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  • How To Bunt A Softball By: Olivia Bush
  • Bunt a Softball?? You may be wondering what your coach says when he tells you to, "Bunt." It's a softball term that means to hit the ball near home plate so the pitcher or catcher has to retrive the ball, while you're running to first! It comes in handy when no one is on third.
  • Materials Needed To be able to Bunt a softball, you will need to get some things. First off, you need a softball, a bat, a team to make the plays (or a couple of players), and a baseball field. It is fairly simple, once you get the hang of it. What you do is, grab a bat and get ready for the pitch!
  • First Step After you've gathered all of the materials, you need to learn the first step. You pivot the foot closest to the fence to the other side of the plate. Square you feet and on to the next step.
  • Second Step Now that you've positioned your feet, you have to get the bat and hold it up the same height as your elbows.Make sure you keep the bat there the whole time you are Bunting.
  • Third Step Keeping your bat in the same place, put your right hand hand to the end of the bat faceing right above the pitchers head.
  • Fourth Step Now,keep the right hand there and leave the Left hand at the bottom of the bat and on to the next step.
  • Fifth Step So far, you've learned how to position yourself. You now need to get ready for the pitch and watch the ball hit the bat. Like you normally would in regular hitting.
  • Sixth Step Next you need to determine the amount of force that you want on the ball. You usually want to hit the ball in between the pitcher and home base.
  • Seventh Step Now that you've determined what force you want, make it happen. To put force you have to gently tap push the ball aiming toward the right place.
  • Eighth Step The Eighth and final step is to run for first.A common mistake people make is watching the ball to see where it's going but you will not make that mistake. Just sprint to first, and maybe even second too!
  • Bunting a softball You now have learned how to bunt a softball. Use it wisely like when no one is on third base so the pitcher doesn't tag him so he doesn't get a run. I hope you use this stradegy and teach your friends. Thank you.