How I Learned to Stop Overthinking

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HOW I LEARNED TO STOP OVERTHINKING AND HIT PUBLISH Lynne Rutledge WordCamp Montreal July 23, 2016
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Lynne RutledgeWordCamp MontrealJuly 23, 2016

I am a classic over-thinker.

Ways I like to Fool MyselfOh, Ill just buy a book on it

Sticking in student mode

Toughing it out on my own

Information literacy can help you move forward confidently

The WordPress community is there, and you just have to ask

The Information Literate Person can:Determine the extent of information neededAccess information effectively and efficientlyCritically evaluate information and sourcesBlend new information into your existing knowledge baseUse info effectively to accomplish a purpose

The Association of College & Research Libraries

Just a Quick Search..2016-07-10 searching WordPress on = 457 000 000 results

Adding tutorial took it down to 16 900 000

You are getting:ads questionable qualityIrrelevant results

Laser Focused ResultsKeywords

Boolean operators

Search modifiers

Keywords are the keyKeywords are the starting points of searching

Be specific, but not too specific

Having trouble with keywords?Make a statement about what you want to find

Example KeywordsI want to learn how to make my own child theme in WordPress.

Keywords could be:Child themeWordPresstutorial

Boolean OperatorsAND, OR, NOT

Help to focus and exempt irrelevant results

Generally typed in all capitals

AND Will limit results

Requires results to meet both conditions

Some search engines use AND or + symbol interchangeably.

WordCat AND Montreal is going to return information on whats going on with all the cat slides.

ORExpands results

Either condition can be true

The pipe symbol | functions much like OR

Felines OR cats is a search that will return information on that uses cat or feline

NOT Limits results

Excellent for weeding out irrelevant results

Minus symbol functions like not

Keyword search NOT SEO will help me weed out results that are about SEO keywords

Search Modifiersquotes will let you find an exact phrase or combination of words

* used as a wildcard, great for finding unknowns

~ will include synonyms in results

(parenthesis) similar to they way they were used in math class

Because its WordCat 2016Modify your results to get cat gifs!

Add < &tbm=isch&tbs=isz:m,itp:animated >to your results URL

- From @riaface on

Evaluate the ResultsScope of the informationIs this an overview? Niche article? Are you the right audience for this?

AgeWhen was the info published?

AuthorWho are they? Are they objective?

Evaluating contdPublisherWho is the publisher? Do they have a particular agenda?ReviewsWhat are people saying about this source?ContentWho is linking to them? Who do they link to?Is the site in generally good shape?

CommunityOur friendly neighborhood WordPress groupOn FacebookWebsite resourcesDaily PostBlogging U

Check out who your sources follow and like

Jumping InLurk Search

Post thoughtfully


A Nice Neat PackageSearch smarter not harder

Be critical

Take it to the community

Keep in [email protected]