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Apache Ambari Release Notes


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Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


Hortonworks Data Platform: Apache Ambari Release NotesCopyright © 2012-2017 Hortonworks, Inc. All rights reserved.

The Hortonworks Data Platform, powered by Apache Hadoop, is a massively scalable and 100% opensource platform for storing, processing and analyzing large volumes of data. It is designed to deal withdata from many sources and formats in a very quick, easy and cost-effective manner. The HortonworksData Platform consists of the essential set of Apache Hadoop projects including MapReduce, HadoopDistributed File System (HDFS), HCatalog, Pig, Hive, HBase, ZooKeeper and Ambari. Hortonworks is themajor contributor of code and patches to many of these projects. These projects have been integrated andtested as part of the Hortonworks Data Platform release process and installation and configuration toolshave also been included.

Unlike other providers of platforms built using Apache Hadoop, Hortonworks contributes 100% of ourcode back to the Apache Software Foundation. The Hortonworks Data Platform is Apache-licensed andcompletely open source. We sell only expert technical support, training and partner-enablement services.All of our technology is, and will remain free and open source. Please visit the Hortonworks Data Platformpage for more information on Hortonworks technology. For more information on Hortonworks services,please visit either the Support or Training page. Feel free to Contact Us directly to discuss your specificneeds.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. Youmay obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governingpermissions and limitations under the License.

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Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


Table of Contents1. Release Notes Ambari - 2.6 .......................................................................................... 1

1.1. New Features .................................................................................................... 11.2. Behavioral Changes ........................................................................................... 11.3. Patch Information ............................................................................................. 31.4. Known Issues .................................................................................................... 41.5. Fixed Issues ....................................................................................................... 5

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Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


List of Tables1.1. Core Ambari ............................................................................................................. 11.2. Apache Ambari 2.6 Patches ...................................................................................... 31.3. Ambari 2.6 Known Issues .......................................................................................... 4

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Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


1. Release Notes Ambari - 2.6RELEASE NOTES: Apache Ambari 2.6

The Ambari 2.6 Release Notes summarize and describe the following information releasedin Ambari 2.6:

• New Features [1]

• Behavioral Changes [1]

• Patch Information [3]

• Known Issues [4]

• Fixed Issues [5]

1.1. New FeaturesThe Ambari 2.6 release includes the following new features:

Table 1.1. Core Ambari

Feature Description

Ambari Metrics System - Distributedmode with multiple Collectors (GeneralAvailability)


The Ambari Metrics System now supports multiple Metrics Collector instances,providing High Availability and better scalability.

AMS High Availability

Solr Data Manager script to easily delete,archive, or save index data


The Solr Data Manage script allows operators to easily archive and purge logs andaudit data stored in the Ambari Infra Solr Instance.

Archiving and Purging Data

1.2. Behavioral ChangesAmbari 2.6 introduces the following change in behavior as compared to previous Ambariversions:

Ambari Blueprint Stack & Repository Version Behavior Change

In Ambari 2.6.0, the Ambari upgrade framework has been updated to set the stage forautomated patch application and management. This feature will be available in futureversions of Ambari. Due to these changes, the logic used to identify the repo versionto be used during a Blueprint install has changed. This change only impacts Blueprintdeployments. To ensure that Ambari uses the intended version of the repository for yourinstall it’s recommended first to register the desired version of HDP using a VDF file, andsecond to specify the version in your Blueprint explicitly.

If you do not register a VDF file and specify the repository_version_id, or repository_versionduring blueprint creation, Ambari uses the default repository version defined in the stackversions included with Ambari 2.6.0. Ambari identifies the default repository version usingthe hdp_urlinfo.json’s "latest-vdf" if that is available and defined. Otherwise, Ambari uses

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Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


the stack metainfo.xml to identify the default repository version based on the stack_versiondefined in your Blueprint.

To register a VDF file and specify the repository_version_id, or repository_version duringblueprint creation:

Registering a VDF file

The version_definitions API should be used when registering a VDF file. The examplecommand below shows how to register the version of HDP using the publiclyavailable VDF file:

curl -v -k -u admin:admin -H "X-Requested-By:ambari" -X POSThttp://ambari.server:8080/api/v1/version_definitions \-d '{ "VersionDefinition": { "version_url":"http://public-repo-1.hortonworks.com/HDP/centos6/2.x/updates/" } }'

If the publicly available VDF file is not reachable from your installation, you can use a VDFfile that has been downloaded to the local file system of the Ambari Server:

>curl -v -k -u admin:admin -H "X-Requested-By:ambari" -X POSThttp://ambari.server:8080/api/v1/version_definitions \-d '{ "VersionDefinition": { "version_url": "file:/tmp/HDP-" }}'

The response from this request will give you a unique id for the version that has beenregistered. For example:

{ "resources" : [ { "href" :"http://ambari.server:8080/api/v1/version_definitions/51", "VersionDefinition" : { "id" : 51, "stack_name" : "HDP", "stack_version" : "2.6" } } ]}

Specifying Registered Versions in Blueprint Cluster Creation

When using a Blueprint, to ensure the cluster install uses the version referenced in thepreviously registered VDF, either reference the id, or the specific version in the clustercreation request.

Blueprint repository version reference by id:

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Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


...{ "blueprint": "<blueprint name>", "repository_version_id": 1, "default_password": "password", "host_groups": [ ... ]}...

Blueprint repository version reference by version:

...{ "blueprint": "<blueprint name>", "repository_version": "", "default_password": "password", "host_groups": [ ... ]}


Specifying registered versions when pre-installing from local yum repositories

A local repository configured from a yum repository is not "managed" by Ambari.

With Ambari 2.6, a custom yum repo file name (HDP-2.x.x.x.repo) does not have to matchthe Ambari yum repo file name (ambari-hdp-1.repo), but the format of the repo namesin the yum repo file changes. For example, the following repo name format is no longerrecognized by Ambari,

[HDP-] name=HDP Version - HDP-

and has to be changed to the repo name format which Ambari 2.6.x now expects,

[HDP-2.6-repo-1] name=HDP-2.6-repo-1

and which the Ambari install wizard local repo option uses when it creates the ambari-hdp-1.repo file.

IF you are pre-installing HDP packages using a local yum repository, make sure that thelocal repository name is recognized by Ambari-2.6.x.

1.3. Patch InformationAmbari 2.6 is based on Apache Ambari and the following patches.

Table 1.2. Apache Ambari 2.6 Patches

Apache Jira Description

AMBARI-22299 Storm View: Update Node version for PPC support

AMBARI-22306 Set versionAdvertised to false for tech preview and add superset definition

AMBARI-22312 Downgrade From HDP 2.6 to 2.5 Leaves 2.6 Hosts as CURRENT Instead of INSTALLED

AMBARI-22318 NN Restart failed during IOP-HDP Migration in IBM PPC

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Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


Apache Jira Description

AMBARI-22321 Add Registry StackFeatures to HDP StackFeatures

1.4. Known IssuesAmbari 2.6 has the following known issues, scheduled for resolution in a future release.Also, refer to the Ambari Troubleshooting Guide for additional information.

Table 1.3. Ambari 2.6 Known Issues

Apache Jira HWX Jira Problem Solution

AMBARI-24536 BUG-109839 When SPNEGO is enabled (`ambari-server setup-kerberos`), the SSO(`ambari-server setup-sso`) redirect nolonger works.

No known workaround. Do not enableboth kerberos and SSO using ambari-server setup.

AMBARI-22469 BUG- 91993 Ambari Sever 2.5.x set up as an AmbariViews Server (standalone server with asecond Ambari Server registered as aremote server) fails when upgraded toversion 2.6.0.

ERROR: Error executing schema upgrade, please check the server logs.ERROR: Error output from schema upgrade command:ERROR: Exception in thread "main" org.apache.ambari.server.AmbariException: Unable to find any CURRENT repositories. at org.apache.ambari.server.upgrade.SchemaUpgradeHelper.executeUpgrade(SchemaUpgradeHelper.java:203) at org.apache.ambari.server.upgrade.SchemaUpgradeHelper.main(SchemaUpgradeHelper.java:418)Caused by: org.apache.ambari.server.AmbariException: Unable to find any CURRENT repositories. at org.apache.ambari.server.upgrade.UpgradeCatalog260.getCurrentVersionID(UpgradeCatalog260.java:510) at org.apache.ambari.server.upgrade.UpgradeCatalog260.executeDDLUpdates(UpgradeCatalog260.java:194) at org.apache.ambari.server.upgrade.AbstractUpgradeCatalog.upgradeSchema(AbstractUpgradeCatalog.java:923) at org.apache.ambari.server.upgrade.SchemaUpgradeHelper.executeUpgrade(SchemaUpgradeHelper.java:200) ... 1 more

ERROR: Ambari server upgrade failed. Please look at /var/log/ambari-server/ambari-server.log, for more details.ERROR: Exiting with exit code 11.REASON: Schema upgrade failed.

No known workaround. Please contactHortonworks Customer Support forassistance.

AMBARI-22323 BUG-90852 If IOP Migration documentation is notfollowed closely, the "Remove IOP Select"button may not be available in theAmbari UI.

If that has happened to you, you mustrun the following command on all hostsin the cluster:

rpm -e --nodeps iop-select

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Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


1.5. Fixed IssuesThe following table lists selected issues resolved in Ambari 2.6:

Version Category Apache Jira HWX Jira Summary Components Other AMBARI-22056BUG-88647 Solr Data Manager script should use gzipcompression type

Ambari Other AMBARI-19135BUG-70336 AMS build artifacts are not uploaded tomaven central

Ambari Other AMBARI-21076BUG-81231 Move Superset as a top-level project in HDP Ambari,Druid Other AMBARI-21169BUG-80194 Service and Patch Upgrade Catalog Changesfor 2.6.0

Ambari Other AMBARI-21173BUG-82102 HDP 3.0 - [AMBARI-21173] Not able to startYarn services after restoring the configs toinitial value

Ambari,YARN Other AMBARI-21253BUG-82564 On RM restart, LLAP app starts up after manyfailed application attempts

Ambari,Hive2 Other AMBARI-21450BUG-84204 Backport PU Effort to branch-2.x Ambari Other AMBARI-21483,AMBARI-21634,AMBARI-22027BUG-88463 Add UID/GID related issue Ambari Other AMBARI-21580BUG-82328 Replace Hard Coded stack-select Structures Ambari Other AMBARI-21581BUG-84950 Replace Hard Coded conf-select Structures Ambari Other AMBARI-21602BUG-89518 After DLM installation on a fresh cluster, mostof the services require restart

Ambari,DataLifecycle Manager Other AMBARI-21602BUG-85133 Pre-configure services when Kerberos isenabled to reduce number of core servicerestarts when services are added

Ambari Other AMBARI-21609BUG-82737 Unable to view HDP or HDF stack version. Ambari Other AMBARI-21619BUG-85203 More ResourceManager HA host groupplaceholders in blueprints

Ambari Other AMBARI-21648BUG-85504 Do not use 'dbo' schema name in idempotentAmbari DDL generator for AzureDB.

Ambari Other AMBARI-21657BUG-85555 Ambari does not display metric data onwidgets when the JMX path contains the '-'character.

Ambari Other AMBARI-21660,AMBARI-22062BUG-84968 Stack selection page does not load the HDPstacks [Intermittent]

Ambari Other AMBARI-21682BUG-85434 Patched Service Doesn't Display CorrectHadoop Version on Stacks Page

Ambari Other AMBARI-21684BUG-85747 ambari-server upgrade process still puts thenew views jar to default location even ifviews.dir is customized in ambari.properties

Ambari,AmbariView Other AMBARI-21706BUG-85876 Cluster installation stuck on CustomizeServices Page

Ambari Other AMBARI-21713BUG-85993 Python tests started under uid=0 and uid > 0works differently

Ambari Other AMBARI-21714BUG-86074 Intermittent unit test failure inExecutionCommandWrapperTest

Ambari Other AMBARI-21719BUG-85815 Result of install_packages uses version stringinstead of repo_version_id

Ambari Other AMBARI-21733BUG-86295 spark.master config missing from spark-defaults.conf


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Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


Version Category Apache Jira HWX Jira Summary Components Other AMBARI-21737BUG-85576 Ambari should expose whether a service isable to rolling-restart instead of hard codingservice name

Ambari Other AMBARI-21744BUG-86358 package_regex inget_package_from_available() can matchwrong pkg

Ambari Other AMBARI-21745BUG-84523 UI: remove code which adds ELExtensionproperties while adding Falcon

Ambari Other AMBARI-21755BUG-86267 Unexpected Package Names in CentOS CauseInstallation Failures

Ambari Other AMBARI-21759BUG-86595 yumrpm provider doesn't parses installedpackages in a same way on different CentOSversions

Ambari Other AMBARI-21777BUG-86086 Remove Ambiguous Repository Version WhenCreating Clusters via Blueprints

Ambari Other AMBARI-21779BUG-86725 Storm should not have configurationdependencies of 'ranger-admin-site' and'ranger-ugsync-site'

Ambari,Ranger Other AMBARI-21784BUG-86746 Ambari server log is constantly populatedwith 'Config inconsistency exists: unknownconfigType=solr-site' even after Solr deletiondue to existence of config group

Ambari Other AMBARI-21785BUG-86760 Component restart instructions in case ofOUT_OF_SYNC

Ambari Other AMBARI-21795BUG-86301 Auto fix service config mapping issuediscovered during ambari-upgrade

Ambari Other AMBARI-21797BUG-86638 Patch / Maint UI Minor Style Adjustments Ambari Other AMBARI-21798BUG-86812 Oozie server stopped due to incorrect configbeing set on Regenerate keytabs post IOPstack upgrade

Ambari Other AMBARI-21806BUG-79514 Repository Entities Which Can't Be RemovedShould Be Hide-able

Ambari Other AMBARI-21809BUG-85134 Pre-configure services during stack upgrade ifKerberos is enabled to reduce number of coreservice restarts when services are added

Ambari Other AMBARI-21810BUG-85596 Create Utility Script to support Solr CollectionData Retention/Purging/Archiving

Ambari Other AMBARI-21832BUG-85287 Reject PATCH VDFs with Services that are notIncluded in the Cluster

Ambari Other AMBARI-21835BUG-86805 Make notebook to be stored by default inHDFS (Ambari)

Ambari,Zeppelin Other AMBARI-21837BUG-87009 Admin Versions page is missing repositoryURL

Ambari Other AMBARI-21839BUG-87142 METRICS_MONITOR start is failing due to"ImportError: cannot import name _common"

Ambari Other AMBARI-21844BUG-86755 JN Wizard fails if there is an issue withDatanode start.

Ambari Other AMBARI-21850BUG-87127 Backport AMBARI-21850: Keep Hive/LLAPlog4j properties file in sync

Ambari Other AMBARI-21856BUG-83142 Service repoinfo.xml needs to exposecomponent for Ubuntu repos

Ambari Other AMBARI-21865BUG-87284 NullPointerException during blueprintgeneration


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Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


Version Category Apache Jira HWX Jira Summary Components Other AMBARI-21866BUG-86967 ATS Applications Do Not Move From Activeto Done After Upgrade

Ambari,YARN Other AMBARI-21876BUG-89479 AMBARI-21867- Rename hive.custom-extensions.root

Ambari Other AMBARI-21876BUG-87372 Remove hive.custom-extensions.root fromHive Properties.

Ambari Other AMBARI-21877BUG-86843 Spark Service check failure in Ambari kerberos enabled

Ambari,Spark Other AMBARI-21882BUG-86781 Throw an error if unsupported databaseJDBC driver is configured for HDP services

Ambari Other AMBARI-21884BUG-85985 Installation should ignore OS that are notmanaged by Ambari

Ambari Other AMBARI-21888BUG-87466 Upgrade History Should Show AdvertisedVersions

Ambari Other AMBARI-21891BUG-87523 Fix AmbariServerTest Ambari Other AMBARI-21892BUG-87445 Unable to proceed to Choose services step Ambari Other AMBARI-21893BUG-86928 NameNode Heap Usage (Daily) metric alertstatus flips to UNKNOWN intermittentlywhen AMS HTTPS is enabled

Ambari Other AMBARI-21897BUG-87554 Fix NPE in InstallHostTask Ambari Other AMBARI-21902BUG-87593 Ambari is setting"atlas.graph.storage.hostname" to hbasehostname, instead it should set thezookeeper quorum.

Ambari Other AMBARI-21904BUG-37593 Remove redundant smokeuser entry fromRanger KMS Kerberos descriptor

Ambari,Ranger Other AMBARI-21906BUG-87483 Consider Not Scheduling ConfigureActionTasks During PATCH/MAINT Upgrades

Ambari Other AMBARI-21909BUG-84672 LLAP concurrency max calculated valueshould not be less than its current value

Ambari Other AMBARI-21916BUG-73631 Shut down LLAP when HSI startup fails Ambari Other AMBARI-21919BUG-87665 Kerberos identity references should use the"reference" attribute

Ambari Other AMBARI-21920BUG-87762 next button does not enable if we go back toAssign master page

Ambari Other AMBARI-21928BUG-87675 In case if component package doesn'tadvertise his version, Ambari silently failingon deploy stack steps

Ambari Other AMBARI-21932BUG-87825 Some clients are being additionally installedvia Add service wizard

Ambari Other AMBARI-21939BUG-86778 Ambari HDFS Heatmaps are not showingdata (Not Applicable) for bytes read, byteswritten & DataNode Process Network I/OUtilization

Ambari Other AMBARI-21942BUG-87922 Upgrade to IOP 4.2.5 from IOP 4.1 failedwith combined Solr host names longer thanitem_text column size in table upgrade_item

Ambari Other AMBARI-21947BUG-87567 Ambari updates database/tables locationfrom intended remote HDFS to local HDFS

Ambari Other AMBARI-21951BUG-85421 Last Run Service Check for SPARK Picks upSPARK2

Ambari Other AMBARI-21952BUG-86291 Refine AMS heap recommendations in stackadvisor


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Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


Version Category Apache Jira HWX Jira Summary Components Other AMBARI-21958BUG-88003 Fix broken zeppelin python unit test Ambari,Zeppelin Other AMBARI-21959BUG-87592 Clicking Next from Customize Services -> Misctab does not load the Review page whileinstallation of Perf stack

Ambari Other AMBARI-21960BUG-87972 Cluster provision should allow repo versionand repo version id be null to allow defaultstack version deployment

Ambari Other AMBARI-21961BUG-87995 UI showing confirmation when no serviceswill be installed.

Ambari Other AMBARI-21964BUG-86795 branch-2.6 Builds Fail With Forked VM ErrorOn Tests

Ambari Other AMBARI-21965BUG-87130 Tez UI: DAG - All Task Attempts displays norecords available

Ambari Other AMBARI-21968BUG-88145 Log Feeder should not support germanmonth names

Ambari Other AMBARI-21970BUG-88166 Enable sticky bit for curl_krb_cache Ambari Other AMBARI-21973BUG-85698 Set tez.runtime.shuffle.ssl.enable=false inAmbari for HSI

Ambari,Hive2 Other AMBARI-21993BUG-88282 Pre upgrade check dialog style issues Ambari Other AMBARI-21994BUG-88284 Upgrade history view style issue Ambari Other AMBARI-21997BUG-88328 Unsupported major.minor version 52.0 whenusing com.networknt:json-schema-validator

Ambari Other AMBARI-22000BUG-88355 Select Hosts page while enabling HSI does notload

Ambari Other AMBARI-22005BUG-88326 Add host through blueprint failed Ambari Other AMBARI-22007BUG-88311 Addition of service component after patchinga service still keeps the component at baseversion

Ambari Other AMBARI-22011BUG-88303 Could not copy tez tarball to HDFS duringprepare upgrade (EU)

Ambari Other AMBARI-22012BUG-88098 BP deploys failing intermittently with error"Stack features not defined by stack"

Ambari Other AMBARI-22015BUG-87039 livy2 interpreter errors (unable toimpersonate users/ LLAP or Hive CNF issue)due to missing proxy configs

Ambari,Spark Other AMBARI-22018BUG-88289 Stack list in the ambari UI select stack pagegoes out of bounds when HDF is installedwith HDP

Ambari Other AMBARI-22023BUG-88283 Upgrade dialog style issues Ambari Other AMBARI-22024BUG-88281 Stack and versions view style issues Ambari Other AMBARI-22025BUG-88528 Service auto start broken due to incompleteexecution command

Ambari Other AMBARI-22026BUG-88140 Restart of all components on host operationfailed with 500 status code

Ambari Other AMBARI-22029BUG-88365 Download Client Configs fails Ambari Other AMBARI-22039BUG-88530 File "hdfs.headless.keytab" has incorrectpermission

Ambari Other AMBARI-22049BUG-88648 Solr Data Manager should use --line-delimitedoption by default

Ambari Other AMBARI-22056BUG-88773 Solr Data Manager script should provide non-destructive archive download option

Ambari Other AMBARI-22058BUG-88304 Dashboard heatmaps tab loading stuck Ambari

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Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


Version Category Apache Jira HWX Jira Summary Components Other AMBARI-22066BUG-88906 Update unit tests to test recursivevariable replacements usingVariableReplacementHelper

Ambari Other AMBARI-22072BUG-88971 Allow for backward compatibility in howidentity references are specified

Ambari Other AMBARI-22075BUG-88980 Use symlinks for Solr Data Manager Ambari Other AMBARI-22083BUG-88221 Wrong Hadoop Home Directory Is BeingPicked Up on MAINT/PATCH UpgradedClusters

Ambari Other AMBARI-22085BUG-88993 Zeppelin start failed Ambari Other AMBARI-22086BUG-89063 Make dfs.permissions.superusergroup asgroup property

Ambari Other AMBARI-22092BUG-88858 Blueprint Created Cluster Is ThrowingConstant Exceptions

Ambari Other AMBARI-22100BUG-87877 Devdeploy: HiveServer2 Interactive Startfailed

Ambari Other AMBARI-22110BUG-88723 ResourceProviders Are Not Transactional Ambari Other AMBARI-22113BUG-89200 ambari-server/agent python UT fails Ambari Other AMBARI-22122BUG-89193 ambari server silent setup for embeddeddatabase option fails sometime

Ambari Other AMBARI-22127BUG-89308 Package install fails on Debian7 with'EMPTY_FILE' global variable not defined

Ambari Other AMBARI-22159BUG-89573 Replace hostgroup vars for Druid Ambari Other AMBARI-22160BUG-89460 hadooplzo package installation failed ondevdeploys

Ambari Other AMBARI-22162BUG-89560 Fix ambari defaults for propertyhive.druid.indexer.segments.granularity

Ambari,Druid Other AMBARI-22165BUG-89637 Hbase Client install fails Ambari,HDFS,Ranger Other AMBARI-22176BUG-89562 Ambari deploy fails on secure cluster withincorrect KERBEROS_KEYTAB/PRINCIPAL onsetting INSTALL_DRUID

Ambari,Druid Other AMBARI-22188BUG-89592 HSI and Hive Metastore Start failed becausepermission denied "/apps/hive/cmroot"directory

Ambari,DataLifecycleManager,Hive2 Other AMBARI-22199BUG-89754 Zeppelin Notebook Start after kerberosenabled

Ambari,Zeppelin Other AMBARI-22203BUG-89825 ZKFC start failed due to hadoop-hdfs-zkfc isnot supported

Ambari Other AMBARI-22205BUG-89910 Install Version Fails On IOP Cluster Due ToMissing stack_packages Structure

Ambari Other AMBARI-22224BUG-90096 host and hostname built-in variables are notpopulated when performing Kerberos-relatedoperations

Ambari Other AMBARI-22225BUG-90101 Cluster created using Blueprints rejects hostseven though their host_name matches hostpredicate

Ambari Other AMBARI-22232BUG-90051 Need to add a new property to support proxyusers for Atlas service

Ambari,Atlas Other AMBARI-22235BUG-89841 Remove unnecessary identity blocks from theDruid Kerberos descriptor file

Ambari,Druid Other AMBARI-22237BUG-90184 Restarting Storm Supervisor from Ambarialways fails while Stop and Start works fine


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Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


Version Category Apache Jira HWX Jira Summary Components Other AMBARI-22238BUG-90180 Maven cleanup of ambari utility and ambarimetrics modules

Ambari Other AMBARI-22241BUG-90185 Accumulo install fails Accumulo,Ambari Other AMBARI-22242BUG-90176 Express Upgrade from IOP 4.2 to HDP 2.6.2AMS failed to start before finalizing

Ambari Other AMBARI-22243BUG-90154 Apache Hive 2 LLAP cluster doesn't have themetastore warehouse directory

Ambari,Cloudbreak,Hive2 Other AMBARI-22245BUG-90097 YARN Service Checks Fails Because of Oldhadoop-client Classpath Entry

Ambari Other AMBARI-22250BUG-90198 After installation of 2.6.2 version during IOPmigration it's showing Installed not upgradein UI

Ambari Other AMBARI-22256BUG-90282 Smartsense requires HDFS to be alwayspresent while installing

Ambari,SmartSense Other AMBARI-22257BUG-90299 Metrics collector fails to stop/start after WEin a HDP + HDF integration on SLES12

Ambari Other AMBARI-22268BUG-90417 Remove "Hotfix" from Admin Register Version Ambari Other AMBARI-22272BUG-90086 HDP + HDF integration fails as some symlinkscould not be created

Ambari Other HIVE-17721 BUG-89522 Check Hive failed on Sles12 Ambari,Hive Other RANGER-1788 BUG-88535 Ranger Admin Start fails on Ubuntu 16 Ambari,Ranger Other ZEPPELIN-2742BUG-88175 Ambari Ci failing due to Zeppelin servicecheck failure

Ambari,Zeppelin Performance AMBARI-21898BUG-87545 Property provider in-memory maps arerefreshed too slowly after config updates

Ambari Performance AMBARI-21944BUG-86349 Batch requests(Rolling Restart, HSI enable/disable, decommission/recommission) notworking when Ambari is configured withKnox proxy

Ambari Performance AMBARI-21945BUG-87459 Refresh Include/Exclude breaks paralleloperations and can't be turned off

Ambari Security AMBARI-21418BUG-83779 Ambari rebuilds custom auth_to_localrules changing its case sensitivenessoption (/L) depending on thecase_insensitive_username_rules.

Ambari Security AMBARI-21757BUG-30865 Allow for keytab regeneration to be filteredfor hosts

Ambari Security AMBARI-21788BUG-86156 Ensure topology_mappings.data has 0644permissions

Ambari Security AMBARI-21873BUG-60662 authorization.ldap.adminGroupMappingRulesnot working

Ambari Security AMBARI-21896BUG-87552 Ambari should honor permissions specifiedfor dfs.datanode.data.dir.perm whencreating datanode dir's

Ambari Security AMBARI-21938BUG-87916 Validate kerberos.json files to ensure theymeet the expected schema

Ambari Security AMBARI-22273BUG-90503 Disable xmlparser and configEdit API in Solrby default

Ambari Stability AMBARI-21649BUG-84999 application log size is growing in GB's for atlas Ambari,Atlas Stability AMBARI-21687BUG-85771 User can't add node via Ambari UI whenbeing part of both "cluster user" and "clusteradmin" roles.


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Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


Version Category Apache Jira HWX Jira Summary Components Stability AMBARI-21852BUG-86306 Add Host wizard breaks on large clusterswhen persisting data in localStorage

Ambari Stability AMBARI-21935BUG-86377 Improve fix DB operation works consistentlyso it can be widely used

Ambari Stability AMBARI-22020BUG-78622 ATS crash due to OOM because LLAP sendingtoo many events.

Ambari,Hive2,Tez Upgrade AMBARI-21398BUG-82538 Backend and UI need to distinguishrepo_version records by using the StackName

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21525BUG-82963 EU failure: Oozie service check fails if Falcon isnot installed

Ambari,Oozie Upgrade AMBARI-21532BUG-83695 Namenode restart for large cluster needslonger sleep after stop and longer retries

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21549BUG-83794 Ambari upgrade should update uniqueconstraints

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21580BUG-81025 Installing a Component on a Host With MixedRepos Invokes stack-select For All

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21595BUG-84930 Ambari Server Setup Code Fails Because ofMissing Stack Upgrade

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21612BUG-85000 PATCH version should be attached right nextto the STANDARD

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21615BUG-85002 Add confirmation when installing PATCHversion

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21617BUG-84943 Function ru_set_all is not working correctlydue to changed command structure

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21618BUG-84996 Admin View - Register Version shouldcorrectly display PATCH version

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21626BUG-85316 Configs For Target Stack Are Not CreatedDuring Upgrade

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21627BUG-85248 Cross-stack upgrade from IOP to HDP, rangeraudit properties need to be deleted

Ambari,Ranger Upgrade AMBARI-21639BUG-85025 When Adding a New Service the RepositoryID is Required

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21643BUG-66219 Annotate upgrade packs for scope Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21647BUG-85001 PATCH upgrade with version less than currentshould be displayed

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21651BUG-84568 Backport AMBARI-12556 UI Work For Patch/Service Upgrades

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21652BUG-85435 Upgrade History Page Doesn't Display AfterPerforming a PATCH Upgrade

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21653BUG-85437 Create VDF and xsd to support MAINTupgrades

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21668BUG-85518 PATCH Repositories Not Visible in Web Client Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21671BUG-85439 Expose via API whether a service willparticipate in an upgrade

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21672BUG-85438 Update Orchestration to support MAINT Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21677BUG-79325 Upgrade Pre-Checks Should Take PATCH/SERVICE Types Into Account

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21679BUG-78072 Service Checks Will Run Multiple Times InPatch/Service Upgrades

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21693BUG-85126 Can't register multiple PATCH versions Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21700BUG-84738 Expose Patch Reversion in the Web Client Ambari

Page 16: Hortonworks Data Platform - Apache Ambari Release Notes

Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


Version Category Apache Jira HWX Jira Summary Components Upgrade AMBARI-21703BUG-85440 UI must consume API to show whether aservice will be upgraded

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21704BUG-85523 Upgrade Wizard Has Incorrect Title Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21709BUG-85525 Finalize Warns that it is Permanent Even ForPATCH Upgrades

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21715BUG-85541 Upgrade History Is too Verbose Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21721,AMBARI-21756BUG-86008 Use latest-vdf for default when version isunspecified

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21725BUG-85994 Web Client Doesn't Display MAINT ReposCorrectly

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21728BUG-85921 Service and Patch Upgrade Catalog Changesfor 2.6 - additional fixes

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21734BUG-86246 Upgrade Associated Repository is Wrong forDowngrades and Patches

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21739BUG-86244 Patch Reversion Dialog Has Some Clipping Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21742BUG-86243 Usability and Style Changes For UpgradeHistory

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21754BUG-84450 /v1/persist API call is made 1000 times perminute after Ambari upgrade

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21758BUG-86460 Prevent New Clusters from Being ProvisionedWith PATCH/MAINT Repos

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21772BUG-86606 zeppelin proxy user settings are notconfigured in core-site.xml on upgradedcluster from Ambari 2.4.2 -and HDP 2.5.2

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21773BUG-86675 Ambari HDP upgrade validation Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21778BUG-86637 Patch Confirmation Message Incorrectly ListsAll Hosts

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21791BUG-86752 Incorrect 'End Time' and 'Duration' shown inUpgrade History

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21800,AMBARI-21820,AMBARI-21917BUG-86825 Some services had issue coming up afterexpress upgrade on IOP clusters

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21813BUG-86835 Finalize for MAINT upgrade should notmention revert

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21815BUG-86891 Repository Version Listing Has AlignmentProblems if Display Name is Too Long

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21817BUG-86827 Icon for Revert should not be a trash can Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21818BUG-86865 Styling for the Stacks and Versions Page RepoIsn't Centered

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21819BUG-86828 Info icon for services should not show forCURRENT repos

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21831BUG-86817 Allow Hiding of PATCH Repository Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21836BUG-87005 2.6.0 Upgrade Fails Because Of Missing Table Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21838BUG-87014 Revert Icon Is Cutoff On Stacks and VersionsPage

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21841BUG-86863 Green Version Bubbles Are Selected MultipleTimes For Patched Services

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21842BUG-87072 PATCH and MAINT Orchestrations ShouldOnly Invoke stack-select On Specific Packages

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21843BUG-86952 Database consistency check fails afterupgrade to ambari 2.6.0

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21847BUG-87088 Refactor stack version column view Ambari

Page 17: Hortonworks Data Platform - Apache Ambari Release Notes

Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


Version Category Apache Jira HWX Jira Summary Components Upgrade AMBARI-21851BUG-86892 Allow Hidden Repos To Become Visible SoThey Can Be Made Visible Permanently

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21853,AMBARI-21854BUG-86973 Adapt Repository Files For ExistingDeployments

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21859,AMBARI-21869BUG-85463 Pre-upgrade check option well before startingupgrade process

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21874BUG-87383 Change Patch/Maint Bubbles To TypeColumns

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21879BUG-87288 Cluster version showing as Upgrade whenINSTALL_FAILED

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21883BUG-87364 Upgrade to Ambari 2.6.0 failswith DB constraint violation onfk_sc_history_upgrade_id

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21894BUG-87309 PATCH and MAINT Repositories ShouldIndicate that they can be Reverted

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21895BUG-86257 Upgrades: Ranger & KMS should be stoppedbefore backup

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21900BUG-87571 Upgrade History Style Changes Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21911BUG-84524 "Retry" upgrade doesn't work if a serveraction times out

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21914BUG-83555 Agent on ambari-server host does not startwhen server is not upgraded

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21923BUG-87457 Web Client Should Only Show Revert ActionOn Revertable Repositories

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21931BUG-85665 Use Correct Packages For Clients Where StackTools Support It

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21937BUG-87856 Ambari server schema upgrade failed whilecreating DRUID_SUPERSET component

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21940BUG-87855 Ambari schema upgrade from any versionolder than 2.5.1 fails due to incorrect versioncheck

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21943BUG-84176 LLAP: Daemon is hung when task iskilled in the middle of orc tail reads(org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.shortcircuit.DfsClientShmManager.allocSlot)

Ambari,Hive2 Upgrade AMBARI-21948BUG-87308 Final flag is available for a property which is'Undefined' in Default config group

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21949BUG-87844 Stacks And Versions Page Displays WrongVersion For Service

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21950BUG-87885 Package Installation is failing If Patch-VDFcontain service that is not installed in thecluster.

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21957BUG-87426 UI should handle rejection of PATCH VDF Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21978BUG-87994 UI need to add new fields to Repositories Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21981BUG-87186 Repository versions written differently frombase install and register version

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21982BUG-87305 Configs in Hosts page shows 'switch to<conf_group>' even though <conf_group> isalready selected

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21991BUG-88234 Clarify MAINT Upgrade Message AboutExisting Services

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21992BUG-87570 Update Already Installed Icon Appears OnOld Repo

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-21998BUG-84580 Ambari upgrade don't delete stale constraints Ambari

Page 18: Hortonworks Data Platform - Apache Ambari Release Notes

Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


Version Category Apache Jira HWX Jira Summary Components Upgrade AMBARI-21999BUG-88253 Always Take Target Read-Only Properties OnStack Upgrade

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22003BUG-88325 Ambari schema upgrade failure as viewsdestination path dir already exists

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22010BUG-88434 Incorrect symlink for storm after patchupgrade

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22014BUG-88400 Patch upgrade is going into incorrect stateduring package installation with invalid VDF

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22028BUG-88537 Downgrade button TypeError Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22030BUG-88306 OOZIE/OOZIE_SERVER restart failed sayingAttributeError: 'NoneType' object has noattribute 'upper' during EU

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22031BUG-88549 Invalid error message on UI after performingdowngrade - Before finalizing the upgrade

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22035,AMBARI-22081BUG-88501 Stack and Versions page is stuck while tryingto install a new stack

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22047BUG-88644 Cannot upgrade stack due to "Version XXXXXdoes not contain services that are installed."

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22051BUG-88709 VDFs Which Are Correct Never Get Resolved Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22060BUG-84612 Fail to restart Ranger Admin during HDPdowngrade.

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22070BUG-88877 Install Page Version Dropdown Clipped/Making Scrollbar

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22071BUG-88890 During Upgrade the Icons Showing RequiredServices Is Wrong

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22084BUG-88875 Upgrade Wizard Expand Details Does NotWork

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22097BUG-89167 Revert option is missing when MAINT type PUis done

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22099BUG-89181 Patch Upgrade UI Change: Exclamation Icon'sCenter shouldn't be transparent

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22105BUG-89185 Upgrades Do Not Finalize If Other HostVersions Are Out of Sync

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22111BUG-89168 UI displays Patch version even after full stackupgrade

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22116BUG-89190 You should not be able to "Ignore andProceed" to finalize

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22123BUG-89207 Adding Components On Patched Clusters CanResult In Symlink Issues With conf Directories

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22133BUG-89204 Repositories With No Components On ThemAre Shown as Upgradeable

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22134BUG-89360 UI Fixes for Maint Repo Version Display Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22139BUG-89189 CURRENT cluster Shows Upgrade IfComponent Didn't Report Version

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22146BUG-89449 New stack versions shown as "Not installed"on 0 hosts

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22152BUG-89520 Service check failures for Yarn and MR afterpatch upgrade

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22154,AMBARI-22178BUG-89585 Install and upgrade options are shown forcurrent and already upgraded stack versions

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22157BUG-89511 Web Client Should Never List Any UpgradeActions On Only Stack In System


Page 19: Hortonworks Data Platform - Apache Ambari Release Notes

Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


Version Category Apache Jira HWX Jira Summary Components Upgrade AMBARI-22158BUG-89497 Ambari schema upgrade fails whenupgrading ambari from to andusing oracle as database

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22161BUG-89523 Unable to ignore service check failures duringUpgrade

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22166BUG-89677 Not able to perform revert after deleting theupgraded service

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22167BUG-89679 Ambari schema upgrade failed for PostgresDB with PSQLException for column "legacy"

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22170BUG-89529 Background in Repo Column is Too Short Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22194BUG-89827 Prevent Patch Upgrades With Known ServiceIncompatibilities

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22204BUG-89740 RU: "Preparing Ranger Admin" step failed onRU

Ambari,Ranger Upgrade AMBARI-22206BUG-89906 Downgrade UI shown Null when on Patchrevert.

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22211BUG-89826 RU was not started on Oracle due to missingtable

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22213BUG-89947 "ambari-server upgrade" failed on db schema Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22216BUG-89348 Ambari Schema Upgrade Failed duringAmbari Upgrade

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22219BUG-89766 Set current_version for BackwardCompatibility

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22226BUG-90079 RU: Downgrade is failed ZKFC Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22233BUG-90099 Zeppelin service check failed during EUfrom 2.5 to 2.6 as ZeppelinServer can not beinstantiated

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22235BUG-90107 Druid service check failed during EU Ambari,Druid Upgrade AMBARI-22240BUG-90074 Restart of random service could fail duringexpress downgrade

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22246BUG-89946 Restart HDFS/JOURNALNODE failed on revertpatch upgrade.

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22254BUG-90080 RU: RU failed on "Updating configurationsqoop-atlas-application.properties"

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22267BUG-90435 Version registration failure during patchupgrade + Debian + Oracle run

Ambari Upgrade AMBARI-22279BUG-90389 Knox upgrade failed when migrating fromIOP- to

Ambari,Knox Upgrade RANGER-1820 BUG-88728 Ranger Admin restart failed during EU withSQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException

Ambari,Ranger Usability AMBARI-21718BUG-84513 Unable to remove ZooKeeper on heartbeatlost hosts

Ambari Usability AMBARI-21784,AMBARI-21908BUG-87323 Unable to Add a Service after deleting aservice which had custom config group

Ambari Usability AMBARI-21834BUG-86645 UI changes for Moving Masters Ambari Usability AMBARI-21848BUG-87016 Ambari Replaces the Value of UndefinedService Configuration Properties with"Undefined" in Default Config Group If theSame Property is Defined in Different ConfigGroup

Ambari Usability AMBARI-21862BUG-87164 Unable to remove override from config group Ambari Usability AMBARI-21868BUG-86136 Implement host recovery - backend changes Ambari

Page 20: Hortonworks Data Platform - Apache Ambari Release Notes

Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


Version Category Apache Jira HWX Jira Summary Components Usability AMBARI-21871BUG-87486 Add new graphs to HBase RegionServerdashboard in Grafana.

Ambari Usability AMBARI-21885BUG-87203 Config group filter in Dashboard page shows'All' even if you choose a config group

Ambari Usability AMBARI-21886BUG-87196 Unable to add a property to Default confgroup which has same property name as incustom config group

Ambari Usability AMBARI-21908BUG-87546 Server returns 500 error for create configgroup request

Ambari Usability AMBARI-21913BUG-87663 UI part: Server returns 500 error for createconfig group request

Ambari Usability AMBARI-21929BUG-86642 UI task for Host Recovery Ambari Usability AMBARI-21934BUG-87316 All config versions for a config group aredisabled right after renaming the configgroup

Ambari Usability AMBARI-21962BUG-87303 Components Filter has a preselectedcomponent from a deleted conf group whileadding hosts to a new conf group. Hostslisted are not correct either

Ambari Usability AMBARI-21966BUG-87854 "Next" button on "Assign Masters" page getsdisabled when installing Ambari

Ambari Usability AMBARI-21969BUG-87331 Manage config groups at Add Service Wizarddoesn't show host with selected componentsfrom filter

Ambari Usability AMBARI-21990BUG-88243 Unable to add hosts to Config Groups Ambari Usability AMBARI-22033BUG-88557 LLAP log level control is broken Ambari Usability AMBARI-22040BUG-88340 configs.py does not work properly whendealing with files

Ambari Usability AMBARI-22042BUG-88581 Final Properties filter does not work forConfig Groups

Ambari Usability AMBARI-22074BUG-88970 Confusing AMS collector heap size validationloop

Ambari Usability AMBARI-22098BUG-89184 UI Change: Rename "Rerun Checks" button to"Rerun Pre-Upgrade Checks"

Ambari Usability AMBARI-22101BUG-89112 After enabling NameNode HA, Yarn andMapReduce2 shows stale configs

Ambari Usability AMBARI-22107BUG-88483 Enable new Log Aggregation format for Yarndefault configuration in Ambari

Ambari,YARN Usability AMBARI-22108BUG-89220 Dismissing Enable Kerberos wizard initiatesDisable kerberos call

Ambari Usability AMBARI-22169BUG-89343 On Chrome, Service separating lines are offby a pixel

Ambari Usability AMBARI-22171BUG-89718 Wrong progress bar positioning duringmaintenance packages installing

Ambari Usability AMBARI-22207BUG-89678 While moving master, a manual commandswizard came in between

Ambari Usability AMBARI-22212BUG-83279 Remove /etc/zeppelin/conf/external-dependency-conf/ and put /etc/hadoop/confand /etc/hbase/conf under classpath

Ambari,Zeppelin Usability AMBARI-22258BUG-90333 Stack Advisor script error while savingchanges via Ambari UI

Ambari Usability AMBARI-22274BUG-90487 "META DATA STORAGE CONFIG" tab isdisabled where druid db text box is availablewhen superset is installed.


Page 21: Hortonworks Data Platform - Apache Ambari Release Notes

Hortonworks Data Platform October 30, 2017


Version Category Apache Jira HWX Jira Summary Components Usability AMBARI-22275BUG-90498 Timeline server failed to loadTimelineCachePluginImpl