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  • Contents1. Why choose VingCard Elsafe 3

    We are your true global partner dedicated to offer you advanced security solutions!

    2. Providing a safe stay 4

    3. Hostel travellers SECURITY tips 5Backpackers who travels the world search for affordable yet secure places to stay.

    4. Control access with VISION by VingCard 6The key to security is to control who, where and when.

    Benefits 6 Software features 7 Capabilities 7

    5. Secure Guests 8Providing a secure place to stay add a significant value for your guests.

    Electronic Locks 8 Benefits 8

    6. Secure Valuables 9Offering a secure place for guests to keep their valuables is essential.

    RFID Locker Lock 9 Benefits 9 Open safe rack 10 Xtra II by Elsafe 10 Benefits 10

    7. Additional Information 11Finishes, color and handle options

    Alfa RFID by VingCard 11 Classic RFID by VingCard 11 Signature RFID by VingCard 11 Xtra II by Elsafe 11

  • A true global partner | VingCard Elsafe is the leading manufacturer of electronic security systems created to keep your property and its surroundings safe. Our experience within the hospitality industry since 1979 has equipped us with the knowledge and knowhow to meet the standards of any large facility in need of our products and services.

    With our worldwide salesforce, we have secured thousands of properties around the world and welcome you to join us. VingCard Elsafe is your true global partner, dedicated to offer you advanced security systems and peace of mind.

    Service | Service has always been an important part of our offering. Wherever you are located and whatever kind of product you need, we provide support and guidance.

    VingCard Elsafes sales and support organization spans the globe. This allows our valued customers to enjoy the benefits of our worldwide resources, along with the convenience of local service and support. Committed to a partnership with our customers, VingCard Elsafe believes that every customer is a customer for life. Our installation and training programs demonstrate this commitment.

    Operating on a 24-hour, 365-day basis, technical support is always at hand to answer any questions you may have, so you can get the support you need, when you need it.

    VingCard Elsafe offers the worlds largest support, service and sales organization for your convenience.

    Why choose VingCard ElsafeWe are your true global partner dedicated to offer you advanced security solutions!

  • When providing a sociable accommodation, your propertys security features are being evaluated before a traveller choose to stay with you.

    VingCard Elsafe have recognized these needs and are able to equip your hostel with the industrys most secure solutions. Through us, you can provide your guests both a safe sociable environment and a secure place to sleep while keeping their belongings safe.

    Providing a safe stay

  • Travel Advice | Safety and security

    The Safety and Security of our guests is extremely important to us. The majority of our hostels have lockers or safes in rooms where you can leave your valuables. Some may require you to have your own padlock or hire/purchase one from reception. Those hostels which do not have the locker facilities in the room usually have a reception safe in which they allow guests to leave their valuables. We always remind our customers to make sure they have adequate travel insurance before they travel.

    ~Hostelling International ~

    SECURITY TIP # 1Choose a hostel that has secure lockers to protect your belongings and valuables.

    Having a secure place to put your belongings while sleeping or not present in the room or property adds significant value to your stay.

    SECURITY TIP # 2Choose a hostel that has electronic door locks and individual user keys.

    Only then will there be full control of who is entering the room and when, it also keeps you safe while sleeping.

    SECURITY TIP # 3Choose a hostel that either has a 24/7 reception or security guard, or a electronic door lock for entering the property.

    This way, the property has total control of who is coming and going and no one gets in without a key. This protects the entire property and you can feel safe also in the common areas.

    Hostel travellers SECURITY tipsBackpackers who travels the world search for affordable yet secure places to stay.

  • Control access with VISION by VingCardThe key to security is to control who, where and when.By combining the answer to who, where and when VISION allows you to create individual keycards to each guests even when they share the same room. Thus, controlling who has access and where they have access. Not only is this a strong security feature for your property, but it also provides comfort for your guests. In addition VISION allows for timeframes which can automate when the guests have access to your property and the rooms, e.g. check-in and check-out time.

    VISION by VingCard locking solution provides flexible access management control that is far more powerful than the fixed hierarchical structures of many other locking systems. In other words, you can control exactly who has access to every door on the property, and when.

    Benefits : Menu-driven software for user-friendly

    operation : Modular, upgradeable software with an

    array of powerful features : Operates as stand-alone check-in, or

    link with as many terminals as your property requires : Industry standard Windows

    98/2000/NT/XP/VISTA/7 operating system : Plug and play ethernet for simple, fast,

    reliable networks : Optional modem for remote reporting

    and diagnostics : Works with VingCards Classic, Signature and Alfa door

    locks and accessories : Powerful and stable SQL Database : PMS TCP/IP network interface option : Up to 256 user groups : Up to 16.000 system users : Up to 99 check-in stations : VISION system is fully compatible with

    VingCard Handheld Service Terminal


    Unique common doors 53

    Rooms 10,000

    Uniqe users 16,000

    User groups 256

    Database Client server SQL

    User interface Icon based

    Interface options available TCP/IP, RS-232, DLL

    Access management Flexible and customized

    Time shift control Yes

    Daylight saving time (automatic update) Yes

    Card verification Yes

    Failsafe backup cards Yes

    Pre-issue cards Yes, can be programmed from specific start time

    Audit trail (system events) Unlimited

    Lock compatibilityCompatible with all VingCard electronic locks and lock technologies

    Additional access points With elevator and remote controller

    Modular and upgradeable Yes

    Front desk equipment PC based with external encoder(s), LockLink

    Number of units in network No practical limit

    Remote encoding stations Yes

    Online compatible Remote Controller only

    Lock technologies RFID and magnetic stripe

  • ELECTRONIC LOCKSWhile VISION enables you to control access our electronic RFID locks, Signature RFID, Classic RFID or Alfa RFID, secure your guests.

    Our RFID locks offers the latest Radio Frequency IDentification technology with the most flexible platform for the future applications, including NFC compatibility.

    Benefits : Flexibility to use any RFID key of your choice, e.g. RFID

    keycard, wristbands, keyfobs, NFC mobile phones etc. : Guest Satisfaction due to intuitive use. : Security through powerful Anti-Cloning solution for

    keycards. : Integration which allows for the guest keycards to be

    used both in door lock and in individual lockers. : Robustness due to sealed components. : Upgrade from existing locks to VingCardss RFID

    locks is easy with the help of coverplate solutions. : The technology is young and fresh, thus appealing to

    young travellers.

    Secure GuestsProviding a secure place to stay add a significant value for your guests.

    Classic RFID by VingCardStay Updated

    Our classic, yet elegant and sleek lock with a robust construction.

    Signature RFID by VingCardStay Ahead

    The stylish and modern lock that appeals to the modern environment.

  • Secure ValuablesOffering a secure place for guests to keep their valuables is essential.

    RFID LOCKER LOCKWith the same RFID key as for the room locks, your guests may access the private lockers in their room to secure their valuables. You as a hostel owner, only have to provide one key to your guest and thus being both time and cost efficient. In addition, you can have the lockers set up to be either free or rent charged.

    All electronic components are packed inside the locker to increase security and avoid manipulation or vandalism.

    Benefits : Autonomous system; standalone and battery operated thus no need for

    cabling. : Locker assignment; the user can select any free locker. Once occupied, the

    locker can only be opened by that specific card. : Master cards; management can have master cards which manage all

    lockers in the property. : Revenue; you can choose to offer the lockers free of charge or charge rent

    fees upon check-in.

  • OPEN SAFE RACKAt hostels it is more suitable to provide safe storage at a central location for guests than offering one safe per guest. We have designed a SafeRACK to fullfill this need.

    With Xtra II, the SafeRACK is designed to include multiple safes in one area and gives the opportunity to make the safes public and to be used at a day to day basis on a individual level.

    XTRA II BY ELSAFEXtra II is our solid and classic styled in-room s