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  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report



    I wish to express my heartiest gratitude to Mr. rupinder singh for his proper guidance,

    constant encouragement, constructive suggestions, thought provoking decisions and

    giving me full opportunity to practically handle the system without whose supervision

    this could not be possible.

    I pay deep regards to other employees of MIMT,Morinda who helped me in seeking the

    practical knowledge and expertise in my work.

    I also take the privilege to pay my deepest appreciation and heartiest thanks to

    Ms.Rupinder Kaur whose constant guidance is unbounded source of inspiration for me

    and invaluable expert suggestions at crucial unctures set my thinking on right track.

    !ame" #reeti $hardwa

    Roll !o%

    M&' III year

    (emester )I

  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report



    *uring my M&' #rogramme, I oined MIMT,Morinda as a student in Ist (emester. My

    assignment could be defined as development of +Hotel Management System”. 

    Through this system it was proposed to computerie the various processes and

    procedures involved in the railway system.

    I used the interface provided by )$ .!et - as the front end and Microsoft 'ccess //0

    as a back end in this proect compilation.

    This report briefly describes the systematic approach adopted to develop the system by

    efficiently using the latest facilities. The report follows the se1uential actions of the

    different phases in the system development life cycle.

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  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    Hotel management system

    2otel management system is a software application for the administration,

    documentation, tracking, and provide facilities to customers and different

    departments of hotel.

    2otel Management (ystem range from systems for managing user needs and

    department needs,  to software for distributing information about the hotel

    management system


    2M(s cater to administrative, and deployment re1uirements. 3hile an 2M( for 

    corporate learning, for example, may share many characteristics with a )24, or 

    virtual 2otel environment, used by 2otels, they each meet uni1ue needs. The

    virtual 2otel environment used by people, allow instructors to manage their 

    duties regarding 2otel department and exchange information with other 2otels

    that in most cases will last several weeks and will meet several times during

    those weeks.

      The characteristics of 2M(s include"

      Manage users, roles, instructors, facilities, and generate reports

      2otel instructions

      'llocating rooms

      #ayment &ollection

      'ssessment and testing handling before and after testing

      *isplay status of rooms

    &haracteristics more specific to corporate organiation, which sometimes

    includes franchisees or other business partners.

     'uto enrollment

     Integration with performance tracking and management systems

     #lanning tools to identify skill gaps at departmental and individual level

  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    Techn&cal as'ects

    2M(s are based on a )$.!4T and usually employ the use of a database as back%end.

    (ome systems are commercially developed and have non%free software licenses or restrict access to their source code, other systems are free and open%source and

    fre1uently used. 5ther than the most simple, basic functionality, 2M(s cater to, and

    focus on, different administrative, and deployment re1uirements.

    $ES!(" #F S#)%T!#"


    6%Tier architecture is a very well know bu word in the world of software development

    whether it web based or desktop based. In this article I am going to show how to design

    a web application based on 6%tier architecture.


    6%Tier architecture generally contains 7I or #resentation 8ayer, $usiness 'ccess 8ayer 

    9$'8: or $usiness 8ogic 8ayer and *ata 'ccess 8ayer 9*'8:.

    Presentat&on )ayer ,%!-

    #resentation layer cotains pages like .aspx or windows form where data is presented to

    the user or input is taken from the user.

    us&ness Access )ayer ,A)- or us&ness )og&c )ayer

    $'8 contains business logic, validations or calculations related with the data, if needed.

    I will call it $usiness 'ccess 8ayer in my demo.

    $ata Access )ayer ,$A)-

    *'8 contains methods that helps business layer to connect the data and perform

    re1uired action, might be returning data or manipulating data 9insert, update, delete etc:.

    ;or this demo application, I have taken a very simple example. I am assuming that I

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  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    #bect&/e o0 Proect

    - 4asy to store information and fast accessing of information.

    - 'de1uate reporting to each division.

    -  'ccurate and timely control program.

    - To make it easy for fast processing and modification.

    - 4asy retrieval of information

    Pro0&le o0 the 'roblem1+

    5ne must know what the problem is before it can be solved. The basis for a system is

    recognition of a need for improving an information system. This leads to a preliminary

    survey or an initial investigation to determine whether an alternative system can solve

    the problem.

    The idea for change originate in the environment or from within the firm. 4nvironment

    based ideas originate from the customers, vendors, govt. sources, company employees,

    and the like.

    Ideas for the change may also come from within the organiation%top management, the

    user, and the analyst. 's an organiation changes its operations or face advances in

    computer technology, someone within the organiation may feel the need to update

    existing applications.

    Ad/antages o0 com'uter&2ed system1+

    In computeried system the data is stored on external storage 9hard disk:

    which eliminates the use of paper files.

    The computer can retrieve and change data far faster than a human can.

    This computeried system provides accurate, up%to%date information on

    demand at any time.

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  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    System Analys&s1 +

    (ystem 'nalysis is the application of the system approach to the study and solution of 

    the problems using computer%based system. 'n activity encompasses most of the tasks

    collectively called as =&omputer (ystem 4ngineering>.

     'nalysis is a detailed study of the various operation performed by a system and their 

    relationship within and outside of the system. This involves gathering information and

    using structured tool for analysis such as *;* 9data flow diagram:, *ecision Tree

    ,4R*94ntity Relationship *iagram: etc.

    *uring analysis data are collected on the available files, decision points and

    transactions handled by the present system. The fact finding and information gatheringfor proposed system is the key part of system analysis. Information is gathered from

    sources both internal and external to the organiation. The external sources include

    vendors, supplier professional ournals and other similar systems. The primary internal

    sources include the system users, system documentation existing programs, and


     'nalysis is the process of diagnosing situations, done with a defiant aim, with the

    system kept in mind to produce a report based on the findings. 'nalysis is a fact of 

    finding techni1ue where studies like the system re1uirement specifications< boundaries

    of feasibility analysis and cost benefit analysis are carried out. The re1uirements of both

    the system and the software are document and reviewed with the user.

    Manual database has the 0ollow&ng l&m&tat&ons1

    ?: #aper work is very bulky and has no symmetry.

    : *ata retrieval is very slow and sometimes very tough.

    6: It is very laborious.

    @: (etting up 1ueries is difficult and slow process.

    A: It is not easy to get decision support data.

    -: 3hen database grows in sie, it becomes unmanageable.

    0: It doesnBt support strongly the features like security and constraints.

  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    C: 4xisting system is not reliable and user friendly.

    3- 4ven if a single register is lost, it creates a big problem.  

    #bect&/es o0 'ro'osed system

    ;ollowing are some of the obectives, which I have considered in the proposed system"

    ?. The database should be totally exhaustive and redundancy should be avoided.

    . The system should be totally divided into modules, so that anyone can change

    according to the re1uirement. The system has to be flexible enough to

    accommodate a lot many changes.

    6. 4asy handling of information for employees.

    @. !ew system is totally centralied due to the use of database administrator 9*$':.

    A. 8ong waiting 1ueues can be shortened.

    -. The new systemBs performance depends upon the security i.e. in this system,

    security and privacy are given utmost importance during the development of 


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  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    Feas&b&l&ty Study1+

    The feasibility study must be done before actually going on to the preparation of the

    system. ;easibility of the system concerns with the constraints of the systems which

    are as follows"

    Econom&c Feas&b&l&ty1+The above feasibility study deals with the actual cost

    to be incurred on the proect. The concern for which the proect is to be made

    is able to bear the charges and is financial sound enough to make the system

    viable. The financial resources are checked and they are kept as a base to

    the making of the system. Thus this feasibility is reduced and is under control

    and we can go in for the proect.

    Techn&cal Feas&b&l&ty1+This feasibility deals with the technical know how of 

    the people who are going to work on the system. !ormally there are always

    chances of the strong opposition for the computeriation, because people are

    not interested in accepting the changes in their work culture so easily and

    moreover they resist also. $ut in the concern, the people are having very

    proper technical know and how and they are ready to accept the future

    changes of their working. (o if a person making manual transactions is ready

    to accept the changes within the proposed system, then this feasibility is also



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  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    Hardware Re7u&rements1+

    The system will run on a Microsoft 3indows D# with 6 bit R'M. The following are the

    minimum re1uirement of the #&.

    #& #entiumE&eleron, 666 M2F

    A?M$ R'M

    ?G$ 2**



    So0tware Re7u&rements1+

    ?. 5perating (ystem" 3indows D#E3indow )ista

    . 'pplication (oftwareBs" )isual (tudio.!et //C, (H8 (erver //A

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  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    RE6%!REME"TS F#R $E8E)#PME"T1+

    T##)S 5 TECH"#)#(!ES T# E %SE$"


    8 ."ET

    )$.!4T is a webE3indow application framework developed and marketed by Microsoft

    to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites, webE3indows applications and web

    services. It was first released in anuary // with version ?./ of the .!4T ;ramework,

    is built on the &ommon 8anguage Runtime  9&8R:, allowing programmers to write

    )$.!4T code using any supported .!4T languages.


    Relat&onal $atabase Management System ,R$MS-

     ' R*$M( is a *atabase (ystem that is used to store and manage data. (ince all good

    software at some point handle data given by users a R*$M( nowadays has become a

    re1uirement for software%development. ;or this #roect M( '&&4(( //0 is used.

  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    ."ET Framework1+

    .!4T framework is a set of classes, libraries, functions, reusable code to develop

    applications for windows and web platform with the help of any language.

    C)R ,Common )anguages Runt&me-1+

    &8R is a common language runtime environment that provides the necessary

    infrastructure to work with an application. It acts as a resource manager which

    will manage your code for its smooth execution.

    CTS ,Common Ty'e System-1+

    &T( is one of the important system which provides interoperability between two



    C)S ,Common )anguage S'ec&0&cat&on-1+

    &8( are going to be one of the base area which uses a minimum set of standard

    for any language to work with .!4T.

    ase class )&brary1+

    The ase Class )&brary 9C): is a standard library available to all languages

    using the .!4T ;ramework. .!4T includes the $&8 in order to encapsulate a

    large number of common functions, such as file reading and writing, graphic

    rendering, database interaction, and DM8 document manipulation, which makes

    the programmerJs ob easier. It is much larger in scope than standard libraries for 

    most other languages, including &, and would be comparable in scope to

  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    the standard libraries of ava. The $&8 is sometimes incorrectly referred to as

    the ;ramework &lass 8ibrary 9;&8:, which is a superset including the Microsoft.L


     ack End ,MS Access 9::;-1+

    !ntroduct&on to M&croso0t Access 9::;

    Microsoft 'ccess //0 is a full%featured relational database management system

    9R*$M(: that offers a variety of administrative tools to ease the burdens of database

    development, maintenance and administration.

    4nterprise Manager is the main administrative console for 'ccess installations. It

    provides you with a graphical +birds%eye+ view of all of the 'ccess installations on your 

    network. ou can perform high%level administrative functions that affect one or more

    servers, schedule common maintenance tasks or create and modify the structure of 

    individual databases.

    Huery 'nalyer offers a 1uick and dirty method for performing 1ueries against any of 

    your 'ccess databases. ItJs a great way to 1uickly pull information out of a database in

    response to a user re1uest, test 1ueries before implementing them in other applications,

    createEmodify stored procedures and execute administrative tasks.

     'ccess #rofiler provides a window into the inner workings of your database. ou can

    monitor many different event types and observe database performance in real time.

     'ccess #rofiler allows you to capture and replay system +traces+ that log various

    activities. ItJs a great tool for optimiing databases with performance issues or 

    troubleshooting particular problems.

    *ata Transformation (ervices 9*T(: provide an extremely flexible method for importing

    and exporting data between a Microsoft 'ccess and a large variety of other formats.

    The most commonly used *T( application is the +Import and 4xport *ata+ wiard found

  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    E+R $&agrams

    E+R $&agrams1+

    The 4ntity relationship model allows the representation of explicit constraints as well as

    relationship in the diagrammatically form. It is basically useful in the design and

    communication of the logical model.

    In this model, obects of similar structure are collected in the similar set represented by

    a rectangle. The attributes which are shown as oval are connected to the entities by

    lines which are labeled. The relationship among the entities is represented by diamond


    The relationship among entity set is represented by mapping one entity set to another 

    which can be either ?"? 9one to one:, ?"M 9one to many:, M" ? 9many to one:.

    The type of relationship existing between the entities is represented by giving the

    cardinality of the relationship on the line oining the relationship to the entities.


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  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    Structures o0 $ata ase1+

     The various attributes of the tables that serve as the storehouse for the data that are

    used for various processing and report generation are defined. The tables are designed

    in 'ccess and are as listed below"

    $atabase $es&gn 0or ackend1

    - $atabase "ame1 ra&lway

    ook&ng Table

    F&eld "ame F&eld Ty'e Constra&nt

    &ustNno !umber #rimary Key

    &ustNname Text

    &ustN'ddress Text

    &ustNphone Text

    &ustNroomno !umber  

    &heckNindate *atetime

    &ustNidproof Text

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  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report



    F&eld "ame F&eld Ty'e Constra&nt

    7name Text primary Key, foreign Key9register9username::

    #wd Text


    F&eld "ame F&eld Ty'e Constra&nt

    Room!o !umber #rimary Key

    (tatus esE!o

    Type Text

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  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report



    Testing is the maor 1uality control measure used during software development. The

    basic function of testing is to detect errors in the software. 'fter the coding phase,

    computer programs are available that can be executed for testing purposes. Testing not

    only has to uncover errors included during coding, but also errors introduced during the

    previous phases. The goal of the testing is to uncover re1uirement, design and coding

    errors in the programs. Moreover, all validations are also checked in the testing stage.

    3e perform the proper testing of each module

    Through running the proect at !IIT

    "EE$ F#R TEST!"("%

    Testing is vital to the success of the system. Testing makes a logical assumption that if 

    all parts of the system are correct, the goal will be successfully achieved. Inade1uate

    testing or non%testing may leads to errors. ' small system error can conceivably explode

    into a much larger problem. (econd reason for testing is its utility as a user%oriented

    vehicle before implementation.

    ;inally testing leads to software reliability. Identifying and removing faults during testing

    can make the software more reliable. This increases userBs confidence in the system.

    *uring the #roect *evelopment entitles

  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    • 'cceptance Testing


    %n&t Test&ng1 

    The first level of testing is unit testing. In unit testing, a module is tested separately and

    is often performed by the coder himself simultaneously along with the coding of the

    module. The purpose is to exercise the different parts of the module code to detect

    coding errors. 7nit testing is essential for verification of the code produced during the

    coding phase and hence the goal is to test the internal logic of the modules. (o, during

    the development of the +'irtel Telecom 5perator ,Sales 5 $&str&but&on Management

    System-+ we tested each ;orm to check whether it generates correct output as re1uired

    by inputting different values.

    !ntegrat&on Test&ng1

    The next level of testing is often called Integration Testing. 'fter unit testing, the

    modules are gradually integrated into subsystems, which are then integrated to

    eventually form the entire system.

    *uring integration of modules, integration testing is performed to detect design errors by

    focusing on testing the interconnection between modules. This activity can beconsidered as testing the design, and hence the emphasis on testing module


    System Test&ng1

    The next level of testing is (ystem Testing. 'fter the system is put together, (ystem

    testing is performed. In system testing, the system is tested against the system

    re1uirements to see if all the re1uirements are met and if the system performs as

    specified by the re1uirements. This is essentially a validation exercise.

    Acce'tance Test&ng1 

    The last level of testing is the 'cceptance Testing. 'cceptance testing is performed to

    demonstrate to the client, on the real life data of the client, the operation of the system.

    Testing here focuses on the external behavior of the system.

  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report




    ;or Testing to be successful, proper selection of test cases is essential. There are two

    different approaches to select cases%;unctional Testing and (tructural Testing.

    In Funct&onal Test&ng, the software or the module to be tested is treated as a $lack

    $ox and the test cases are decided based on the specifications of the system or the

    module. ;or this reason, this type of testing is also called =$8'&K $5D T4(TI!G =. The

    focus here is on testing the external behavior of the system.

    In Structural Test&ng, the test cases are decided based on the logic of the module to

    be tested. ' common approach here is to achieve some type of coverage of the

    statements in the code. 5ne common coverage criteria is statement coverage, which

    re1uires that test cases be selected so that together they execute each statement

    exactly once.

    TEST P)A"1 

    Testing is an extremely critical and a time consuming activity. It re1uires proper planning

    of the overall testing process. Testing process starts with a test plan. The test plan

    specifies conditions that should be tested, different units to be tested and the manner in

    which the modules will be integrated together.

    In this proect, we will perform two type of testing"

    • %n&t Test&ng1 Testing based on branch coverage criteria will be used. 3e

    tested each form with a number of values.

    • System Test&ng1 It is largely functional in nature. The focus is on the valid

    and invalid cases. 3e examined the behavior of the (oftware entitled 'irtel

    Telecom 5perator with the invalid set of values.

  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    )#(!" PA(E

    MA!" PA(E

  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    (eneral $escr&'t&on

  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    PA>ME"T PA(E

  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    Ma&n Page )&nks

  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    R##M STAT%S PA(E

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  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


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    The Implementation process for newly designed information system, involves variety of 

    ac1uisition, testing, documentation, installation and conversion activities. It also involves

    the training of end users in the operation and use of the new information system. Thus,

  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    implementation is a vital step in ensuring the success of new systems. 4ven a well%

    designed system can fail if it is not properly implemented.

      To' 0&/e reasons 0or success1

    • 7ser involvement

    • 4xecutive management support

    • &lear statement of re1uirements

    • Realistic expectations

    • #roper planning

      Post+!m'lementat&on Re/&ew &n/ol/es two subtasks1

    • E/aluate thee o'erat&onal system O *oes it fulfill the goals and obectives set

    outP *oes it ade1uately support transaction processing, management

    reportingP 2ow do end users feel about the systemP (hould there be any

    enhancementsP 3hen should they be implementedP

    • E/aluate the system de/elo'ment 'rocesses  O did system costs match

    budgeted amountsP 3as system completed on timeP 3hat was the

    performance of each individual on the proectP 3hat problems did we


  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report




    5nce the (oftware is launched, it enters the maintenance phase. 'll systems need

    maintenance. Maintenance is re1uired because there are often some residual errors

  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report


    remaining in the system that must be removed as they are discovered. Maintenance

    involves understanding the effects of the change, making the changes to both the code

    and the documents, testing the new parts and retesting the old parts that were not

    changed. Maintenance is mainly of two types"

    • &orrective Maintenance

    •  'daptive Maintenance


    Correct&/e Ma&ntenance1

     'lmost all software that is developed has residual errors or bugs in them. Many of these

    surfaces only after the system have been in operation, sometimes for a long time.These errors once discovered need to be removed, leading to the software to be

    changed. This is called &orrective Maintenance.

    Ada't&/e Ma&ntenance1

    4ven without bugs, software fre1uently undergoes change. The software often must be

    upgraded and enhanced to include more features and provide more services. This

    re1uires modification of the software. This type of maintenance is known as the

     'daptive Maintenance

  • 8/18/2019 Hostel Managment System Report