Choose Premium Sublimation Ink?

How To Choose Premium Sublimation Ink?


The quality of sublimation ink is not artificial touted. Mainly in terms of color saturation printing effect!Sublimation ink is divided into imported and domestic. Thermal transfer ink, also known as sublimation ink, are water-based ink, and other ink is different from the thermal transfer ink to go through the high temperature to the color transfer to the items before showing the original Of the color, initially printed on the transfer paper color is not the final color, to go through a certain period of time to show the original high-temperature color.

The current domestic sublimation ink basically hundreds of large and small, there is not much of the quality gap, the gap is relatively small!Which is mainly reflected in the stability of the batch of ink and black degree of their own black!

Transfer image colorful, rich layers, and its effect can be comparable with the printing, the difference is that the heat transfer at high temperatures so that thermal transfer ink sublimation heat, penetrate the surface of the media, after condensation, you can form the map Like. Therefore, the film does not form on the surface of the medium, and the image does not fall off, does not crack, and strong light fastness, a long time will not fade. Sublimation ink, printed on a special sublimation coated paper, by heating transfer machine, you can pritn images to fine porcelain, metal, silk, chemical fiber fabrics in the shortest possible time and other materials, photo-quality, vivid colors, images Clear, and can be permanently preserved, very suitable for personalized development of the market needs.

Such as studio, scenic spots souvenirs, handicrafts. Garment printing, printing and dyeing factory proofing, large-scale digital ink-jet printing system, color thermal transfer banners, advertising and so on. Even the brand Epson sublimation transfer ink, with complete chromatography, colorful, good color strength; color fastness, water up to 4.5 or more, the ink fluency is good; non-toxic side effects, pollution-free, green features.JTECK, KIIAN, INKTEC Sublinova,Epson brand imported ink, no plug, high color reproduction degree, the color is better ink, heat transfer and thermal transfer technology is the first choice if you never mind its high price.

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