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I was honored to speak at the 5th behance portfolio review hosted by my friend Charis Tsevis & Behance. My presentation focused on the importance of having a tidy online portfolio and I shared some personal tips & tricks on how to share and get exposure for your work using the social platforms and behance.


<ul><li>Hello </li><li>Art Director / Motion Designer Mindworks digital agency About </li><li>Doplease Questions </li><li>What makes a great one Portfolio </li><li>Pick one or two. Try to be original Identity </li><li>must be epic. Presentation </li><li>Your best work </li><li>Your best work ONLY! </li><li>SeriouslyOnly! Your best work ONLY! </li><li>Doplease Questions </li><li>What makes a great one Presentation </li><li>Your inspiration The Creative Rational The problems you solved Your role when in a team Awards (obviously) Tell the world </li><li>The fine details In pixel perfect format With great photographs Show the world </li><li>Dont give it all away Make us want to see more The thumbnail </li><li>Doplease Questions </li><li>How to get exposure Behance </li><li>Look professional I know you are humble and stuff, dont! Profile </li><li>Dont worry, its normal No feedback </li><li>Be active &amp; genuine No bullshit Follow your favorite artists Give proper feedback Appreciate only the work you like Communi(ty)cate </li><li>Come on, dont be shy now Get Social </li><li>Be prepared Ask for constructive criticism When it happens Dont be disappointed, give it time and </li><li>Continue to love what you do/do what you love Enjoy the ride </li><li>Thank </li></ul>