HORSE BREEDS ALPHABET By Tosha Wixom. ARABIAN HORSE ïƒ The Arabian Horse originated on the...

download HORSE BREEDS ALPHABET By Tosha Wixom. ARABIAN HORSE ïƒ The Arabian Horse originated on the Arabian Peninsula ïƒ It’s head shape & high tail carriage is

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Transcript of HORSE BREEDS ALPHABET By Tosha Wixom. ARABIAN HORSE ïƒ The Arabian Horse originated on the...

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  • ARABIAN HORSE The Arabian Horse originated on the Arabian Peninsula Its head shape & high tail carriage is very recognizable. Theyve developed high spirit and alertness, since they were often used for war Fact: Arabian Horses are about 14.3 hands high, and weighs around 900 pounds
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  • BLACK FOREST HORSE Fact: Black Forest Horse is about 14-15 hands high & weighs around 1,100 pounds Also known as the Black Forest Cold Blood They originated in Germany They are a draft horse, & originally worked in forests, plus pulled carriages Since Black Forest Horses are gentle and good- natured they have became a common riding horse
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  • CLYDESDALE HORSE oCoClydesdales developed on a farm in Clydesdale Scotland o They are a type of draft horse oToTheir neck is long & arched, their shoulders are sloped and muscular o Clydesdale's actions are energetic and ground covering Fact: Clydesdale Horses are about 16-17 hands high, & weigh around 2,000 pounds
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  • DANISH WARMBLOOD A sport horse breed of Denmark Common competitions, in which Danish Warmblood perform is dressage They are an uncommon breed in the U.S., but a new Association is promoting the breed Fact: Danish Warmblood Horses are about 16.2-17 hands high
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  • EAST BULGARIAN HORSE East Bulgarian Horse is a Warmblood breed of horse Their a light work horse, and can do several competitive sports like dressage and eventing They have a long straight back as well as muscular neck & legs Fact: East Bulgarian horse is about 15-16 hands high
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  • FRIESIAN HORSE The Friesian horse originated in Friesland, Netherlands Some characteristics include a black coat, a black long, thick (often wavy) mane and tail, plus silky hair on their lower legs They are a light draft horse and are very quick & graceful for their size Their used in harness, under saddle, and dressage Fact: Friesian Horses are about 14.2-17 hands high
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  • GYPSY VANNER HORSE The Gypsy Vanner Horse originated in Ireland They are usually a tobiano color (a spotted color pattern) Plus they have some draft horse characteristics, they are heavy boned, and powerful with a short neck & back They have a outstanding endurance and can go long distances without tiring Fact: Gypsy Vanner Horses are about 14- 17 hands high
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  • HOLSTEINER HORSE The Holsteiner Horse originated in Germany Before the use of mechanization Holsteiner horses were used in agriculture as coach horses, and sometimes just for riding They are very talented in show jumping, dressage, combined driving & eventing In general Holsteiners will have a round, soft, light gait Fact: Holsteiner Horses are about 16-17 hands high
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  • Icelandic Horse The Icelandic Horse originated from Iceland Since horses are prohibited from being imported to Iceland, and not allowed to return once they are exported they have very few diseases TThe breed first developed in the 12 th century and brought by early settlers During this time the Icelandic Horse was almost wiped out due to Icelands harsh temperatures, and a volcanic eruption in the 1780s Fact: Icelandic Horses are about 13-14 hands high and weigh around 730-830 pounds
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  • JUTLAND HORSE o Jutland Horses are a breed of draft horse which was originated in Denmark o They are traced back to the Middle Ages when knights would use them for jousting o They have short stocky legs, usually a high carried, muscular neck and upright shoulders Fact: Jutland Horses are about 15-16.1 hands high and weigh around 1,430 1,760
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  • KENTUCKY MOUNTAIN SADDLE HORSE Developed in eastern Kentucky United States A distinguished trait that the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse has is a natural gait called a amble; this gait is gentle and smooth over rough terrain which allows the rider to sit almost motionless They are compact well muscled, refined and athletic Fact: Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses are about 11-16 hands high
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  • LIPIZZANER HORSE Lipizzaner Horses were developed in the 16 th century at a stud farm in modern day Slovenia ipizzaner horses are a sport horse that competes in dressage and driving They have a sturdy arched neck, small ears, a long head, straight body and are well muscled and strong he Lipizzaner Horse usually matures slowly, but lives and performs longer than most breeds Fact: Lipizzaner Horses are about 14.2-15.2 hands high
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  • MORGAN HORSE Morgan Horse is one of the earliest breeds of horses developed in the U.S. In the 1840s they were used as harness racing horses because of their trotting ability They were also used in many wars as well as the Pony Express They have strong legs, laid back shoulders, and a arched neck All Morgans can be traced back a stallion named Figure, his owner Justin Morgan is how the breed got its name Fact: (Morgan Horses are about 14.1-15.2 hands high & weigh around 950 pounds)
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  • NORTH SWEDISH HORSE The North Swedish Horse originated from Sweden They are considered to be a light draft horse, and are used for agriculture & forestry work, as well as harness racing They are easy to work with, strong, durable, plus have a long- stride and energetic trot The North Swedish horse is also a very healthy, & active horse Fact: North Swedish horses are about 15.1- 15.3 hands high
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  • ORLOV TROTTER HORSE T The Orlov Trotter Horse originated in Russia Usually Orlov Trotter horses are born with a darker gray or black coat, but will eventually lighten up as they get older until their coat is completely white They are mainly used for riding & harness racing hey are valued for their ability to work hard, combined with their elegance & beauty Fact: Orlov Horse is about 14-17 hands high
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  • PERCHERON HORSE The Percheron Horse originated as a draft horse in northern France The Percheron was specifically bred to be a war horse, it was mostly used in World War 1 by the British, & hauling heavy items They are now used for forestry work, show jumping, and pulling carriages Some characteristics include being alert, intelligent, willing to work, and easy to train Fact: Percheron Horses can be from 16.2-19 hands high and weigh anywhere from 1,900 pounds to 2,600 pounds
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  • QUARTER HORSE o The Quarter Horse was a mixed breed of English horses, & a Chickasaw breed brought to the U.S. by Spanish Conquistadors. o They are a sturdy, quick, nimble horse, which soon dominated the quarter mile track (thats how they got their name) o Due to their speed, maneuverability, and instinct for working with cattle, Quarter horses soon became a favorite for Cowboys Fact: Quarter Horses are about 14-16 hands high, and weigh around 1,000 pounds
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  • RUSSIAN DON HORSE TThe Russian Don horse originated in Russia Some characteristics are straight shoulders, long back strong tendons, and tough hooves They were used in cavalry, since they could cover lots of distance in little time, with energy left for battles, they also pulled tachankas hey are now commonly used just for ridding, & harness Fact: Russian Don horses are about 15.1-15.3 hands high
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  • SPOTTED SADDLE HORSE The Spotted Saddle breed was developed in the United States Since it was cross bred with pinto & gaited horses, the bred possess a smooth gait, strength, gentleness, plus its good on rough, or steep trails Their ears are long, & are very alert, they have long slopping shoulders and hips (very common in gaited horses Fact: Spotted Saddle horses are about 13.3-16 hands high
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  • THOROUGHBRED HORSE The Thoroughbred horse originated in England Since they are known for their speed & agility, thoroughbreds are used as racing horses They are also used in combined training, show jumping, dressage, & polo Because thoroughbreds perform with maximum effort, they have a higher chance of having an accident, or having health problems (including bleeding from the lungs) Fact: Thoroughbred horses are about 15.2 17 hands high
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  • UKRAINIAN RIDING HORSE The Ukrainian Riding horse was developed in Ukraine They do compete riding, and are talented at eventing, show jumping, and dressage They have a long muscular neck, the back is long also Fact: Ukrainian Riding horses are about 15.1 16.1 hands high
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  • VIRGINIA HIGHLANDER HORSE The Virginia Highlander horse originated in United States They are very well tempered, and have a natural single foot gait Their coat colors include gray, roan, chestnut, and white Fact: Virginia Highlander horses are about 13 - 14 hands high
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  • WALER HORSE The Waler Horse originated in Australia They have great endurance and are strong when under extreme stress from lack of water and food due to Australias climate Waler horses were used in cavalry because of their steady gaits allow them to walk fast, for a long time without going into a trot Fact: Waler horses are about 15 16 hands high
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  • XILINGOL HORSE o The Xilingol horse originated in Mongolia o They are used as a light draft horse and for riding o They were developed by breeding a Chinese