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Youth Hostel Radlje ob Dravi - info for groups

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  • Youth Hostel Marenberg is waiting for you!

    Travelling with a group?!



    Hostelling International SloveniaPopotniko zdruenje Slovenije

  • 2. For more information please contact us on or hostel directly!

    Hostelling International SloveniaSL


    Hostelling International SloveniaHostelling International Slovenia (HI Slovenia) is the only national representative of Slovenia in the International Youth Hostel Federation (Hostelling International HI). HI is a non-governmental and non-profit organization active in about 90 countries in the world. The organization works closely together with UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization), WTO (World Tourism Organization) and other important international organization also it was proclaimed the sixth largest organization that offers overnighting. With 4 million members it is one of the largest youth organizations in the world and is the only network of youth hostels with about 4.000 objects for spending the night, 1.5 million beds and 30-40 overnight stays annually.

    HI has high standards for youth hostels, based on the treatment of the guests, security, cleanliness and privacy. But it is not its only role. Since it was established in 1932 it encourages young people for better intercultural understanding through informal education and peace, global friendship and environmentalism. The international organization, with a strong support of its national members, it offers interaction among youth of various nationalities and cultures, exchange of experience, getting to know their peers and after all themselves.

    For this the organization has international programs for youth, above all the ones with lesser chances, through which we spread the mission of Hostelling International, which remained the same since 1932:

    To promote the education of all young people of all nations, but especially young people of limited means, by encouraging in them a greater knowledge, love and care of the countryside and an appreciation of the cultural values of towns and cities in all parts of the world, and as ancillary thereto, to provide hostels or other accommodation in which there shall be no distinctions of race, nationality, colour, religion, sex, class or political opinions and thereby to develop a better understanding of their fellow men, both at home and abroad.

    HI Slovenia, with more than 40 hostels around Slovenia, ensures safe, budget friendly and quality boarding for all types of groups. This includes the educational field trips with various themes (history, art or language courses) as well as extracurricular activities for schools, students, sporting and other groups or simply friends who want a joint active holiday.

    All Slovenian hostels meet the international demands, with most of them having special offers for the groups: Private rooms for group leaders and drivers Bus parking Study rooms, game rooms and joint areas Ensuring full meals and possible lunch packets Personal that understands the needs of any group

    Hostels are placed as well in the urban centres as in nature, but all can be perfect base for discovering the country side. Do you want active holidays with rafting, skiing and hiking? Maybe something more relaxing as sightseeing of cultural and historical sights? Or would you just spoil yourself in the thermal and natural baths? PZS as part of Hostelling International is the organization to contact for any of these great experiences in a budget friendly way.


    Hostelling International Slovenia

    Youth Hostel Marenberg

    Hostel MarenbergMariborska cesta 82360 Radlje ob Dravi+386 (0)40 85 22

    Hostel Marenberg provides a five-triangle accommodation to youth, cyclists, motorcyclists, travellers, and other occasional guests. There are 16 rooms available, altogether 42 beds (1-4 beds per room). For larger groups, extra beds are available. Each room has a TV and a bathroom with a shower and a toilet. The facility is fully adapted for disabled guests. There is also a caf with a kitchen that works by a prior arrangement only. Guests are welcome to use two convenient kitchens to prepare small meals. A large conference room (225 sq m) is available for seminars, lectures, entertainment and weddings. A bar and the Marenberg Youth Cultural Centre are open every day. In the cultural centre guests can socialize, participate in informal education, be creative in various workshops or relax.

  • 4. For more information please contact us on or hostel directly!

    The town Radlje ob Dravi (371 metres above sea level) is situated in the middle of the Drava Valley, between Dravograd and Maribor. It is a few minutes away by car from Austrian border. The town is surrounded by the Pohorje and the Kozjak Mountain Ranges. Radlje ob Dravi was first mentioned in written sources as Marenberg more than 850 years ago. Even though the town has been modernized, it retains its square-like character, and successfully integrates with the surrounding environment. The town is also an important business centre of the wider area. Hop plantations, Marenberg Dominican Convent, a romantic park with a manor, and the ruins of the old castle give a special character and charm to the town.

    The surroundings of the Hostel

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner

    Food is prepared by a prior arrangement only. Menus are formed according to guests wishes.

    Breakfast: Self-catered.

    Lunch / Dinner: Served or self-catered.

    Hostelling International Slovenia


    Additional offers of the hostel

    Room type 16 rooms available (1-4 beds per room), 42 beds altogether. Each room has a TV and a bathroom with a shower and a toilet.

    Lockers in the room Every room has a wardrobe with a key.Baggage room Two smaller rooms for luggage are available.Air conditioning Youth Cultural Centre and the large hall are air conditioned.

    Internet / Wi fi Wireless internet is available throughout the facility. Guests can use the computers in the Youth Cultural Centre and at the reception desk.

    Linen Bedding is changed weekly, free of charge. Towels Towels are changed weekly, free of charge.Laundry A washing machine available, free of charge.

    Conference room A large conference room (225 sq m) and a small conference room are available. A computer, projector and screen are available in both of the rooms.

    Elevator Yes.

    Handicap access The hostel is fully adapted for disabled guests, including access to common facilities and the kitchen. In addition, there is a three-bed room and a four-bed room (with toilets) that are specially outfitted.

    Parking Hostel has its own parking lot, with four parking spaces for the disabled.Outside recreation activities

    The town has a new athletic stadium, a trim track, two waterside trails, a forest trail, a small ski slope Sneinka, a sand volleyball court, two tennis courts, and other smaller courts. A bike park is under construction.

    Sport hall Nearby, there is a modern gym (portna hia Radlje).

    Pool table Available in the next-door bar.Table tennis Available in the gym (portna hia Radlje).Table soccer Available in the next-door bar.Swimming pool A natural swimming pool is being built near the pond Re.

    Food All meals can be organised by a prior arrangement.

    Dining room Dining room with 58 seats.

    Kitchen Guests can use two kitchens to prepare small meals. There is also a caf with a kitchen that works by a prior arrangement only.

    Hostelling International Slovenia

    For the actual offer please send e-mail to and specify size of group, number of escorts, the desired additional services and time of stay.

  • Local sights and attractions

    Marenberg Dominican ConventMarenberg Dominican Convent was founded on 24 June 1251 by Siegfried of Mahrenberg and his mother Gisela. In the Middle Ages only women from the distinguished Styrian and Carinthian nobility entered the convent. At first, the convent was wooden and was damaged by several fires, but later it was rebuilt. The present building was made in Baroque style. After the expropriation of the monasteries, the convent church dedicated to the Annunciation of Mary was demolished. The convent played an important role for the former Marenberg and its vicinity. The first Slovenian pharmacy was located in the convent, plus it was the site for education, charity, healthcare, musical and spiritual events. The sun clock dating back to 1649 definitely makes the visit worthwhile too.

    6. For more information please contact us on or hostel directly!

    The ManorAfter the destruction of the old castle, the manor was rebuilt from the former castle into the so-called Lower Castle. The manor is one-storey building shaped as the letter L. The ceilings on the ground floor are vaulted, on the first floor they are level. Before the Second World War, the portal of the Dominican convent (dating back to 1666) was built into the manor. The portal has an alleged coat of arms of Siegfried of Mahrenberg and a coat of arms of the prioress of the convent Maria Ivana Linzer. The Abduction of Europa is painted in the interior of the manor. In front of it, there is an English park with rare and interesting tree species, the most renowned one being the China fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata), one of the kind in Europe.

    Rose HallRose Hall, the oldest building in Radlje ob Dravi, was built in the 16th century. Visitors can view the interior of the house which has been restored to its former romantic look, thanks to the present owner. The outbuilding has post-Gothic windows; the roof is covered with wood shingles.