How Scottsdale Healthcare Hires Better Talent Faster with Video Interviewing

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ERE Webinar from 4/20/11 presented by Jody Henderson.

Transcript of How Scottsdale Healthcare Hires Better Talent Faster with Video Interviewing

  • 1. HowScosdaleHealthcareHiresBeerTalentFasterwithVideoInterviewing April20 ,2011 th Page1

2. Jody Henderson, PHRRecruitment CoordinatorScottsdale HealthcarePage2 3. AboutSco0sdaleHealthcare Operates three facilities, representing over 830 beds 6,500 employees Among its two medical centers, the system houses acertified Chest Pain Center, American College ofSurgeons-verified Level I Trauma Center, a JCAHO-accredited Primary Stroke Center and a Level IIIneonatal intensive care unit Magnet recognition has been awarded to both SheaMedical Center and Osborn Medical Center. Will begoing through re-accreditation this year and willinclude Thompson Peak, our newest hospital Provides outpatient surgery, home health services,community health education and outreach services,and clinical research services.Page3 4. Sco0sdaleHealthcareHiringProcess On-line application process through ATS Sr. Recruiters review entry-level through executive Sr. Recruiters interview in-person and by phone Hiring Managers interview in-person at one of our three campus Out-of-state executive level candidates are flown in town and usually require panel interviews. Page4 5. Traditional = ComplexVideo Interview = SimpleCandidatesHiring TeamCandidates Hiring Team RELATIONSHIPS?NotesNotes COST NotesNotesNotes Notes TIME ?LOCATIONSNotesNotes NotesNotesNotes Notes LOGISTICS ?QUALITY CONSISTENCY NotesNotes NotesNotesNotesBRAND NotesPage5 6. ProcessFlowofVideoInterviewing CoordinateInterview DecideEvaluateAnytime / AnywhereAnytime / Anywhere Report ReportRecruiter CandidateRecruiter ReportManagerCandidate ReportExecutivePage6 7. QuesDons&Discovery What could we change in our process to improve time to fill for high- level positions? What could we do to decrease travel and hotel costs for out-of-state candidates? In person interviews with recruiter and manager are time consuming. How can we save time and money while reducing our carbon footprint? We decided to start with a pilot group to determine benefit of video interviews.Page7 8. Ready,Set.Video!!! In May of 2010 we decided to pilot video interviews with our internal New Graduate RNs30 current employees graduatingLimited number of openings between 3 campusesSet up on-site video capabilitiesCompleted video interviewsShared applicants with hiring managers as positionsbecame available Page8 9. OutcomeofNewGradPilot Intwoweeks,wehadcompletedonewayrecordedinterviewsof allinternalRNnewgrads. Wereabletopresentallcandidatestohiringmanagersmuch fasterthanifwehadscheduledinpersoninterviews HiringManagerswereabletologinandviewcandidatesfrom anywhere,anyKme HiringManagersselected3candidates/perposiKontointerview Candidatesnotselected FeedbackfromhiringmanagersveryposiKve SavingKmeforcandidateandmanagersPage9 10. Executive ExecuDvePilot One more pilot for Director-level positionsHow did candidates respond?How did our executives/physicians respond? Executive DirectorFilled in just under 120 days Director of Ambulatory ServicesFilled in 90 days5 top candidates, 3 were out-of-state candidatesSaved airfare and hotel expenses for out-of-statecandidatesPage10 11. TwoWayRecordedInterviews HardtollPosiKonsSurgicalOncologyNP Postedon2/22/11 Qualiedoutofstateapplicantappliedon3/4/11 Videointerviewwithmanageron3/11/11 Inpersonpanelinterviewson3/21/11 Joboeredandacceptedon3/22/11 30daystollthisjob!! Page11 12. TwoWayRecordedInterviews OutofstatecandidateORManagerHardtoll SpoketocandidatebyphoneanddeterminedbasicqualicaDons Wouldhavescheduledinpersoninterview,butcandidatehadvacaDonplanned ScheduledavideointerviewtotakeplacewhilecandidateonvacaDon(again.anyDme,anywhere!) Outcome SavedDmeandmoney Abletomakenaldecisionsoon AvoidedcostsofightandhotelaccommodaDons AvoidedaddingDmetoourmanagersschedules Page12 13. TwoWayRecordedInterviews StaRNICU/CVICUOncology SavedKme,avoideddelaysinwaiKngforcandidatestotakeKme oofworktoy Savedcandidatesmoney Reducedcarbonfootprint Page13 14. BenetsofVideoInterviewingBrandingLogistics Support EMPLOYMENT" BRAND +CANDIDATENEEDS WEB BRANDED CAM?EXPERIENCE Candidate ++Recruiter RECRUITMENT"MESSAGING++ CUSTOM"+PACKAGINGManager + CandidateEMPLOYMENT VIDEO INVITATION" EMAIL Executive Page14 15. HowWeUseHireVueToday InternalNewGradsongoing2xs/year LiveonewayforManagers,DirectorsandExecuKves LivetwowayforstaposiKonsRNsNPs HRToolBox3cameraswewilltakeouttoourmanagersocetogetthemsetupfortheirvideointerviews Page15 16. MoreinformaDon Jody Henderson, Page16