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How Online Auctions WorkPerry Allison VP Marketing


Fundraisers Are..Passionate and dedicated to their causeDependent on their supportersLooking to broaden their base of supportResource-constrained

BiddingForGood can help with all of these2Welcome everyone. Glad to be with you this afternoon. Lets start off talking for a minute about you and the world that you live in. We work with fundraisers from all over the country from all kinds of different organizations but there are qualities that many of you share. You are- passionate about your organization and your cause. Bullets above

Heres the good news. BiddingForGood can really help with all of it. 2Who Is BiddingForGood?The undisputed leader in fundraising auctions and events for organizations of every size and shape.

Founded in 2003

Over 22,000 auctions/events run

Raised over $260 million and counting

460,000+ community of cause-minded shoppers


Let me give you a bit of background about our company to set some context. Some of you know a lot about us and some of you dont..

Online Fundraising Outlook 4

Survey fielded in June 2014 to fundraisers across the country

500 respondents

What Fundraising Tactics Did They Use?5

What Tactics Are Planned for Next Year?3 out of 5 tactics planned are internet based..6

Where Do Auctions Events Fit In The Fundraising Landscape?Peer to peer fundraisingDirect appealsCapital campaignsFriend-raising/cultivation eventsAuctionsThe internet and social media have changed the rules for all of these tactics7

Lets first look at the overall fundraising landscape. Most fundraisers have a variety of tactics that they use.. Direct Appeals, Capital Campaigns, Events and for many auctions are in the mix.. Often as part of a larger event but sometimes just onilne.

With the internet and social media, all of the rules have changed for all of these tactics.7Auctions Tap A Different Pool Of $$Supporters have a budget that they tap to give charitable donations

Auctions tap household discretionary spending: - Sports tickets - Theater tickets - Restaurant certificates - Travel: all come out of a household budget


Lets talk for a minute about how your supporters and donors think about their charitable giving. Many folks have a set amount that they plan to give every year to the various causes they care about. One of the unique things about auctions is that they are tapping a different pool of money. They are tapping into household discretionary budgets. When folks bid on an item in an auction, rather than thinking of it as a gift, they may be thinking of it as something they may have done anyway- buy sports or theater tickets or plan a trip. 8Planning And Running Fundraising Events Is Not Easy You have to..

Build a planPromote and sell ticketsOrganize your auction and other fundraising tacticsProvide seamless registration and checkoutDelight your guestsMeet your fundraising goal9

So most of you have run some kind of fundraising event. Some of you are perhaps stepping up for the first time, but experienced event planners know that running a fundraising event is not easy there are a bunch of things that you need to do..

Bullets above..9Several Ways To Run Your Event

The BiddingForGood platform is flexibleThe good news is that there are a number of ways that you can construct your event and your auction. We are primarily here to talk about online auctions today but online auctions can complement a live event, either leading up to it or even following it.

You can run an online auction and then move to bid sheets at a live event.

You can also open your auction online before your event and us mobile bidding at your event where your attendees smart phones and/or tablets replace the clipboard. Well talk a bit more about that later. But lets first really look at how online auctions work .

10Its All About11

There is a central concept at the heart of what we do and that is amplification. The ability to amplify or enlarge or extend what you do. The ability to reach more people and invite them to support you. .

11The Anytime, Anywhere FundraiserA fundraising auction that allows bidders to bid on any device from anywhere.

12OnlineAt school eventsAt galas At golf tournamentsIn stadiums

An online auction is really an anytime anywhere auction. One that can be accessed from any where on any device at any time. These auctions are taking place online or at galas or at golf tournaments or even in sports arenas.12Its Easier than You Think to Build Your Event WebsiteOur template-based system enables you to have an event homepage up in under an hour.

Branding look & feel

Social media sharing

Sponsor logos & links

Featured items & more

Sell Tickets

Accept Cash Donations13

ITs easier than you think. Heres how this works..

See bullets above..13Your Auction Catalog Is The First Step 14

The first and really important step is to build your auction catalog. Categories that sell well include tickets, gift certificates, unique experiences, and even home-grown items.

Give a few examples..14Why do Businesses Donate?To be good corporate citizensTo get marketing benefitsTo reach a desirable demographic

To attract customers around new offerings, openings15

15Best Categories For Online AuctionsDiningTravelEntertainment/CelebritiesUnique ExperiencesFund-a-Need16

While were focusing on summer auctions because many organizations are planning these auctions now, the top lists of items do not vary all that much. These categories always do well but in summer time there is a unique flavor of each of these categories. 16You Can Fund Any Need17

This holiday auction raised over $10,000 with only Fund-a-Need items17Unique Experiences Are Top SellersWhat can your organization offer that no one else can? Unique items help bring the community together Unique items are more interesting


Know your community and design packages that will appeal to them the special parking place at the office, the opening night tickets to the show or art exhibit, headmaster for a day, girls night out, mens poker night

And make sure you price them right one community will get thousands for a parking spot another will get $100 but its all good and its all for an item that cost you nothing!

18Online Means More BiddersInvite your ENTIRE community to your auction

Think outside of the attendees at your event, or your usual donor poolTake advantage of email lists, mailing lists, and social networks to drive traffic to your auction and attract more bidders

Invite our cause-minded shoppers

Over 460,000 affluent, cause-minded shoppers frequent our site(24% have a net worth of over $1 million)These bidders account for an average of 33% of the bidding activity in all of our auctionsAttracting new bidders to your auction helps build your donor list

19One of the other important ways that you can set yourself up for success is to invite as many bidders to your auction as possible. And we help you do that. Explain bidder community. 19Get the Word out We Help Amplify Your AuctionMore visibility for your auction

Over 5 million unique visits to BiddingForGood per year. We feature great items on our homepage, in weekly consumer emails, and on our social media sites.

and for your cause

Auctions that open up to the B4G community of bidders get more bids!20% to 30% on average.20

And then you need to get the word out. We help you do that too. You can Amplify your auction with increased exposure on our homepage20Social Media Amplification

Social sharing to 7500+ fans and followers on Social media sites. (Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn)

And we can help you get the word out by tapping our social networks. We are active on Facebook and Twitter and just like we share with our fans and followers, so too can your supporters. Its the power of network effects and it really works.

Tidbit- today Facebook is the leading source of traffic to our website after just direct visits. 21Smartphones are Replacing Bid SheetsStreamlined registration, bidding, and checkout

When you power your silent auction with mobile bidding, our platform collects and stores all bids and bidder information, alleviating several silent auction woes.

What takes the place of clipboards?

Any smartphone or tablet, cellphones, laptops


Weve talked about online auctions but there is another technology worth mentioning and that is mobile bidding that is taking place at live fundraising events. The smartphone is replacing the bid sheet.

22A Better Bidder Experience23

Before the event Register to bidView catalog onlineAfter the event

Payments processedGo home happy!During the event

Receive outbid alertsBid competitively without interrupting the partyBid Extension


What You Do When Its OverReports, reports, reports

Who donated, who bid, who won items, how much did you yield on your auction catalog, how many tickets were sold, cash donations collected..

Its all there for the next auction and the next committee


How We Help You Raise More MoneyInclude more bidders from your community and the 460,000+ cause-minded shoppers in our Bidder CommunityGet more items with tools to request more item donations and manage volunteers.Use mobile bidding at your event for a better bidder experience and more participationSell sponsorships Collect cash donations onlineSe