How The Rich Can Help The Poor

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How the rich can help the poor. Can be used in conjunction with New Interactions - Waugh

Transcript of How The Rich Can Help The Poor

  • 1. How the rich can help the poor. Aim: To find out what helps and hinders LEDC development and how we can help.

2. This is the issue that needs to be addressed. 3. Being a child in Africa 4.

  • Throw a 6 to start
  • Land at foot of ladder go up
  • Make a note of the help factor
  • Land on snakes head go down
  • Make a note of the hinder factor
  • You MUST throw EXACT number to finish

HELPS LEDCS to develop HINDERS (stops) LEDCS developing 5. So how can the rich help the poor? The rich can help the poor by providingaid .How many different types ofaidcan you think of? 6. Skilled People 7. Equipment 8. Food 9. Money 10. Projects 11. Emergency Assistance 12. How much do you know?

  • Read over page 120 and look carefully at the diagrams.
  • What is short term aid? Give an example
  • What is long term aid? Give an example
  • Give examples of how giving aid can cause problems for LEDC countries.
  • Complete activity 2A on page 121.


  • AID
  • (Interactions Page 120-2)
  • What is short-term aid?
  • What is long-term aid?
  • Study A ~ describe 3 ways in which Aid can be given
  • Study B explain what is meant bysustainableaid
  • Study B write down at least 6 things that make aid schemes the best ones
  • Use C write a detailed description of an example of sustainable development
  • Do activity 1 a and b
  • Do the EXTRA

14. Page 122-123 Study A~ summarise the arguments given FOR and AGAINST giving aid. ~ which do you think are the 2 best arguments for and against ~ do activity 1c Finished.. Design a poster or leaflet to persuade people that aid to LEDCs is a good thing include how they can help as individuals