How the Drought Has Affected Business - Scott Hall, Lower Neches Valley Authority

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How the Drought Has Affected Business presented by Scott Hall, Lower Neches Valley Authority at the TWCA annual conference

Transcript of How the Drought Has Affected Business - Scott Hall, Lower Neches Valley Authority


2. Created by the State Legislature in1933 as a Conservation andReclamation DistrictJurisdictional Area Tyler, Hardin, Jefferson and portions of Liberty and Chambers CountiesServices Provided Water Supply from Neches & Trinity Rivers Wastewater Treatment for industry Potable Water to Bolivar Peninsula Environmental Water Quality TestingPartnership with USACE Sam Rayburn Reservoir Lake B.A. Steinhagen Neches River Saltwater Barrier 3. Our neighborhood 4. 300Village Creek near Kountze, TX Drainage Area 860 square miles or 8.8% of the Neches River BasinGage Record Established June 1, 1924250200 New Record Low Flow 10 cfs October 24, 2011150 Historic Low Flow 16 cfs - October 1-2, 1957100 500 1-Jan-11 1-Feb-11 1-Mar-11 1-Apr-11 1-May-11 1-Jun-111-Jul-111-Aug-11 1-Sep-11 1-Oct-11 1-Nov-11 1-Dec-11 1-Jan-1 Historical Minimum Flow2011 Observed Flow 5. Sam Rayburn ReservoirReservoir Pool Total StorageElev. 173Acre-feetElev. 164.4 Flood Control3,997,600Conservation 2,898,500Inactive Pool1,452,000 Elev. 149Inactive Pool At Elevation 150.79 feet on 11/17/11Total Storage 1,584,800 acre-feetConservation132,800 acre-feet Elev. 105Storage9% of capacity Conservation Pool for Water Supply and Hydroelectric Power Generation 6. Drought Contingency PlanOriginal DCP in response to 1996 droughtUntested in Severe Drought 30% reduction then no storageRevised DCP Triggers at 1year, 6 months and 3 months Surcharge that increase as drought increases Trigger to curtail interruptible supply 7. Conservation Efforts Saltwater Barrier operated in a salinity controlmode since Oct 2010 Coordinated Reservoir Releases with USACE Required customers schedule water deliveryMunicipal efforts 20% reduction by replacingleaking distribution system pipesIndustrial customers actively engagedAll irrigation is metered 27% reduction 8. Alternate Water SupplyExtension of active pool at Rayburn Requires extension of erosion protection andmodification to the hydropower plantRequest to Sabine River Authority for anadditional supply from Toledo Bend SRA Board to consider later this month Requires IBT permit Goal to complete within 3 years 9. SummaryTwo years of drought call to actionIncreased conservation effortsIncreased communication with stakeholdersModification to existing projects/operationsIdentified means to diversify water supply 10. Provide for the present and longProtect water quality in the Nechesterm freshwater needs ofRiver and coastal basin,municipal, agricultural andindustrial customers, LNVA Water for TodayWater for Tomorrowwww.lnva.orgEnhance the economicInsure affordability of the waterdevelopment in the Authorityssupply,jurisdiction.