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Transcript of House Call - Home - North Valley Health Center 2016-09-19¢  Gloria and Phil Thompson...

  • Volume 22, Number 2 May, June, July, August 2016

    House Call May, June, July & August 2016

  • How else can a person find out what fine services are being provided by the North Valley Health Center, really only by using those services first hand. Exactly what happened to me, and not by design. It started with a surgical procedure that I thought would be rather uneventful as the numbers are 95% of the individuals having this procedure have relatively little if any complications. Well, I guess it was my fortune to keep those numbers accurate, as I was part of the 5%. I had a total knee replacement surgery on July 13th, a Wednesday at another facility providing those specialty surgical procedures. On Friday afternoon I was discharged, with full intentions of taking 1 week of limited office work off and be

    fishing by the following weekend. This did not happen. I ended up with some pain management issues that ended up with one of the first rides in the brand new ambulance (another event that was not planned). That ride ended with another ride to the facility that did the surgical procedure for some corrective measures in pain management. Well, this was a little setback as I was in the hospital for another 3 days. Sent home and 2 days later another ambulance ride in the new ambulance, not because I liked the first ride but another necessity. This time it was another 3 day stay to get the situation under control. All of this delayed my healing so I get another phone call from the surgeon stating he wanted to see me again. Well, the delays caused some scaring so back to the operating room for a “knee manipulation”, in other words bending the knee till all the scaring busts loose. Now we are back on the road to recovery. All of this I am telling you so that you can understand that I utilized multiple services at North Valley Health Center and still utilizing the physical therapy services. I just want to let everyone know that I would compare each and every one of those services I received to any rural facility to anywhere, large or small. The care, concern, and professionalism was above and beyond. If you have never utilized or needed to utilize our services I would really hope that the next or first time to give us a try. If for any reason you have questions please give myself or our staff a call. Hopefully I have completed my investigation as to the care and services provided at our North Valley Health Center!!!!!!!! Disclaimer: This is not to scare anyone from having this same procedure as I already utilized most of the 5% of individuals that have issues!!!!!!

    Sincerely, Jon Linnell

    A Personal Testimony Letter from Chief Executive Officer Jon Linnell

    Dr. Geier Joins North Valley Health Center North Valley Health Center is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. David Geier to the staff. Dr. Geier is a Family Practice Physician with an emphasis in Emergency Medicine. Dr. Geier grew up in North Dakota and has practiced in North Dakota and Minnesota. Dr. Geier will start on September 26th. What a great addition to our already excellent Medical Staff.

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  • Dr. Geier Joins North Valley Health Center

    It is North Valley Health Center’s goal to provide to the needs of our community, how better not to do this than with our Skilled Swing Bed Program. The Skilled Swing Bed Program was created by Medicare to serve the needs of smaller hospitals and communities. Swing Bed is the term Medicare uses to describe a hospital room that can switch from acute care status to skilled care status. The actual bed/room does not change; what changes is the level of care that the patient in that room receives.

    North Valley Health Center offers a Medicare Swing Bed Program as an alternative to prolonged acute hospitalization or short term nursing facility placement for post-acute extended care. The swing bed program provides skilled

    nursing care and rehabilitation services. This may include IV therapy as well as physical/occupational and speech therapy.

    In order to qualify for Swing Bed Services, a patient must meet the following requirements:

    •Be covered by Medicare Part A (Indiana Medicaid does not cover Swing Bed) •Have had 3 overnights in an acute care bed prior to Swing Bed services •Have an ongoing diagnosis and needs that require skilled care as defined by Medicare

    *Some private insurance plans cover Swing Bed services; your discharge planning nurse can help you verify benefits if necessary.

    Common diagnoses treated in this program include patients with extended IV therapy needs, orthopedic surgeries (hip/knee replacements), fractures, post-surgical procedures, neurological disorders (stroke), and generalized weakness due to CHF, COPD, pneumonia, and other chronic conditions. The length of stay in Swing Bed is dependent upon individual patient needs and progress. Average length of stay is 3-5 days. Medicare will cover up to 20 days at 100% providing the patient has a skilled need. It is very important to understand that Swing Bed care requires the use of the Medicare patient’s skilled nursing facility benefit. Swing Bed is not intended for permanent placement; it is for continued care until the patient returns home or transfers to a facility for longer term care.

    Patients are discharged from Swing Bed Services when:

    •They have achieved the maximum benefit of skilled nursing or rehabilitation, as determined by the tphysician •The care being provided has become custodial in nature •The patient’s continuing care requires long term rehabilitation placement •There is a change in the patient’s needs/level of care

    North Valley Health Center is pleased to offer the service to this community and we look forward to serving you and your family. If you have further questions or would like more information on this program, you may contact Kim Rindy or Sara Kazmierczak at 218-745-4211

    Letter From Chief Nursing Officer Sara Kazmierczak

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  • May, June & July Tributes The following gifts to North Valley Health Center have been received from May 2016 through July 2016 in tribute to the people listed below. Thank you to all who have honored friends and loved ones in this way. Care has been taken to prepare an accurate list, but mistakes can occur. Please notify the Health Center to make corrections.

    Mother’s Day Tribute to:

    Doris Mae Bengtson Bossman Pat Bossman Hines

    Father’s Day Tribute to:

    Arthur William Bossman Pat Bossman Hines

    To Honor:

    Kathy and Dave Larson ‘s 50th Anniversary Harland Lipker

    In Memory of:

    Eileen Johnson Eliz Porter Luther Johnson

    Warren Hickman Eliz Porter Glorianne and Don Loeslie

    Frank Tulibaski Virlynn and Pete Hanson

    Don Ellerbusch Bette and Rick Solberg

    Jeanne Deere Dahl Deb and Loren Zutz

    Dorothy Erickson Pat and Lloyd Wilke Debbie and Jerry Rominski Kathy and Mark Swanson

    Larry Kovar Ellen and Phil Kotrba

    John “Jack” Walker Jean and John Walker Michelle and Kent Woinarowicz Kristen and Nick Thompson Deb and Curt Myrfield Bobbi and Roger Mischel Liz Yeado Marie and Steve Goodwin

    Donna Kalain Michelle and Kent Woinarowicz

    Paul Wilke Bobbi and Roger Mischel

    Vernon Potucek Kim and Darrell Rindy Karen Myszkowski Mona Rae and Bob Fagerstrom Carol and Ron Loeslie Mary and Jerry Sedlacek Deborah and Rodney Erickson Louise and Dennis Brekke Debbie and Terry Albaugh Jean and John Walker Jan and Bob Greer

    Rhea Larson Ellen and Phil Kotrba

    Gary Bergeron Debbie and Jerry Rominski Pam and Lynn Sundby

    Rick Harkness Bette and Rick Solberg

    Eltune Erickson Karen Johnson Bev Johnson Bernadette Borowicz Dick Engen Mary and Jerry Sedlacek

    Robert “Bob” Kliner Marlene and Sig Silnes Mona Rae and Bob Fagerstrom Carolyn and Rod Jorgenson Tara and Jerred Copp Family Bev Johnson Karen Johnson Vern Borowicz and Family Jan and Ray Burwell Shelly and Bob Conely Mary Ann and James Nicholls Linda and Dick Hamre Deborah and Rodney Erickson Rachel and John Peterson Barbara and Donald Olson Yvonne and Chuck Baird Sandy and Greg Johnson Kathy and Todd Kleinvachter Rachel and Josh Johnston Deanne and Bob Bossman Jennifer and Kenny Palm

    Robert “Bob” Kliner Continued Dolores and Chuck DuBore Elva Bustrack Nancy and Howard Sturman Sharon and Roger Lappegaard Dona Nielsen Deb and Loren Zutz Ethel and Ted Safranski Karen Larson Eva and Al Boman Becki and Bill Sczepanski Judy and Tom Yutrzenka Debbie and Terry Albaugh Jessica and Jarod Peterson Delores and Jack Sedlacek Ann Pederson Suzie and Jerry Jevning Jeanette and Tony Filipi Linda and Darrell Laudal Kathy and Dave Larson Mary and Jay Johnston Jeanie Ulferts Karen and Jim Pearson Jo and Doug Sorenson LuAnn and Robin Johnson Phyllis and Bob Nowacki Gloria and Phil Thompson Eliz Porter Dorothy Palm Erika and David Erickson Marlene and George Neys Kathy and Chuck Steer Cindy Anderson Sharon and Wayne Larson Marie and Rick Schmiedeberg Carolyn and Don Matz Jean and Ron Leverington Julie and Mark Nowacki Carol and Ron Loeslie Kathy and Mark Swanson Jean and John Walker Michelle and Kent Woinarowicz Jan and Jim Johnston Marcy and Jim Bubb Mary and Jerry Sedlacek Jackie and Bob Baird Marilyn and Jerry Kuznia Sharon and Ron Abrahamson Kim and Darrell Rindy Ashley and Damon Stroble Tasha and Mitch Kotrba Barb Nelson Marie and Duane Filipi

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  • Robert “Bob” Kliner Continued Deb and Curt Myrfield Jill and Vern Lysford Bobbi and Roger Mischel A